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  • Razor hog - 7 years ago

    The NCAA was too easy on PSU. College football is just big money entertainment. I love to watch football games like anyone else. But where there's that much money involved, there will always be human greed and lowering standards. As a society, we place way too much importance on the wrong things. To hell with school pride! It just institutional bullying at its worse. To come to the defense of anyone that has turned a blind eye to such terrible acts puts that person on the same level of the rapist.

  • Jeff - 7 years ago

    Hey JB,

    Maybe if you yourself weren't 19, you would have seen that they will allow current atheletes of the football program to transfer to another school. (so they can have a shot at a bowl game). The reason they didn't give Penn St. the "death penalty" is for the very same reason in which you were just trying to base your argument around, NOT punishing the individuals who had nothing to with it. Very fair sanctions in my mind.

  • Matt - 7 years ago

    I feel the NCAA went to far buy removing the wins from 1998, PSU victories were a result of years of blood, sweat and dedication from the student athletes. Paterno wasn't the one out on the field winning those games, NCAA should at least reconsider that.

    The other penalties are fair and just. It will take decades for the program to recover, if it ever does. I hope this puts enough of a scare into other universities so that situations of this magnitude never happen again

    I feel bad for the current students and athletes at PSU, nothing PSU does will ever be able to repay what has happen to you.

  • ncaa went too far - 7 years ago

    This is the most ridiculous fine/penalty I have ever seen. How far is too far? It appears that the NCAA feels all current, past and future football players and faculty are responsible for Sandusky's actions...despite the fact they were just children when this occurred. Maybe they should revoke all degrees issued by Penn State from 1998 on. For that matter, the NCAA Board obviously felt they are the judge, jury and executioner, should have known of these events years ago, and feel a responsibility. So shouldn't all NCAA Board member be fired and fined as well? And since all of those Board Members are Presidents of other Colleges, shouldn't they be removed form those positions as well and all students of those colleges have their degrees revoked. Just how far is far enough? I would highly recommend that Mark Emmert set aside a couple of hundred million dollars for lawsuits against the NCAA for the penalties and lives of the countless innocent students they have now punished without trial for the actions of Sandusky. If my son was on the football team right now, I would be filling a hugh lawsuit against the NCAA for the damages to my sons future. If I was a past player I would file suit against the NCAA and Mark Emmert. This ruling has punished tens of thousands of innocent students, graduates and faculty that had nothing to do with Sandusky, the NCAA and all the little lost souls out there asking for more punishment. Let the lawsuits begin.

    Oh, and has anyone forgot about the fact that College is all ready out of the reach of many due to the costs?

  • JB - 7 years ago

    @footballfan if you went to PSU now, you would not play football for 3 years if you punishment was what happened, and you were a kid when all this happened.
    Why do that to people who had nothing to do with it?

  • JB - 7 years ago

    the main way in which the NCAA went too far is in not allowing the players to go to bowl games.
    If i am a 19 year old player there now, you mean i am punished for something i had nothing to do with?
    Punish PSU, but no need to go after the players like that

  • Football fan... Not fanatic - 7 years ago

    @matt Think before you speak man. What you said is crass, despicable and ignorant. Blaming the victims and saying its their fault and they liked being raped? Are you for real? The reality is that people in authority knew and did nothing. Be thankful psu is not like wall street or the little guys (the students and athletes) would be punished and the higher ups would be getting bonuses. The little guy always pays the price...Its the american way. Stop complaining and grow some balls - support the victims and victim services or some other worthwhile cause, not JoePa and the douche bags that gave Sandusky permission to rape boys and take away their innocence and future! Get a grip students at PSU!!! The rest of the students in the nation feel bad for you but when you say things like this, you lose credibility and respect of your peers.

  • Matt - 7 years ago

    The thing that is hard for me to believe is that Penn Sate supporters feel as everyone is against them. The reality is that bad things happened and Joe Paterno didn't do what he knew was the right thing to do. He was not alone but he was at the top.

  • brandon - 7 years ago

    the student athletes should not be punished for their coaches mistakes

  • Danno - 7 years ago

    I cannot disagree with the sanctions against PSU, however, it sure seems self serving that the NCAA can levy such a huge fine. They apparently have a blank check that can be drawn on any college's accounts. I'd like to know where that money really goes. $60 Mil is a nice windfall for them. A big chunk of that boodle should be shared among the poor kids who were so terribly wronged by PSU.

