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What was the greatest season-ending cliffhanger in Stargate history? (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 789

  • sheryl - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet, for sure. I so very, very badly wanted to know what happened to Eli :/

  • Christopher - 12 years ago

    I sadly was late to the SGU party (watched SG1 and SGA as they aired) and thought it was absolutely amazing. Hence why I choose Gauntlet, a beautiful ending to the show but at the same time, it clearly leaves the viewer wanting more. The fact it has yet to be resolved yet makes it both the best and worst cliffhanger in my eyes. The best in that it allows the viewer to the decide the fate of the crew and destiny's mission but the worst in the fact we've yet to see the true ending to Universe and likely never will.

  • Eszter - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet is leading! Awesome. My choice exactly. :)

  • Peter Skouson - 12 years ago

    I picked The Siege II because i came late to the game, and this is the first two-parter I experienced. I look back on it as one of the episodes that got me hooked on Stargate.

  • woody woodward - 12 years ago

    I loved all the series. Totally enjoyed the cliff hangers. I chose the one that is the freshest on my mine. That is The Gauntlet. I've met a lot of people in my life. And most of them I am no longer in contact with. Why? Time,distance and life. But I think of them time to time. Wonder how they are. Memories so strong, that sometimes, I forget that they are no longer around. Stargate Universe's cliff hanger "The Gauntlet" sums up part of my life. People that I quickly became friends with are now that piece of my memories that will never be back. To me, their live's were cut short. We will never know how their lives turned out. And that's sad......but. It's also life. Through that episode, I've learned to appreciate more, the people in my life. The experiences are now firmly implanted so as to never forget them. As many of my friends are gone, "The Gauntlet" just increased that payload of friends and memories that will stay with me.
    Thank you for being a part of my existence, whether we met or not.
    have a great day
    woody woodward

  • Nada - 12 years ago

    Speaking of SGU, can I put in a request for a Q&A with Scalzi re Redshirts, which is hilarious and awesome.

  • David - 12 years ago

    ^ x2 for Gauntlet. Sad panda still to think about it and not getting more episodes!

  • MrJosh - 12 years ago

    I voted for The Siege. It was the episode where I first realized just how great a show SGA really was -- and just how much I loved the characters, especially Weir and McKay. I remember thinking, Wow -- this show might be just as great as SG-1! That turned out to be the case, in large part because of the great team dynamic, which I felt really gelled in this episode.

  • LindaMB - 12 years ago

    It was a tough call between Last Call and Gauntlet. The Last Man had some achingly moving scenes and the acting by Hewlett was pitch perfect. In the end though Gauntlet won my vote because of the growth shown by all the characters. At the end they came together as a family, and Eli matured from slacker to a decisive and responsible member of the crew. The last scene of Eli looking out into space, awesome. The ship shutting down mirroring the ship coming alive in the first episode was a brilliant bit of scripting. And we'll never know if Eli survives.

  • Irene Adler - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet, the eternal cliffhanger. Bittersweet ending for the series, bitter ending for the fans

  • cat4444 - 12 years ago

    My vote for the greatest season ending cliffhanger is Incursion II.

    I see Gauntlet is ahead by a wide margin, but it’s the easy choice. It’s the last season ender of the franchise, but it’s not really a cliffhanger per se as it can stand on its own as a series ender and be taken as “they sailed off into the universe, never to be heard from again.” The only real peril involved is whether Eli will manage to fix the pod in time, which we know he will. Well, either that or he will find some other creative way to survive.

    Incursion II, on the other hand, has lots of peril. Destiny is stuck in the path of a deadly pulsar. Telford shoots Kiva and is in turn shot by her, while the Alliance members think the shootings are a double cross by Young and his people. TJ is shot, along with several others in the infirmary. The Lucian Alliance has gained control of Destiny, while Destiny’s crew has been rounded up. Scott and Greer are stuck outside on the hull as the pulsar is about to let off another burst of radiation. Eli and Chloe have managed to get lost on the ship while fleeing from the Alliance, and Chloe has also been shot, yet Eli has to leave her to race to reach an airlock in time to save Scott and Greer. Rush and Brody (after having “fled in terror”) are trying to regain control of the ship, while staying out of the clutches of the Alliance.

