Did Deadmau5 overreact to the Playmate's joke?

Posted 7 years.


  • AO - 6 years ago

    This was not an overreaction, as he was just stating a fact, if it walks like a piece of shit, and acts like a piece of shit, then chances are....

  • QC - 6 years ago

    So for the people that think it's only a "joke" and it's fine, if your loved one is shot, killed, murdered, hit by a car, raped, stabbed to death, etc. and someone comes to you the next day and makes a "joke" of it, YOU tell ME that you'll be laughing your A$$ off hysterically. Let's see her make these comments in person in front of all the family members of the 12 people that died.

  • Idiocy is not an opinion - 7 years ago

    Survery says... "She is a fool"!

  • J Bromley - 7 years ago

    You have to remember what the question is..."Did Deadmau5 overract to the Playmate's joke?" I think most of the 7% would all agree that the joke was in poor taste and as the Playmate asked "Too soon" This poor taste joke deserves a "Yes too soon", or should of never been said comment, but she doesn't deserve to be called a "piece of shit" and be berated for the entire weekend by Deadmau5. He is deflecting his anger for the horror that happened in that theather onto this young woman who made a bad joke. Both these people have shown poor judgement. Your poll is very black and white and life and this situation has various shades of gray. I wonder how many of the 92% who thought the overreaction was justified realize that the proper reaction was not used, but an overreaction. It being an "overreaction" means he acted inapproiately and the question deserves a yes vote. It's the 92%, I feel scared of, you who overreact to situations instead of thinking and reacting in the proper way. Can we not say that perhaps Mr Holmes was "overreacting". The news is full of people "overreacting"....Think about it!

  • rjw - 7 years ago

    Scares me to think that 7% of you think it is ok to joke about such a thing.

  • lg - 7 years ago

    I agree, she is a piece of sh** and stupid on top of that!

  • Jez Russell - 7 years ago

    It is not unheard of for people to use humor as a reaction to adversity. Lighten up Deadmou5, self righteousness doesn't look good on a millionaire.

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