  • Ginny Merz - 7 years ago

    It's about time the those who protect child molesters have sanctions laid against them ... and sports aren't the only dangerous venues. Churches are even greater offenders. To 'save face' in the public eye, many have covered for and protected abusers for years.
    Thirty years ago a youth minister raped and molested three young girls in my town. When the molestation was brought to light, the elders told me that I must not take the matter to the police ... "what would it do to the church?"
    I went straight to the police and filed a report. Investigation showed that this man had done the same thing clear across the country but no one else "told". They just sent him packing and allowed this sick man to continue his crimes against our children. After he was arrested, and the case went to trail the elders sat by his side through the trial - even when the girls themselves testified. How horrific is it to have been molested and raped only to receive further abuse by those who should be protectors? The offender was found guilty on all counts and sentenced to three years, of which he served only one and a half years, for destroying the lives of three young girls. The elders walked away free men.
    Those who allow someone to prey on children to continue to do so in order to save face should be as criminally responsible for consequences as the actual offender.

  • NCAA Is Not Addressing the Real Problems - 7 years ago

    Linked is the 2010 seasons coaches salaries (the last full year he was head coach) - JoePa was FAR from the top, especially when you look at salary vs. revenue the school made from football.


    As far as the NCAA sanctions go, we can argue all we want about the sanctions and how the NCAA went off a 3rd party investigation etc. but I still feel the "Football Comes First Culture" exists EVERYWHERE. Note to NCAA- this is what happens when you don't pay the athletes and impose title 9. Penn State Footballs $72 million annual income is a "Culture" that pays for hundreds of students scholarships, hundreds of university jobs (be it the head coach of football or a sports doctor for the women's swim team) and generates a ton of local business. Hundreds if not thousands of people's lives DEPEND on college football, and I don't see this changing anytime soon. Lastly I don't care how bad the crimes are (which in this case were horrendous), I would not want to be the one to report this information to authorities, knowing I may negatively be impacting a large portion of the schools income.

    The real solution to this problem would be to stop making college football so financially significant to the universities.

  • Jeff - 7 years ago

    The NCAA is wrong (Again!).

    Sandusky should and will rot in prison and hell.

    Paterno was a man from another time and didn't fully understand Sandusky's crimes, but he was wrong to not pursue the matter. Paterno also did so much good for so many, and that should not be forgotten.

    The school's administration, on the other hand, knew better and should go to jail.

    Nevertheless, the NCAA is punishing the wrong people (the players and the school) in the wrong ways... and I would like to know who will be the beneficiary of the $60,000,000 fine?

  • Jim - 7 years ago

    @ Matt

    Joe would not have nearly his win total if he didn't play so many years as an independent. Same with Notre Dame. And he was too afraid to try his hand at pro football when invited.

  • Ryan - 7 years ago


    What false info are you reading? his base salary was $550,000? I think 90% of BCS coaches make more than that, his total compensation was just over 1 million a year. New head coach with 0 college wins is getting paid much more. His family gave $4 million to the library to help students education. Get your facts right. Highest paid coach my behind

  • Matt - 7 years ago

    The victims are PSU and Joe. Those kids could have stopped what was happening but they liked it. It is only after years of failure did they realize they could make money on it and get it out in the open. Pathetic punishment.
    I hope those kids are all raped and killed for payment after causing this bullsshit.
    Joe will always be the greatest coach ever to coach.

  • Saffron - 7 years ago

    @Ryan LOW PAY? What planet are you living on? JoePa was THE highest paid coach ever. The reason they are keeping the library named after him? Because HE paid them $4 MILLION dollars to name it after him and if they changed it, they'd have to repay his widow. He was NOT "low paid."

  • jillypepper - 7 years ago

    maybe I am not fully informed on all the details, but why take away wins from those past years? Doesn't that punish the athletes...who were ALSO ones who were abused and will have to continue healing for years to come? There are ways to punish the school within the NCAA without ALSO punishing the student athletes who played their hearts out while at Penn State.

  • Theresa J. - 7 years ago

    Penn State could never get what the deserved for doing what they did. These were grown adults covering up a horrific act of violence against young boys. Money breeds power greed and entitlement to those.
    What I know is men that abuse children have no sense of morels or values of any kind. They are only out for themselves.
    What I also know is that those whom were effected by this man as well as other's who chose to cover up this crime will be judge come their day they take their last breath.
    My hope is that the boys whom were taken advantage of by these monster's will rise above this and better themselves. I hope they know what courage it took for them to come forward and to testify and that this will some how some way help the to realize that they were heard. That there are those who stand behind them and that big names, colleges and money can't keep their dirty little secrets forever. They truth will eventually come out and will prevail.

