Having the world's premier clubs touring the USA in the Summer is:

  • Andy - 8 years ago

    Bad because: injuries/fatigue, highlighting MLS weaknesses whether accurate or not, I think it actually dilutes MLS clubs' branding. Also they are rarely competitive. I enjoy the preseason inter-CONCACAF matches.

  • Travis - 8 years ago

    I voted other. I think it distracts from the league which is a good product on its own. By having these games it really screams out to the public that they are not top notch. SUre it is true that they are not, but from a marketing perspective that is not something you want to draw attention to. Initially it was okay as the league was very young. No they are not at a point where they can even start pretending that they are on the same level as these travelling european teams but they are at a point where they should not advertise that they are not as good.

    Also in some cases it ends up weakening the actual product by having MLS players not match fit for games that actually matter.

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