Do you think a curfew for teens will help prevent crime?

Posted 7 years.


  • howie - 7 years ago

    Answer to ur question about curfew,..
    Do u think making murder illegal and making restricted guns illegal will prevent crime?? What kind of question is that?

  • Paul - 7 years ago

    This is not a Toronto problem. It is a black problem. Everywhere in the world, where black live there are guns, killing and problems.

    Keep away from blacks.

  • Abbot - 7 years ago

    We need to stop men on the streets and search for guns. We must profile to keep the community safe. Carry a gun then do jail time.

    More money and programs will not help.

    this kind of diversity is not a strength.

  • Nika - 7 years ago

    We need a stronger police presence rather than spending millions on a subway line redirecting some of that money to police, youth, and community services... cut backs to community funding is leaving people with nothing to do!! You have to teach them when they are young or by the time they hit mid 20’s they end up in gangs, low paying jobs, or even dead etc... Back in the day it was a reasonable fee to put your child in a summer or after school program. Now a days it cost an arm and a leg to get your child in a decent program. I'm neutral when it comes to Mayor Rob Ford because he managed to change a Rexdale high school around with a Football team allowing teens to be involved in staying out of trouble after school and lessons of life. But his budget cuts to the police confuse me he should know 1st hand after seeing the effects he had on one high school what needs to be done. Teens and young adults lack the motivation and drive to achieve in life they need guidance and strong enforcement to do well. Ontario is too easy on slapping people on the wrist for punishment. Change needs to be done by everyone we need the “tools” by the city in order to see change.

  • dyalect - 7 years ago

    this madness has gone on for decades. only now that it has become brazen and in public places does it get reported. aslong as it is in the ghettos and bad neighbourhoods no one cares. big party of 200 people on a monday night and no one called the cops to shut it down. part of the problem!

    call / abuse 911 if you have to, but they need police presence in these areas at all times. not lip service and blowhard mayor giving speeches in the middle of the day.

  • Shawn - 7 years ago

    Strickt punishment, longer and tougher jail times are very important. and even in jail make sure they are treated as criminals, not just going in there for free food and bed. I don't pay my taxes so that judicary be nice to criminals, i pay my taxes to be safe on the street by keeping these low life thugs and criminals out.
    Police is doing an ok job, its the judicary system that is ruining this coutry and all these people who stand up for ciminals saying they are innocent because they are insane. Well that insane person just killed someone of our family, i would ask you if you want that insane person out if he/she will kill your spouse, brother/sister, daughter/son. Then they are not insane, they are terrorist.

  • Katrina - 7 years ago

    How would a curfew solve anything? Name one teen in these recent articles. They are all adults in their 20's. We need to stop criminalizing the youth.

  • george - 7 years ago

    Curfew is pointless, these are adults being shot... and it criminalizes all youth, which is a huge mistake.

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