  • Lonestar Gem - 7 years ago

    I don't see a lot of difference between the Penn State situation and the scandals within the Catholic Church. Football is essentially a religion at Penn State and Joe Paterno was essentially the head of that church. Joe-Pa did what so many others have done by effectively ignoring the behavior and hoping it would stop. I feel for his family but it doesn't change the outcome. Intent is irrelevant...impact is ultimately what matters.

  • Matthew - 7 years ago


    You said, "I am in no way condoning the actions of Sandusky and Paterno and the other officials involved, but the school itself should not be punished."

    They're being punished because the NCAA has not seen sufficient outrage from the students and community. They should be angry in general and angry toward Sandusky and others who aided the cover up. The nation at large has not seen this and this is why PSU is being hammered.

  • Ben - 7 years ago

    You said, "So your suggesting just to shut down Penn State then, okay?"

    If you're saying what I think you're saying (that PSU education is really paying dividends), then yes -- it makes perfect sense. And no one is getting shut down. Football will still be played there. They will be assigned their usual 9 home games -- 3 road games -- and they will play them all.

  • Just a dude - 7 years ago

    @Nari and the rest of everyone who thinks that the cutting scholarships + 60 million dollars..lets do the math here so that we all understand what we're talking about.

    They've got the 8 that testified at his trial, but more have come forward and the number now sits around 20 that have been at least partially verified (Had contact w/ Sandusky during the time period). So....that's what the NCAA just did...it came up with the price.

    The price that has been established to rape and molest a little boy is 3 million dollars a head.

  • Anonymous - 7 years ago

    I don't think the current student body should be punished, which is what the NCAA is doing. The monstrous actions of a few people should make the entire school bad. Why should current PSU athletes suffer a scholarship loss for coaches who are no longer there? I am in no way condoning the actions of Sandusky and Paterno and the other officials involved, but the school itself should not be punished. The individuals responsible should be fined out of their own pockets and terminated from PSU, as well as any future job position involving children.

  • Richard - 7 years ago

    @Jen. You said, "I agree with the fine as well. But taking things away from current football players who have done nothing wrong isn't going to solve anything. Taking away the wins and the pride the team itself has had is punishing all of the students who worked hard to get there."

    If these students are attending PSU for the football, they can easily transfer to another school not under penalty. The student-athletes can also transfer.

  • Ryan - 7 years ago


    So your suggesting just to shut down Penn State then, okay? That makes a lot of sense. Mark Emmert= Roger Goodell, power hungry and acting outside of rules, trying to make a name from himself.

  • Such is life - 7 years ago

    It's easy to see both sides of it. It sucks that current players, students, coaches, employees and fans have to pay for the actions of individuals that are no longer part of the program and will receive legal justice, but it's just like any other business or organization out there. As an organization Penn State is liable for the actions of their employees, if the employee breaks a policy of the University or the Law, governing agencies such as the NCAA should be able to step in and punish the University accordingly. It's no different then if anyone else were to break the law or their employer’s policy, the organization suffers along with all involved. Perfect example, If you run a bar or alcohol service establishment and your employee breaks the law by serving a minor or over serving a patron causing accident not only does that employee suffers company and legal consequences but the company has to suffer consequences from both the legal authorities and the governing agency for liquor control. Not saying that serving a minor is anywhere close in comparison.

  • Jen - 7 years ago

    I agree with the fine as well. But taking things away from current football players who have done nothing wrong isn't going to solve anything. Taking away the wins and the pride the team itself has had is punishing all of the students who worked hard to get there. I'm glad the money is going to a good cause, but the punishment towards the students and the reputation will damage them to the point that it can't be fixed.

  • RailroadBill - 7 years ago

    The NCAA should police the rules of that organization, and not the laws policed by the judicial system. Those responsible for the horrific acts and for letting it continue have already been changed or are under investigation by the legal system; or are dead. Penn State should be punished, but there's no question that the NCAA went way too far.

