Do You Feel Samuel Williams's Shooting Of The Armed Suspects Is A Good Example Of 'Stand Your Ground?'


  • insyht - 12 years ago

    Now if these were real bank robbers and this old man got killed and others in the bank got killed for this stupid act. What would the headlines say about that.

  • April - 12 years ago

    Neither of these would qualify as stand your ground. In the Zimmerman case he followed the young man, and openly admitted to it. In this case the elderly man snuck up behind them. From my understanding on the "Stand your ground" law (I know it varies by state) in both cases the shooter approached the target. The only difference is that Zimmerman was against a person that had no fighting chance where as this man was out numbered and clearly in fear for his life and the lives of the people around him. I would frankly say that Zimmerman's case was not justified where as this man's reason for shooting was.

  • wreekinghavoc - 12 years ago

    Good ....that's what they get. I bet they will think twice before trying it again. Good job Samuel Williams.

  • Fina Biscotti - 12 years ago

    Mr. Samuel Williams saved the lives of everyone in the Palms Internet Cafe =

    no telling what those two ARMED hoodlums would have done - after robbing everyone.

  • Fina Biscotti - 12 years ago

    In the Samuel Williams incident, Law enforcement authorities found the two would-be robbers getting medical attention for their gun shot wounds.

    There should be a LAW in ALL 50-States = hospitals are required to "alert" law enforcement authorities about anyone seeking medical attention for gun shot wounds.

  • FinaBiscotti - 12 years ago

    STAND YOUR GROUND = Samuel Williams

    STAND YOUR GROUND = George Zimmerman

    There is a REASON - certain States have Stand Your Ground laws. ALL States should have Stand Your Ground laws - and the criminals might reconsider committing crimes.

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