Would Decriminalizing Homosexuality In Africa Help Fight The Spread Of HIV?

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  • RONALD MCLOUGHLIN - 10 years ago

    First of all, I never believed that HIV was a gay disease. I agree with Nelson Mandela that HIV was introduced into Africa by nefarious white Western virologist. One source as reported in the 1980s by the distinguished periodical EXCELSIOR, Mexico's national paper, was that a Japanese scientist who was captured after WW II who was head of biological warfare was traded to America for another important person and went to Chicago where he developed the HIV virus. Remember the virus first appeared in the Castro district of SF, the home of homosexuality in America. It was a Black Death slaughter that eventually spread but if one hated "queers" this was the way to do it---introduce the virus among them. The spread was easy given the sexual lifestyle of gays. Somehow the virus replicated more fiercely among blacks and Hispanics like smallpox did among the indigenous people of America. Smallpox killed more native Americans than the Army bullets could. In fact, not well-known, the the US Army distributed infected smallpox blankets to the "Indians" in then, an unsophisticated example of "biological warfare."

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