Does Cain have a point or is this just the usual bombast from a conservative talking head looking to drum up controversy where there isn’t any?


  • JEP Sr. - 11 years ago

    Herman Cain is just an old "Fool"' still searching for 'Attention".. Well.. I say go somewhere and find yourself a seat *Crook*.. because no one respects what you have to say.. IJS......

  • Barbara Ervin - 11 years ago

    Herman Cain is out of touch with reality. He will say anything to get back into the media. You should take his comments for what they are worth. NOTHING

  • Millard Tyrone Sprinkles - 11 years ago

    While it's true gains have been made in the area of civil rights for African-Americans, for Herman to state that "Blacks Won Civil Rights War", completely ludicrous and out of touch with reality. Not surprsing coming from a Fox puppets that parrots the Fox neo-con talking points at every opportunity.

    Herman Cain is either completely out of touch with most Afican Americans or is completely and utterly delusional. Take your pic. I vote for a little of BOTH!

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