    After the shooting of Kiva and Telford, Dannic takes control and separates the military from the civilians and it looks as though he’s planning to kill the military members of Destiny’s crew.

    There’s lots happening and each storyline has a bearing on the overall episode. Danger abounds!

    Who lives? Who dies? Tune in next season for the exciting, pulse-pounding, adrenaline-pumping, heart-stopping conclusion to Incursion!!

  • Steven Goldman - 12 years ago

    Pretty torn between Gauntlet (SGU) and The Siege II (SGA); both had pretty high stakes, and while Gauntlet was both a pocket series finale and a very moving episode (whole crew really came together in the end), The Siege II brought home what a Wraith invasion of Atlantis would really look like and how hard it would be to keep them from the gate room (and by extension, from Earth). Huge stakes, some great scenes between Sheppard and Everett re: Sumner and really ratcheted up the scientist/civilian vs. military tension started in the pilot.

    So Siege II gets it, but just barely. Very different, but both very strong episodes.

  • Sam - 12 years ago

    Within the Serpent's Grasp

    We discovered so much.

  • Tammi K - 12 years ago

    Camelot - So many things are left so very bad. Isn't that what a cliff-hanger is all about?

  • James - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet. Not knowing how it ends still haunts me!

  • Leigh-Ann - 12 years ago

    The Gauntlet was fantastic but I have a soft spot in my heart for The Siege II from SGA.

  • Lee - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet... For every reason that's been mentioned :)

  • Andi - 12 years ago

    Exodus is probably the biggest one for me, thank god I started watching SG1 last year. Don't know if I could handle waiting between seasons

  • Shane Cossever - 12 years ago

    Siege part 2 was amazing. The acting was amazing, the writing perfect, and the music just helped everything along the way.

    I was lucky enough to visit the SG1/SGA set back a few years ago, so I have a close connection to the sets and the stories that weaved through them (especially SGA, as it was still a work in progress when I visited!)

    Hope everything works out for Akemi, Joe.

    - Shane (Montrealer expat living in Vancouver, who loves Japan!)

  • Marshall - 12 years ago

    Has to be gauntlet. I've never actually cried during a tv show. Thanks joe

  • laura - 12 years ago

    I loved Gauntlet. It's the only stargate episode that had me in tears. And what makes it really special for me is, last year at Dragoncon I ran into David Blue on the Friday nite. I got to talk to him (and Patrick Gilmore) for close to an hour. It was one of the coolest things ever and I will never forget it. It really proves how awesome Stargate actors are and that they care for there fans.

  • for the love of Beckett - 12 years ago

    Although I voted for "The Last Man," THE greatest Stargate cliffhanger was *really* Atlantis' Season 5-ending "Enemy at the Gate." It too was written as a cliffhanger, like SGU's "Gauntlet." Sadly, both became series finales as well.

    EATG gave us so many plot twists and turns in this wild ride, it could have been a stand-alone feature film: Todd the Wraith barters ZPMs and intel, the Wraith target Earth itself, Sheppard's fighter jet's nearly taken out by Wraith darts, the darts take out the Ancients' control chair & drone defense, Carson Beckett pilots the Pegasus chair in pursuit of the Wraith and we see Atlantis fly, Sheppard plans to detonate a nuke inside the hive, the crew discovers that the gate dials directly into the hive, Ronan is killed, the crew stops Shep from hitting the button with them inside, a Wraith revives Ronan to learn the number of crew aboard, Beckett fires drones at the hive but Atlantis loses altitude, the crew escape the hive through the gate just before the nuke blows the hive in an atomic blast, and Atlantis plummets into the Pacific ocean, cloaking itself just before floating into San Francisco Bay.

    Roller coaster? Jaw-dropping pyrotechnics? Yes, but "Enemy at the Gate" gave us two huge cliffhangers that no other Stargate episode has done: 1) The Wraith have *successfully* attacked Earth and plan to return. 2) The city of Atlantis' flaming entry across the ocean and presence off SFB forces the command's hand. Will the public finally be told that the Stargate progam exists?

    Unfortunately, EATG was not put on the ballot. :-( Instead I voted for "The Last Man," and it's exploration of an alternate universe gone wrong, and two characters tested beyond their limits. Both used the past in order to put right the future, powered by more loyalty and peril. Excellent episode!

