Which Olympic uniform reigns supreme?


  • Kiely - 12 years ago

    Australia's uniform looks like a catholic school girl back in the 70's. New Zealand looks like they are going to a tea party. China looks like Ronald McDonald join the Olympics. America's uniform looks like they came to do business and not mess around. Germany is ready for the winter Olympics but still has on the summer colors. Jamaica I love I would wear this, great design no doubt.

  • Kat - 12 years ago

    Except for Jamaica's, the uniforms are very boring with no personality. Looks like they tried to play it safe and appeal to corp. donors rather than fans. Who gets to design these clothes?

  • Vonarida - 12 years ago

    I'm from Germany and think the german outfit is...fantastic fashionwise...BUT!
    if I didn't know already that it is Germanys own...how could I relate?? What does pink have to do with our country?! I don't like the focus on an entirely different colour away from our national colours-black,red,gold. Don't mek no sense to me. As for Jamaicas outfit...
    I think it rocks Olympia 2012. You look at it and just know...ah...the jamaican team! 2 thumbs up for JA and much luck for the Olympics. And oh...the rest of the outfits...no comment.

  • Jules - 12 years ago

    Germany looks the best.. not Jamaica, Jamaica is going to score high bcuz of all the hype around Bolt.

  • Lee - 12 years ago

    Jamaica to the world...A we seh fashion over style....Love my country baaad!!

  • Louise - 12 years ago

    I love the Aussie one.

  • LAVRN JONES - 12 years ago

    a we sey fashion ova style,a we mek clothes look gud.go team jamaiica dem cya stop wi

  • Koren - 12 years ago

    I love Jamaica's uniform the best - the country's national colours and the colors pop. Followed by South Korea - nice and playful and easygoing and then Germany - fun colors.

  • Mm - 12 years ago

    Jamaican uniform is wonderful! Colours are very vivid and delightful :) But I don't know why Au, Nz (dorky high school uniforms) and China (McDonald uniform) is in this poll, they look ridiculous yuck!!

  • Sandpiper - 12 years ago

    I personally agree the whole "Jamaica Olympic Series" is going to be a huge hit at the olympics !!
    From the Opening Ceremony to the 100m FINALS and all the way to the Closing ceremony , everyone will be feeling the vibrations of Jamaica. 1love

  • chanti - 12 years ago

    germany own is nice but it doesnt fit the occasion she look like she dress for the winter, USA look like him ready to sail a ship, china own is boring,new zealand is very ugly it look worst than jamaica's female costume and our combination is down right hidious, and australia own looks like a granny air hostess uniform...yuck...#teamjamaica

  • chanti - 12 years ago

    i thought usain own was not all that but when compared to those uniforms, his own kinda fit the event more than any one of them, but o well jamaica to di wurl!!!!!!! born yardie!!

  • andrew - 12 years ago

    as a yardie, gotta stay loyal. still think the uniform is great but still also looking at the Germans too.

  • kaye lambert fletcher - 12 years ago

    I do not like the uniform, but I remain loyal to Ja. On a local level I would have preferred something that reflects Ja more, but on a international level that is what is wearing so on a local level blaaaah, international thumbs up, it sell off.

  • Drea - 12 years ago

    Yaad attire hideous, but when we up against the world I stay loyal. Ja all the way babay!

  • Morvajam - 12 years ago

    Jamaica to the flippin world...we gonna rock the olympics...ggggggooooooollllllllddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rakida - 12 years ago

    New Zealand's uniform looks like a mess, Germany looks fun, USA oh what can I say made in China as with everything else, China boring, and as for Australia what the hell were they thinking. Jamaica, oh sweet isle of the Indies we coulda done betta, but the world loves it so what the hell!!

  • Lorraine Kerr - 12 years ago

    I don't like the Jamaican uniforms but can we do about them?
    What they call fashion is to their liking, so that's their choice of fashion.
    anyway out of all the uniforms i see I will go with the Jamaican's.

  • Macsam - 12 years ago

    Personally I believe that more creativity could have been put in creating the Jamaican uniform. However, I do believe its simplicity also equates to the " Jamaica No Problem" slogan we have adopted over the years. I think it symbolized our oftentimes relaxed nature, and the colors being so bright show us standing out against the competition. So big up every time to the black, green and gold! Bless!

  • Shelly P - 12 years ago

    ‎" We love these uniforms, mostly because the designers didn’t seem to be trying too hard. The vivid colors and geometric colors are so fun! Just like the Olympics! "

    lets mi rephrase...dem a seh de design SUUUUCCCCKKKK...but de colors can maaaad. de weed a fuck wid Cedalla head & eyes, dats y shi cum up widdis NIGHTMARE. a bet u seh wi ago lose nuff race

  • Delton - 12 years ago

    While being a Jamaican and admire the fresh spirit in the efforts of Cedalla Marley, I believe that Germany fits the occasion. It is more universally adaptable: mixed with a little flair, attitude, aggression and still fit the conservatives.

  • Sherinea - 12 years ago

    What the hell is that New Zealand wearing? Germany looks great.... more on the formal side. JAMAICA TO THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!

  • Camille - 12 years ago

    The uniforms are very stylish, team Jamaica looks Fabulous....Go Cedella thumbs up on a job well done.

  • LJ55 - 12 years ago

    The Jamaican uniform could have been much better, especially the skirt!!! nice for the world.>.disappointing for a Jamaican

  • Pernell Wint - 12 years ago

    The Jamaican uniform looks very creative in its entirety,great job.

  • James - 12 years ago

    I love our uniform #Jamaica2daworl

  • RaggaMuffin - 12 years ago

    Jamaica's uniform SUCK. WTH was Cedalla Marley thinking??

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