Have you ever seen a UFO?

Posted 7 years.


  • G-Man - 7 years ago

    I did see something strange back in 1990. You could call it a UFO. It was Triangular with three thin edges and the 'Points' were large and housed a light at each. Physical Dimensions were approximately; 60 feet Wide at the Widest points, and 12 to 14 feet Tall. It was hard to tell since it was hovering above what I thought to be a silo, which was not there at a latter time. It was Black and had a Red Light at the Center Top and Center Bottom. No windows were visible. I stood and watched it for over 15 minutes before one of the Opaque Lights at one of the 3 'Points' became really bright then swung around to where I was standing. Understandably, I raised my hands, Jumped back in my Vehicle and departed. That was enough of a warning. So I did get a real clear look at it and what was milling about beneath it (Which were several men in Jump Suits). They were talking with the Man from the House. That's all I have.

  • Todd - 7 years ago

    I wonder if many people actually realize how many sighting and encounters are actually taking place...THERE ARE LOTS MORE than what is shared on the internet..Most people will not talk about it..for fear of ridicule..and for some..fear of their lives..

    I know that ET and UFOs are real and here..I have had many close encounters..in Manitoba..and I have shared almost all of it..on the NET. I created a blog and..since I have received hundreds and hundreds of emails from people..who are too scared to share with others..but have found some comfort in sharing with another abductee.

    There really should be no question to ET and their crafts being real and here. Anyone with intelligence can see through history..and see through what has been shared on the net.

    Google: taken by the greys to learn of what I know as fact..from first hand close encounters.


  • Smokey Jones - 7 years ago

    UFOs do not necessarily mean little green or tall grey men. Could just be a rock glowing an unusual way. If you see it, its flying, and you cant identify it, well then you definately have seen an UFO. Pat yourself on the back if you still have your memory.

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