  • VerZ - 12 years ago

    Its got to be Gauntlet. I just hope that the show gets picked up again, however impossible it may seem. I would love to see a resolution to the cliffhanger. It was horrible to see the show get canceled.

  • Brenda - 12 years ago

    The Gauntlet .
    It brought me here ,
    looking for answers or good news .

  • Gene - 12 years ago

    Loved the season one/two story line Siege. Lots of cliffhangers, big and little all through the story.

  • Gene - 12 years ago

    Loved the season one/two story line Siege. Lots of cliffhangers, big and little all through the story.

  • Bradley Horwith - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet is my favorite, although most of these are great. I really became attaached to all the character and I want to see what happens to them. Will TJ's ALS get cured? Will Park get her vision back? What will happen to Eli?
    I want all these questions answered.

  • prof.madmax - 12 years ago

    I had to go with Within the Serpent's Grasp because I still find season one to be like a user's guide on how to construct a television dynasty, and this is SG-1 Golden Age Nirvana! LOVE the Jack/Skarra interaction. A fitting finale to the best freshman season I have ever seen.

  • stargatefan98 - 12 years ago

    i like first strike because theres lots of plots theres the fact that there stuck in space weirs hurt and the replicators r still there

  • Jason Hage - 12 years ago

    This is a toss up.

    In terms of a resolved Cliffhanger. I'd have to say SG1 season 9 Camelot. We know it would be resolved but when watching it you see things get really REALLY bad. The good guys got their butts handed to them. Also at the time we didn't know if Daniel had ringed off the Korolev. And the final scene is Carter watching from outside the Supergate and Vala watching from the Ori ship.

    In terms of a true Cliffhanger it would have to be Gauntlet. Becuase Sy-fail didn't pick them up for another season. I'm still so angry about it... as in seeing red.
    So many questions unanswered:
    Did Eli make it?
    How long was the crew in Stasis?
    Did Park regain her eyesight?
    The Planet Builders & TJs baby?
    What about the Lucian Alliance and their plans for Destiny and their designs against Earth?
    What was Destiny's mission?

    Thankfully there's some good FanFiction that is presenting their takes on SGU's continuing story. And also some that deal with the SG universe in general. It helps not having a weekly fix of SciFi televesion on TV... I get to read about O'Neil, Teal'c, Carter, Daniel, Mitchel, Vala, Sheperd, McKay, Ronon, Teyla, Eli, Rush, Chloe, Matt, Park, TJ, etc.

    And since I ask this EVERY time I post. Any word on more SG music specifically SGU, especially now that Joel is gone. Maybe a SG tribute album?

  • Jessica Sudduth - 12 years ago

    Well, Atlantis has always been my favorite of the three shows, but I had to vote for Camelot. SG1 was the beginning of my obsession with this franchise, and it's episodes like this that are the reason why. It takes you on a journey and leaves you begging for more. The characters really shine through in this episode as well. I like the mix of bad guys too. It's an interesting dynamic, and they make it very amusing.

  • Airelle - 12 years ago

    I will have to go with The Last Man. Oh for the cliffhanger part, but it was all the other parts that I really enjoyed. Rodney's (davids) story of what had happened because of Sheppards time travel was so sad to hear. They went out fighting and that part was hard to believe that the good guys didn't win it all. I guess I got used to that scenario and liked it. Rodney seemed to have lost all his friends and then when he lost Jennifer, (glad they finally got together here) it seemed he threw himself into his work of finding a way to prevent the mess, in true Rodney style, bravo. The make-up for David was excellent, and Kavan.,and everyone. I love time travel episodes, so much you can do different, and if Rodney was as smart as we all hoped he was, he would figure a way out of this one. The fact that Teyla was not in the building was a good sign for me, and then when the building imploded, omg, now what will our heroes do. Very well done episode, I could not wait til the next season to see if they survived. A tear jerker at times, and the actors and writers and everyone, amazing. I think I remember a lot of people complaining about the towers at the end, when they fell, one kind of disappeared, but in the dvd I was watching, they both fell, no disappearing act. I do miss the shows, not much good on television these days,, that is until Joe and Paul's creations get there. (i know a shameless compliment) thanks for your time.

  • K.W - 12 years ago

    I voted, but really I wish they didn't do end of season clif hangers........ I hate having to wait months to find out how it resolves!

