Despite this incident, do you think Patrick Kane can be a good role model for kids?

  • Alan - 9 years ago

    I've watched this young many for a few years now. He is one of the 'entitled' young men because he is good at his profession and has unimaginable amounts of money to spend on whatever he choses. He has a drinking problem. He can't admit it. Until he can do that and find help there will be more incidents like this. He must make his choice now and take the right path. I've seen this kind of a problem end very badly for so many.

  • aad - 9 years ago

    all the canadians(not player gtom the team) put who cares.

  • kevin Jenkins - 9 years ago

    glad i never turned into a hockey professional. there would be lots of pictures of me like that when i was his age. bottom line: he was having fun. the media is to blame for this,seems they can turn a mole hill into a mountain of problems. doubt very much he has a drinking problem. after the rigors of a full season, i am sure he needed to unwind and this was his way. enough, leave him alone.

  • jaysun - 9 years ago

    He's a great role model, jelouse people thinking he shouldn't be alowed to let loose, dudes under a lot of pressure. Oh ya must have a drinking problem cuz he got drunk. To bad he he can't tell people to F off. How bout i tell them. F off.

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