  • DriveByU - 7 years ago

    @Ryan~Looks like the family took home more than they gave...a lot more! He didn't receive low pay. He was the highest paid coach out there. Finally, it has been documented the other leaders decided not to do the RIGHT thing with Sandusky because Paterno didn't want to. They wanted to use the "humane" approach...and endanger THAT child. Who knows what happened to him after his rapist found out they knew about him.

    Hopefully, in a year you all will be out of denial and see how wrong this man was. Paterno did a lot of bad things. THIS was just one of them.

  • Ben - 7 years ago

    @Ryan You said: "$Fit punishment for students who want to get a good academic future?? I think not"

    You're assuming people enroll in PSU for something other than football. There are plenty of other universities if you want an education. PSU is a football banana republic.

  • Ryan - 7 years ago

    $60 million which will come out of Penn State Football (maybe 10%), cuts in Academics (most of the 60 million) and tuition increases. Fit punishment for students who want to get a good academic future?? I think not

  • Just a dude - 7 years ago

    "How is it that the NCAA plays judge and jury before the legal system establishes culpability? "

    Jerry Sandusky has been convicted and sentenced.
    The University conducted its OWN review by an independent 3rd party, who raked them over the coals for ignoring the issue and/or providing the means and tools for Sandusky to further abuse additional children.

    This judgement is Weregild - plain and simple.

    Look at the nuclear option - SMU was destroyed by the NCAA ruling, and all they did was pay players under the table. While that undermines the SPORT - this issue pales into absolute comparison to the repeated rape and molestation of these children.

    Put yourselves in those shoes for a goddamn minute and find some empathy. You're 14, you're going to hang out at Penn State and see places that you probably idolize.

    Now start sucking Jerry's cock like a good boy.

    And that is going to happen again....and again...and again...for how many years? For how many other kids? All the while - the staff at Penn State look the other way..the janitors afraid to report him butt-fucking little boys in the shower....What the ever living hell?!?

    PSU should have received a ban from all collegiate sports. It would have meant an end to their football program and hell - maybe even their school. But to be honest about it - they don't deserve one..they never did. Their accolades and accomplishments will forever be tainted by the fact that it was all accomplished on the foundation of pain, shame, humiliation, and evil done to those little boys.

  • Ryan - 7 years ago

    Paterno did do a lot wrong, but all the money he gave and the low pay he took was in the name of football? His scholarships and money he gave Penn STate furthered thousands of students education. Thats more good than I could ever hope to do. His lack of action did hurt the kids that the MONSTER Sandusky abused. I was telling Child Rape guy that Paterno was 2wice the man he could ever hope to be. God is the only one to judge who goes to Hell. I guarentee you have done the sin of inaction before. Paterno told his advisors. He did nothing outside the law that is why he wouldnt be prosecuted even if he was alive.

  • Matthew - 7 years ago

    This was all perpetrated in the name of a football program and protecting PSU. There was a missed opportunity here. Paterno or anyone else could have blown the whistle on Sandusky and the despite being the butt of some short-term jokes, in the long term people would have said that a class program reacted and rooted out evil within its ranks. Instead, they took the view "we can not have a blemish of any kind" and it not only prevented Sandusky from being punished for his actions, it made possible over a dozen additional abuse cases. You have to punish the program for this. You have to hit them in what they were protecting: money, reputation, and football. Now any student thinking of enrolling in PSU -- as I'm sure many Pennsylvania kids were indoctrinated to do since they were 3 or 4 years old -- will have no bowl games for their entire duration of their 4-year program. THAT'S hitting them where it hurts.

  • DriveByU - 7 years ago

    @Joe~ Yesterday it was stated they plan to use the money for children's causes.

  • Vincent - 7 years ago

    I can understand the fine. I cannot understand punishing student athletes who had nothing to do with Sanduski's crime. The individual who covered it up were fired. Paterno is being made a scape goat by a society that has forgotten that the person who commits an act is responsible for that act. We as a society have to find others to blame and ruin. How sad. Sanduski was convicted in criminal court. His acts were criminal (and vile), but who does the NCAA think it is? I could go on, but it won't do any good. Those that agree with me will agree with me, and those perfect people out there that believe the college should have received worse will think I am an idiot...and nothing will change the decision that was made. If I were one of PSU's football players, I would transfer to another program.

  • DriveByU - 7 years ago

    Amazing. Those who still bow down to the base of the man who allowed the child rape cry bloody murder over losing their "precious"....and I am only talking about Joe Paterno here.... While the new and improved PSU is accepting responsibility for his (and the other so called Leaders) actions which allowed the child rapes.

