Should semi-automatic rifles with high capacity magazines be banned?

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  • Dave G - 7 years ago

    If any class of firearm is to be protected by the Bill of Rights, it wouldn't be a "hunting" gun.

    "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed" never mentions the word "hunting" anywhere.

    Plenty of people on the abdication side of the debate choose to ignore that "regulated" means the quality of their marksmanship training, choosing to instead believe that burdening the militia (unorganized and otherwise) with all manners of excessive administrative codes was an effective way to prepare an army to properly load, aim, fire and hit a designated target with repeatable accuracy and precision, in order to wage and win wars.

    Currently, there really isn't another kind of rifle would better fulfill the intended use of the 2nd amendment but an AR-15/M4 type, in exactly the configuration, and with all of the accouterments, as used by servicemen in their duties and in qualification, and civilian Service Rifle competitors at Camp Perry.

  • Tommy Gunner - 7 years ago

    FYI ~ Select fire, full auto, belt-fed full auto and the 'infamous' mini-gun can all be 'Legally Owned' by a civilian in most areas of the United States ( There may be local jurisdictions that have implemented restrictions that are actually UN Constitutional.) The only thing that is required is a Federal Background check by the FBI and a $200.00 tax stamp/permit for each weapon. And they are REALLY FUN TO SHOOT !!!
    A semi auto fires one round with each trigger pull and has to be released to reset after each round. Even so it is very easy to get 3 - 5 rounds off in a second and continue until the magazine is empty.
    A 'Select -Fire' has a switch / lever that allow for selection of fire mode to either semi auto (as above) or Full auto. In full auto as long as the trigger is depressed the weapon continues to fire one round after the other until the magazine is empty or the operator releases the trigger.
    A Full Auto fires in automatic mode ONLY. A true machine gun and are usually belt fed.
    The 'Mini-Gun' is an electrically driven, belt fed, multiple barrel, "Gatling Style" full auto machine gun.
    No weapon that I personally know of can fire 100 rounds at once. Many can fire 100 or more rounds CONSECUTIVELY one after the other in either in semi auto or full auto modes until the magazine is empty or the belt runs out.
    What I can't figure out, is why the gun grabbers and liberal idiots want to limit my right to defend myself and my family and my friends by putting restrictions on the types of weapons I can own or the number of rounds in a magazine. I don't force them to purchase a weapon or to even defend themselves if that is the course they choose.

  • Jaels_Song - 7 years ago

    Yes Bill, we DO have the right to own weapons that can shoot 100 bullets at a time.
    Reason being Bill, because our 2'nd Amendment rights were given to us to defend ourselves against a tyrranical government (or pompous azzwipes like you) would want to strip us of this God given right our Founding Father's understood and insisted we should have.

  • Pcardilla - 7 years ago

    Bill Kristol doesn't know what he's talking about.

    A semi automatic rifle fires one shot at a time. You need to pull the trigger each and every time you want a bullet to exit the gun. For 100 rounds to come out the gun you have to pull the trigger 100 times.

    An automatic rifle is a machine gun, which can blast out many rounds while holding the trigger down once. Automatic weapons are illegal in most areas of this country and used by the military mostly.

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