What is the Truth about Chase Brandon and the Roswell Box?


  • ryan - 12 years ago

    Disinform would be the most logical as the CIA now come out to say no such box existed. The mainstream is slowly releasing info, National Geographic, Ancient Aliens, local news stations are showing more and more stories to show people that they exist. You only have to look at the Disclosure Project to find out the truth. Why don't they tell those stories again from those witnesses? They are: Clifford Stone was on Chasing UfOs, Stan Romanek and Travis Walton will be on a future episode. When CNN says Ufos exist maybe people will take this subject seriously.

  • Ron - 12 years ago

    A good talker anthropromorphizing the incident there is a stench to it.

  • Will McGown - 12 years ago

    All I heard him say was that what he saw "confirmed what he already believed all his life" & clarified that "what was NOT in the box" was more important, rather than what was in there, which had just papers etc.

  • Regan Lee - 12 years ago

    I agree with rpj; hard to answer because I think it's a combination of things. Disinfo (though not serious, almost like a fun exercise for bored social engineering spooks), book promo, etc.

  • Red Pill Junkie - 12 years ago

    This is a tough one, because my general assessment —at the moment— is a bit of a mix-and-mash of all 5.

  • Kirk - 12 years ago

    Seemed genuine to me when he was on with George. The long silence and the dodge of that question were kind of telling. And the dude has many masters to please. But I think he was as honest as he felt he could be. He saw a box that no longer exists in box form that no one else will ever see. He gets more book sales only based on the fact that his name is getting out there more. The book itself is fiction.

    There should really be one more option in the poll: I don't know what to think. Because how can we possibly KNOW the TRUTH when it involves hearsay and the CIA. As you can see, I'm pretty conflicted myself and probably would have voted that way if the option existed.

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