Do you think the LCBO should serve customers while covered in religious wear?

Posted 6 years.


  • Andrea - 6 years ago

    I have to agree with Mike. As accommodating as Canada is, it's still is a western country and people that migrate here need to understand that things will not be the exact same as they are in their home countries. I wouldn't go as far a forbidding the burqa, after all people should feel free to wear what they want, as revealing or non revealing it is, but people should understand that by you choosing to dress in a certain way, certain services will not be accesible to you, i.e: renewing a passport, buying alcohol, entering a government building, etc. Also people that say that it is all against the burqa itself don't know what they are talking about, after all, a naked person would not be allowed to do any of the aforementioned things either, and being naked it's certainly less of a threat than wearing a burqa, as you can disguise a lot of things, such as weapons, under it.

  • mike - 6 years ago

    It's ironic that someone who would be deeply religious in their islam to wear a full burqa showing ONLY their eyes would be allowed to drink alcohol (sin in islam). This also shows how naive or afraid people are in this country to speak out out of fear of coming off "racist". Full burqas only showing eyes should be banned because it does not fit western culture norms, and can be a security risk as shown in this story. This is not an insult to religions because they can still wear their head covering. If they are deeply religious otherwise and are upset at how western culture functions, then why immigrate here in the first place? This is the equivalent of me visiting your house and asking you to rearrange your furniture to accommodate my preference. Just as when I visit other countries and respect their rules and traditions, so should others when they come to western countries.

  • Ty - 6 years ago

    I am very understanding of peoples different religion and cultures, as I work in a place that is very diverse , speaking with guests/students from all over the world. I believe that Canada is a very free and diverse country. However; with that being said, I also believe that at some point in time, we need to place boundaries. In every country you visit, they have laws and rules that even us "Caucasians" most abide by, yes some countries may cut some slack here and there depending on their laws, policies, etc. However; when it comes to such a situation as this, not asking someone to reveal their face is ridiculous. I understand that it may be a violation of their religion but one most have known some of the difficulties and sacrifices they may be asked to make when moving to a whole new country were not a majority of the population shares the same religion and believes. So in this instance, by not asking someone to reveal their face we are endangering our youth in society because all they have to do is dress up in religious clothes and claim that it's against their religion and BAM a 14 year old has alcohol. Which, unfortunately, with the lessons taught to our youth in this generation, they may not be aware of the long lasting consequences of alcohol. I think that they should be asked to reveal their face, in the safety of our youth. They are our future! We have changed so many laws and traditions in Canada to accommodate those of other diversities, if we change this, where does it stop? Will it ever stop? If you don't want to reveal your face, ask a friend to get it for you. It's that simple. As I said, I respect those of other religions, I love diversity but we can't endanger our youth by doing this or allow them not to reveal their face because they will begin to do so also, they should be smarter then that.. however; sadly.. a lot of youth are not today and they need to see that laws are being forced and acted upon and not being changed to benefit a small % of people who ask it to be.. just my thoughts, hate if you will. Canada shouldn't endanger our youth. . enough said.

  • Philoldgoalie - 6 years ago

    Bash the LCBO all you want but here in Alberta where they allow private liquor stores the prices are not any cheaper. At least your LCBO employees can retire with a pension.

  • Liz - 6 years ago

    Are you kidding me? Who says that a person dressed in a burka isn't permitted to buy alcohol? People have rights in Canada, not because of what they wear or do not wear. To think that all people are aware that those of Muslim faith do not ever drink alcohol and are not permitted even to purchase it is wrong thinking. Not everyone is aware of what all other religions forbid or allow. Some people don't even know what their own religion allows and forbids. It's not an issue about why a woman dressed in a burka is in a liquor store! Maybe there are women who hide behind a burka and a bottle. She has that right here in Canada as long as she is of legal drinking age.

  • Betelgeuse - 6 years ago

    The real problem is that the burka has become an easy disguise for some non Muslim with more sinister motives. Muslim people should not take personally or be offended that we do not trust what we cant see, especially in this day and age where kooks come in all shape size and colour.

  • pete - 6 years ago

    agreed with Ryan...why the HELL do they advertise??????

  • CHRIS - 6 years ago

    What I find funny is that 10% of people who took the poll thought the LCBO should offer a private spot to view there face and confirm the I.D. I hope that the idiots who thought that was a good idea get stuck in line behind two or three people who need to go to a special room and have their faces checked and are forced to wait an hour. Think things through people?

  • Trev - 6 years ago

    "The worst crime being committed here is that you in Ontario STILL have to buy your beer & booze from militant, unionized government employees in stores run by the provincial government.
    Good gawd - it's 2012, not 1912.
    Living free, and buying liquor where I want in Alberta,"

    AMEN! Another reason why I hate this grab ass province of Ontario.

  • The Capn - 6 years ago

    So is this an "expose" on the LCBO or on religious sensitivity? Frankly, Ol' Davey Menzies (I'd generally call him Mr Menzies but he doesnt warrant that much respect) should be charged with mischief and/or contributing to the delinquincy of a minor (after all, it IS illegal for 14 year olds to purchase alcohol)

  • Ari Goldstein - 6 years ago

    Perhaps he had a typical bad teenage peachfuzz moustache making for a very convincing Arab lady?

