Scripted Restraints and Display Names, how should they mix?

  • Iala - 9 years ago

    Make it configurable by the owner/operator and wearer (when not locked by someone else).
    By default, I'd use display names if set, account names if not. For me, the display name is who the person is, the account name an abomination (especially as SL doesn't even warn you it's the default name of your avatar on account creation).

  • Midori (krystal.slade) - 9 years ago

    I know this is late as hell to post, but perhaps you'll see it anyways.

    There's a VERY simple solution to this. Have a toggle switch in the item that toggles between account, display, and both. I've scripted a lot of coms and other chat relay items for militaries, and the easiest way to make sure they knew who it was, was to make it do a Display Name ( setup. Or rather it had the user name just (User Name) but still. It's simple, quick, effective, and instead of a blanket study, can be a selected option in a tick box or cycling state, not everthing has to be 0 and 1, some things can be -1. >.>

  • Fluffy (ViktorDarkHeart) - 9 years ago

    I agree with how this "poll" is going so far. I scrip a lot and I find that users like dispay names for emotes because you can change it for your need. Keeping secure is another issue that can only use sl names. Most of the time I'll add in state_entry() original_name = llGetObjectName(); swapping back and forth can take time and script memory but it's worth it in the long run.

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