  • dasNdanger - 12 years ago

    It's very hard for me to vote because, well...because. Needless to say I'm going to vote for an Atlantis finale since I never watched SG1, and though I liked Universe I simply loved Atlantis (well, I loved the Wraith...the show itself often left me with clumps of hair in my fists ;) ). That said, since I watched the first three seasons (and part of the fourth) in boxsets only, the season-ending cliffhangers really weren't cliffhangers since I could immediately watch the next episode to see how things worked out. Therefore, I must go with The Last Man. However, even if I had watched all the finales when they originally aired, I still think I'd go with this one. It was a good, solid episode with some touching moments and a great cliffhanger. Loved the flashbacks, especiall the one involving Todd (of course!), and just seeing something more of the galaxy and the characters in settings different from the norm. This was one of the best episodes, and not just the best finale.


  • Anthony Porter - 12 years ago

    Camelot. I remember being almost angry that it was being left like that until the next season. Gaunlet made me sad because I knew we'd get no satisfaction. But that did not make it the best cliffhanger for me.

  • Rob - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet was the best cliffhanger. Just like some of the other posters, I don't know if it was becasue we knew that there was going to be no follow-up episode to show what happens, so we are forced to rely on our imaginations on what might have happened.

  • Jack Cook - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet, as it leaves the viewer thirsting for more SGU to complete the story

  • David swaffield - 12 years ago

    I chose Last man SGA
    Because it was classic Stargate, good script and story line. Allthough was a long time ago i watched this episode its always in my mind when I think Atlantis. Good all rounder :)
    Many thanks

  • Aaron H - 12 years ago

    I went with Gauntlet, along with so many other people. I don't know if I chose it because it was the most recent or if i chose it because it was the best. Out of all of the choices it definitely leaves you wanting more because we all knew there wouldn't be more after that episode.

  • Chevron7 - 12 years ago

    I was torn between Incursion II, Gauntlet & First Strike. In the end I went with Incursion II because so many people were in jeopardy. I particularly loved the scenes with Eli and Chloe. So much of that spoke to me.

    The VFX scenes with Scott & Greer were incredible.

    Cheers, Chev

  • Russ - 12 years ago

    I voted for Gauntlet (SGU, season 2). I loved all the SG series but that episode ending with Eli looking out at the stars really made you wonder what will happen to them all and hoping someone will pick up the series again and continue the story.

  • Dominykas Kucinas - 12 years ago

    I voted for gountlet. Damn, it was so emotional. I almost cried. lol :D

  • Susan Malcolm (Tartan Turtle) - 12 years ago

    I voted for the Siege II.

    I enjoyed SG1 very much and couldn't see why a spin-off series would be necessary, how could another Stargate series compete with this brilliant programme?

    By the end of the first episode of Atlantis I was well and truly hooked - it had characters that I loved, a humorous script and loads of action.

    At the end of the first series I was considering attending meetings of 'SGA Anonymous' in an effort to cure my addiction.

    The Siege I was full of tension and introduced so many possibilities of how the citizens of Atlantis would fare in further episodes. The Siege II was the beginning of a new future for our daring adventurers and was an excellent episode.

  • stargatefan98 - 12 years ago

    i went with first strike although gauntlet was great too

  • Nathan McKenna - 12 years ago

    Not to jump on the bandwagon...but gauntlet!! I'm still holding out hope that MGM is just waiting for the 3 years to be up and pick up where we left off! It feels like a big joke being played on all of us, haha we're going to cancel the show, for 3 years. I can't help but to stare at my Stargate box sets and feel something is incomplete, SG-1 box set, SGA box set and 2 seasons of SGU on dvd looking sad and lonely waiting to be bundled in to one pretty box. I can't image what a producer and writer of the incomplete show feels like.

  • kathy m - 12 years ago

    gauntlet because it left it open soo hopefully someone else can pick it up and go on from there and i hope that's what happens. save sgu cuz that show rocked... loved it big time...

  • Roger - 12 years ago

    Definitely has to be Gaunlet, especially since we're all still hanging. :)

  • Annette Oertle - 12 years ago

    I have to say Gauntlet because it was a real cliffhanger. We were left really wondering about what is going to happen next and of course we never got the answer. It was also a bit of a tear jerker.