    Joe Paterno got away with aiding and abetting a criminal and still loved by many deranged people. He, Spainer, Curley, and Schultz should all be paying the price of what they did...however, all of them got what they wanted from the University when they walked away.

    I think highly of the NEW administration for accepting their punishment (unearned by them) with grace.

  • Joe - 7 years ago

    There is no perfect Answer. Penn State, at many levels, turned the other check while children were raped by a crazy man. There is no way to say that any other way. My only curiosity with the Penalties, is what will the NCAA do with the $60-M in fines if PSU actually ends up cutting that check? The NCAA should be accountable for transparency with regard to that piece.

    PS: Penn State fans need to be quiet on these issues. You cannot defend, you cannot battle the penalties. When you do you sound like you are down playing the atrocities. And, yes, these were atrocities.

  • Darcy - 7 years ago

    @Ryan .... Everything Paterno did was in the name of football and his own legacy. You obviously don't know the first thing about the impact such a heinous crime has upon the most vulnerable in our society. A blind eye was turned all in the name of football. It's a disgrace.

  • Ryan - 7 years ago

    found on the bleacher report.com

    An anonymous former chairman of the NCAA Committee on Infractions told ESPN's Andy Katz:

    The purpose of the NCAA is to keep a level playing field among schools and to make sure they use proper methods through scholarships and etcetera. This is not a case that would normally go through the process. It has nothing to do with a level playing field.

    The former committee chair also said:

    But this has nothing to do with NCAA business...This is new. If they're going to deal with situations of this kind that have nothing to do with the games of who plays and so on and rather deal with members of the athletic department who act immorally or criminally then it opens up the door to other cases.

  • Nari - 7 years ago

    I think the fine is justified. The vacating of wins is justified. Bowl cancellation ok. The cutting of current scholarships by 10 is the only odd thing as it affects 10 supposedly student athletes and I thought the NCAA meant well for students.

  • Larry Blackbourn - 7 years ago

    This should serve as a warning to all college programs not to let the athletic department run the school. This country tends to worship college sports and major sport athletes and coaches believe they should be held to a different standard (lower) than the regular students. Treat them all the same and maybe these problems will diminish!

  • ncaa gone bonkers - 7 years ago

    i think the ncaa lost its mind. It has gone so far beyond its purview. PSU should appeal or take legal action.

  • GiveYourHeadAShake - 7 years ago

    That anyone would still defend Paterno is astounding and actually kind of disgusting. Whatever, his former legacy is a distant memory now.

  • justsomeguy - 7 years ago

    Not far enough. The school should be banned for life from football, if not all NCAA sports. Period.

  • LTCTom - 7 years ago

    Does this make Bobby Bowden the winniest coach?

  • Ryan - 7 years ago

    idiots-I agree with you other two comments are stupid. NCAA has no basis to impose punishments, who on the current program deserves this? No one, Paterno will not burn in hell, he's done more good things then Penn-State= Child R a p e will ever do. You have done nothing near the good he did in live.

  • idiots - 7 years ago

    How is it that the NCAA plays judge and jury before the legal system establishes culpability? The NCAA is bowing down to the court of public opinion...this is nothing short of a lynching. This establishes a whole new role for the NCAA. They should be knocking on doors around the country looking for legal infractions now.

    Also, 60 million?? Maybe they should cut the humanities to pay for the ncaa fine.

    It's sad to see the reactionary response rather than something more thoughtful. The NCAA and the culture of college sports has some responsibility for this (think the culture at other major football institutions is any different?). It's far easier to point a finger than to acknowledge the real problems.

  • footballfan - 7 years ago

    Not far enough! I agree with the first poster. A death penalty of at least 3 years should have been imposed AS WELL.... If not, then the precedent has been set to never again impose the death penalty on a college sports program again for any infraction because what is worse than child rape -- by a coach!!!????.. AND sanctioned by the leaders of the university? By not imposing the death penalty, the NCAA essentially said that football still trumps ALL. Shame on the NCAA.

  • Penn State = Child Rape - 7 years ago

    NCAA got it wrong. NCAA should have handed out a larger fine, cut all football scholarships for 4 years, and shut down the program for 4 years.

    Paterno and Sandusky will burn in hell for their parts in this disgrace.

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