Do you think the Pastor should win the lawsuit?


  • Mary D. Johnson - 10 years ago

    . The thing that is suprising is that he is not dealing with his infidelity but the fact that he got caught. He's just angry that he got caught!
    But, the company was wrong to release the records.

  • DC diva - 10 years ago

    I don't think this has anything to do with his occupation, however it is despicable that a may of the cloth would be cheating on his wife but thats neither hear nor there. The real issue is Sprint's lack of professionalism in maintaining the privacy of there customers information. Unless your the account holder your information should be private. We expect that with all the passwords and secret codes we need to access our own information these days that some1 with out that needed information or obviously not us should not be able to access it. Sprint's agent/representative had no business releasing that information to a non-account holder.

  • Trouble - 10 years ago

    I don't understand these New Preacher's who will be held accountable now day we do wrong so long until it starts to look right. Why did his wife have to look for his wrong doing. We got people typing in "Tongue", others sleeping with "Kid" and now the new is Woman sleeping with Woman. How care we wittness to the World when we are doing the same as they are. DON'T TEST THE LORD THY GOD.

  • beautyqueen - 10 years ago

    In spite of what this man is or is not doing confidentiality is major with a cell phone company even with her having the passcode info only the account holder is able to get phone records unless the other user have access to the website to pull up the information. No way do a representative have the right and is in breech of company policy to give that info out.

  • G-lo - 10 years ago

    Technically he is wrong but legally he is right.

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