  • David - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet from season two of SGU. A series that wasn't given its just due. In addition, I loved the cast of the show and I hope to see them in future shows. Right now I enjoy watching Lou Diamond Phillips in Longmire.

  • Elminster - 12 years ago

    Hey Joe

    I voted for Camelot. It was, by far, the greatest season ending cliff-hanger. In fact it may be the greatest cliff-hanger of any show. The action starts right from the beginning and stews right through to almost the end, when Sam beams over to dial out, then ALL HELL breaks loose. By the time the short space battle is over and done 3 members of SG-1 are missing, supposedly blown to pieces on their respective ships and Sam is left floating in space with just a few hours of air left. "My God", I thought, "how in the hell are they gonna set things right in season 10!" Then I spent the rest of the time before the start of the season wondering who wanted off the show so bad they had to get blown up...

    Now, I'm not just saying this because you wrote it, but that was one fine episode.


  • gordon - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet, because it simply was the best cliffhanger of the three SG series. Sadly, it looks like we'll never be able to "stay tuned until next time..."

  • SGUSUperFan12 - 12 years ago

    please joseph. dont give up on sgu. i was such a great show. the best in the history of sci fi shows. please. i miss is so much! please

  • Rolf - 12 years ago

    I was thinking "It's Gauntlet, no doubt in my mind" even before I started reading the list of episodes! The last two-three minutes makes me cry (and dream!) every time I see them. Amazing. Speechless.

  • Joe - 12 years ago

    SGU is by far the greatest incarnation of this incredible franchise! SGA got me more into SG-1, and SGU got me hooked FOR LIFE!!

  • Abigail - 12 years ago

    I voted for Gauntlet, not only because of the storyline, music, content, and characters, but because I grew up watching stargate, and to me, this episode was like saying goodbye to a close friend of mine that'd been there many years.

  • Graeme Quinn - 12 years ago

    It has to be Gauntlet. It’s a great episode from start to finish and has everything from touching character moments, to action and a fantastic musical score.

    The survival of Eli would’ve setup a fantastic Season 3 premiere and the added twist of the three years passing, I’m sure would’ve delivered some great episodes.

    The second half of Season 2, SGU really found its stride and with the cliffhanger Gauntlet leaves you with, it makes you want more SGU!

  • JimFromJersey - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet. Because it is the unanswered cliffhanger, and a damn fine episode.

  • lyne - 12 years ago

    I was torn between Nemesis and Camelot, yet I had to vote for Camelot. There's nothing I didn't absolutely love about that story arc.

  • xxxevilgrinxxx - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet - we'll never see a resolution :(

  • Paul Moody - 12 years ago

    Definitely Gauntlet - such a poignant ending as the lights all go out with Eli on the viewing deck.

  • Gina - 12 years ago

    I also voted for Gauntlet. While the other episodes mentioned were all excellent, the thing that made Gauntlet stand out for me was that it truly is still a cliffhanger. They are out there, waiting. Those final scenes of Eli being totally alone were heart wrenching, never had the universe seemed any more vast, and humanity so small.

    While yes were were left with many unanswered questions with the series finale of Atlantis, they are at least home, but with lots more stories to tell, and unfortunately we will probably never know. The crew of Destiny still await their own destinies and are going completely to the unknown. So that's why Gauntlet speaks to me as the best. The best stories are the ones that get the audience emotionally invested in the characters, and I was and still am.


  • shane calhoun - 12 years ago

    I am voting for gauntlet because not because the show was cancelled but this cliffhanger left alot up to your imagination as to where the show would pick up if the show returned for a third season.

  • Cathy - 12 years ago

    Ack--such a tough choice between Camelot and Gauntlet. I went with Gauntlet, but SG-1 remains my favorite Stargate....

  • Rico - 12 years ago

    Some great choices but still love SG1.

  • Stormy - 12 years ago

    Loved all the Atlantis ones but voted The Last Man!

  • Joel - 12 years ago

    All this cliffhanger are amazing, especially Gauntlet but I vote Camelot!!
    When I saw it for the first time I was fascinated. The space battle was one of the best of the franchise and I love the music composed by my namesake Joel Goldsmith.