  • Ryan - 6 years ago

    I've got to agree with Peter. This is the stupidest thing I have ever read. Exactly - why would someone wearing a Burqa buy alcohol? Secondly, if this is a criticism of the LCBO, why not be critical of its price gouging practices, constant waste of money on advertising (why would a monopoly need to advertise for something that sells even during recessions), restrictive hours, lack of selection and lack of convenience. For that matter, why not criticize the beer store for the beer cartel that keeps smaller breweries off shelves? I can't believe this is the best argument/story you could come up with - and put on the front page of the paper here in Toronto - "young boy in a costume burqa buys beer!". Lastly, if this is an argument critiquing cultural sensitivities vs. "rules/laws" maybe you could come up with a better example, perhaps around voting opportunities or passport renewal - perhaps these types of examples don't exist???

  • Shesjuly - 6 years ago

    The worst crime being committed here is that you in Ontario STILL have to buy your beer & booze from militant, unionized government employees in stores run by the provincial government.

    Good gawd - it's 2012, not 1912.

    Living free, and buying liquor where I want in Alberta,


  • KimNB - 6 years ago

    Certainly the LCBO erred here and should have checked ID. I am surprised nobody is really commenting on the media sending a minor to buy alcohol. I know the right wing thinks it can ignore the law whenever it gets in the way but this is a crime. It seems unlikely that the Toronto police will bother their right wing buddies at the SUN however. What a foolish stunt. I am glad I do not have to pay for these rags masquerading as news.

  • Peter - 6 years ago

    This has to be the stupidest piece of "investigative reporting" I have ever had the misfortune of reading. Why would someone wearing a burqa purchase alcohol. Is this author against religious articles of clothing or the LCBO's monopoly? Clearly there is a hidden motive. Another stupid piece written by the idiots at the Sun tabloid newspaper.

  • brian - 6 years ago

    yes, because all good muslims consume alcohol during Ramadan. further proof the LCBO is run by idiots. geeze people

  • Adam - 6 years ago

    Why didn't I think of that as an underage teen? I can understand the LCBO for not wanting to be sued by bleeding hearts or suicide bombed. (although I doubt many Islamic Fundamentalists like to chill out with a few Zimas or sambuca flamers at the end of their day)

  • Jim - 6 years ago

    Wearing a burka is displaying fanatical adherance to Islamic principles. Another Islamic principle is not drinking alcohol.

    So, why would a burka wearing individual even be in the LCBO?

    If they get offended when asked to reveal their face (at the LCBO) then they are being hypocritical to their beliefs.

  • John - 6 years ago

    The LCBO was indeed wrong for not asking for identification and requesting the customer to reveal their face. It was most likely from fear of violating someones religious beliefs, which is extremely sad when we have to worry about things like that in Canadian society. Why are no charges being laid against the reporter? Since when are you allowed to break the law to make a point or a news story especially when you send a minor into a liquor store to purchase alcohol? If a parent would have sent the minor to purchase alcohol they would have been charged and CAS would have been called, the child removed from the home with no hesitation so why no charges against the reported, after all reporters are accountable for their actions just like every other Canadian citizen and they are surely not above the law.

  • Diane - 6 years ago

    If someone is wearing a burka they would be muslims that don't drink so this should never be an issue. I had words with a liquor store when my son was 14 and purchased a flat of beer without any question from the store staff. When I went in to complain they had sold it to him, the manager said well we'd like a photo of him so we'll know next time. I told him that was a stupid request, that he did not look anywhere near 19 so they should be ID'ing all young people if they are that clueless as to how old their customers appear. He tried to make sound like it was MY fault for raising a son who did things that were illegal. I said, well I guess it is your mom's fault for raising an idiot and you selling to my son happens to also be illegal. I ended up calling and reporting the liquor store to the head office for the BCLC, I never bought another oz of anything from that location, I don't give my business to idiots.

  • CaveHobbit - 6 years ago

    Burka's should be illegal anyway. All religions should be kept at home. Don't bring that silliness into the public. If your religion dictates that you must be covered from head to toe, then you stay covered from head to toe at home.

  • NF - 6 years ago

    Hey Keith,

    That stupid stunt, as you call it, was absolutely necessary to point out a real problem in this country. Everyone is so afraid of being called a racist, that they won't do or say what they know is right. This stunt proves it!
    This example was only about an under-ager being able to buy alcohol, not to make light of a serious matter, but there are many and much more serious implications of this kind of conditioning that some of us are allowing ourselves to be brain-washed into.

  • Cheryle - 6 years ago

    The employees of the LCBO made a terrible error in judegment. Having said that, the last thing we need is alcohol in variety stores and grocery stores where children see it next to the popsicles and candy.

  • Kim - 6 years ago

    The LCBO has no business selling to someone in a Burka NOT because you can't see their face BUT because wearing that CRAP is suppose to mean you're a devout follower...... in Islam ALCOHOL IS FORBIDDEN! So if you want to strut around claiming to be such a good Muslim then you should be BANNED from buying Alcohol PERIOD!

  • keith - 6 years ago

    What would have happened if the boy had been discovered by the LCBO staff? The police would have been called, Childrens Aid would have gotten involved, the parents would have been in trouble. And so would the reporter, probably charged with some youth violation. All in All a really stupid stunt.

  • Rudy - 6 years ago

    Islamics are forbidden from drinking alcohol, so why would they buying it in the first place?

  • Ike Johnson - 6 years ago

    There is cultural sensitivity and cultural awareness. As it stands that most Muslim sects ban drinking, especially amongst women; burka enforcing sects would even more adamantly chastise consumption of liquor. The LCBO staff should in no way feel it rude to ask that the facial Burka be removed when purchasing liquor because chances are better that it will be an underage boy then a devout Muslim woman.

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