  • LJ - 12 years ago

    I had to choose Nemesis because Joe's last poll sparked a SG rewatch in our family and my 9-year-old son LOVED Nemesis. Great action sequences, perfect team dynamic, and so many fun O'Neill moments...and my kid enjoyed every single one! Personally, I'd vote for Gauntlet, but I have to vote for Nemesis for my awesome SG-loving kid!


  • Joan Chem_Is_Try - 12 years ago

    Well, Gauntlet, of course, because it is the cliffhanger that keeps us hanging by our fingernails forever.

    That and none of the other cliffhangers left me with tears in my eyes.

  • Brian - 12 years ago

    Sadly SGU's last episode was both the best and worst cliffhanger. Everything was up in the air, it left the viewer so excited to see how things would work out. The made for DVD movie never happened, after so many years Stargate ends without an ending. Maybe Netflix will be a potential platform in a few years.

  • MP - 12 years ago

    Out of Mind...shipper at heart and the touchy feely sigh.

  • Janet - 12 years ago

    I voted for Camelot. The sheer awesomeness of it. Samantha floating out in space scared the living dickens out of me, so close to the supergate.
    Although it was a tough choice, my shippy heart was saying Out of Mind. But the shippy stuff did not really happen until the next season premiere.

  • Lewis - 12 years ago

    I voted for:
    GAUNTLET- the cliffhanger of all cliffhangers ..because we may never know what happens
    (the kind of cliff that even Wile E. Coyote would be afraid to drop off of)

  • Ize Spielman - 12 years ago

    Well, I'm going to have to say Gauntlet, with Incursion II being a close second. It was the ending. The Destiny shutting down, the crew locked in stasis with Eli left alone, and that music. I was watching with a bunch of friends and not a single one of us wasn't bawling our eyes out by the end. Gauntlet epitomizes what I love best about SGU; the wait to see if the characters you love make it. "If", not "how". SGU gave the feeling that there wasn't any quick-fixes or conveniently timed rescues coming. You honestly didn't know what was going to happen. Sadly, now that the show has ended, we never will.

  • Line Noise - 12 years ago

    I would have voted for Enemy At The Gate if it had been on the list purely because you plonked Atlantis just off the coast of San Francisco AND WE'RE STILL WAITING TO FIND OUT WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So, because I seem to like lost causes, I voted for Gauntlet because you left Eli all alone AND WE'RE STILL WAITING TO FIND OUT WHAT THE HELL HAPPENS NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Scott - 12 years ago

    Definitely had to be Gauntlet. That's where the story ends. Also, maddeningly, is right where the story started to take some amazing turns.

    Sure, the early series had a lot of other focus -- the Goa'uld, the Tok'ra, etc., but really, the arc of all three shows is all about the Ancients. (Builders of the Stargates, the whole reason for any of this.)

    I really wanted SG-U to take us to the end of Destiny's mission -- and in so doing, the end of the fantastic adventure we've all been on these last 15 years. As it is, I feel like I'm in stasis with the rest of the crew. The adventure has been put on hold, indefinitely.

    The ultimate cliffhanger.

  • Staragate crazy 101 - 12 years ago

    100% Stargate universe's Gauntle the last episode in SGU season 2. We want season three come on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Chris K. Zellmer - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet. Why? Simply said, the characters, the dialog, the music, the emotion. Its as fine a television ever scripted. And so far -- we have not been graced with what happened to Destiny's crew. I am hopeful this unfortunate turn of events will be remedied -- soon.

  • John - 12 years ago

    I voted for Gauntlet, but I would have voted for Unending if it had been on the list.

  • Ashley McCall - 12 years ago

    SGU! Need more SGU

  • Jay Lewis - 12 years ago

    IMHO, Gaunlet should be DQ'd for being a series ender, not a season cliffhanger.

    Be that as it may, I went with Camelot. 87 million question marks with (seemingly) no answers? That was a looong wait between seasons...

  • Rui - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet. Had to be Gauntlet. Why?
    -It made the series come full circle to the very first opening scene of SGU;

    -It doesn't start as a "normal episode", then has the story shift rails to a cliffhanger (the kind that makes you scream at the TV demanding what happens next), or introduces some kind of last minute "Deus ex Machina", like SGA;

    -It gives a sense of closure. I'd really like the series to continue, but if it doesn't, this episode serves the purpose of a series conclusion perfectly AND can still go on with new episodes (fingers crossed). Checked out Joe Mallozzi's blog, where he states the ending was rewritten just for that purpose;

    -Made a tear run down my cheek;

    -The finale music was great (made a tear run down my other cheek);

    And finally:
    -Because I liked it.

  • Anthony - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet because this is a last épisode of Stargate and this is the best end for me.

  • David Ryan - 12 years ago

    I'd go with Exodus because it was one of those situations where the audience saw no way the team could get out of that situation. We didn't even know what had happened to Teal'c.

  • Lars Lerch - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet !

    I want know ,what Eli do !!!!!
    i am sad !!

    We love Stargate Universe !!! SGU


  • Blake Linton - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet, for launching me on the most amazing odyssey of my life. I thought I was too old and misanthropic ever to join Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube, let alone create my own web show. But to fight for SGU, I did all that, and made wonderful friends in the process.

    Late at night, when my resolve wavers, when I feel I have given SGU all I can, I need only watch Destiny fade into the darkness to the strains of Joel Goldsmith's haunting soundtrack, and tears again well in my eyes, and my determination to save this magnificent series is redoubled.

  • Drake Shiryu - 12 years ago

    because I really want it to be cliffhanger, and I hope the Stupid MGM/SciFU cash dispensers will see that the cancellation is the greatest mistake.
    Gauntlet (french titled: une famille) is my choice, because I really to see the familly again

  • Marilyn Mason - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet. Best cliffhangers are the ones you never get to see what happen next. :( I miss SGU

  • koldyr - 12 years ago

    Well, i was going to vote for Gauntlet. But this ending really touching not because of alone Eli with 3 years gap, and never known resolve for all those on Destiny but it's hurt melting music.
    It's brilliant! So it's not actually cliffhanger but end of the story, which add more sad note to final scene.

    So i voted for Camelot. 9th and 10th seasons was really-really strong/interesting/involving. Vala and Cam was great addition to cast, backstory of King Arthur was strong move.

  • Russell Elsom - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet. During all the other shows the cliffhanger part of the episode appeared only in the final moments of the episode. Gauntlet however contrived to keep dropping new cliffhanger at every commercial break before the final ending. What worse... we still don't know whether Eli survived or if the ship is drifting between galaxies.

  • Jim Lawson - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet, we will never see the conclusion :(

  • Carl Joly - 12 years ago

    I've selected Gauntlet. Almost all others were good, but Gauntlet was better. The cancellation may have influence my choice. I don't know. It's possible. It was my choice because of the emotion it gave me, and the strong desire to know what will happen Eli, Destiny and the crew.

  • Nathan - 12 years ago

    Greatest cliffhanger? The impending death of O'Neill before the Asgard rescued him (the second head-sucker).

  • Joseph D. Sardone - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet ... Do we even have to vote on this ?? .. Any more of a cliffhanger and the police would need riot gear to ward off masses of angry fans! .. lol ... Save Stargate Universe by any and all means possible!
    Just sayin' :)

  • Kelley - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet definitely. It is a brilliant example of art imitating life imitating art. Considering it could be at least 3 years before we see how it turns out makes it all the more compelling. Add to that Eli's character was progressing nicely and I loved how he finally got some respect from Rush--addressing him as "Mr Wallace." The whole series was brilliant as far as I am concerned. I really want to know how everything turns out.

  • Cass - 12 years ago

    The Guantlet.

    Literally sending all of the characters into an empty voice, with one solitary figure remaining to face the unknown completely alone.

    Now that's the type of ending that leaves you forgetting to breathe!

  • Jenny Horn - 12 years ago

    Look, something shiny!

  • Marjorie Roden - 12 years ago

    Definately SGU's GAUNTLET, because it leaves the doors open for so many possibilities!!! Hoping that it will eventually be followed up with a conclusion though, which is the beauty of that it was a 3 year snooze everyone (except, as far as we know, Eli) had to take. I do have my theories in that regard (and have been working on a script for the day when the powers-that-be at MGM decide to pull everyone out of stasis and someone decides to give mee a call to see said script...hey a girl can dream BIG right?!), but until then, I just hope nothing goes awry with those stasis pods (especially Scott's or Volker's!!!).

  • Bryan Price - 12 years ago

    Gauntlet, because we (never?) got an answer to the cliffhanger.

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