Do you think HIV/AIDS was created to kill Blacks?


  • matt - 7 years ago

    since all races have contracted AIDS it is not engineered for a particular race, spread is all about lifestyle. if you believe this conspiracy then school and your teachers failed to educate you and you are poorer for it

  • An Educated Christian - 7 years ago

    HIV/Aids was created by the government in the 1950s to kill off the gay and black populations. Period. The FBI was founded by big business fashion and music. They were worried that gays would populate and take over the fashion industry, and blacks would take over music. They were right about that; nine-out-of-ten Gay and black men *aspire* to be either fashion designers or pop artists, and for the most part, they succeed.
    However, the FBI did not count on degenerates mating with good, moral, christian women. The disease started to spread across races (1980s). The FBI reacted by deploying cures for aids via antibiotics. This affected rich straight white communities by curing them while poorer blacker people kept their aids. However, this did not take care of the gays.
    Today, the effect of aids can be seen especially in black america, and hugely in Africa. This is further proven by the fact that African Americans account for 44% of HIV cases, though only take up about 13% population (CDC).

  • Jason - 8 years ago

    Everyone is responsible for their health during sex. If you get any std it comes from unsafe sex. And why would whites invent hiv to kill blacks when white have sex with blacks? The white women I personally know with herpes and hiv contracted it from black men unprotected

  • James Vaughan - 10 years ago

    I can accept that a monkey may have bitten some one , and thus transmitted the desease. However, one must remember that researchers used monkeys for experiments. After Blacks gained control in South Africa, the Truth Commission pardoned the Whites who had conducted experiments to find a virus that would kill Blacks, but not Whites. White ruled countries urged the White researchers to destroy their evidence before the Blacks took power in South Africa. Some of those White researchers are believed to be living in the U.S. and other countries.
    Was the research destroyed? Are there hidden Labs in some other country? Time always reveals the truth.

    James Vaughan

  • the L word - 11 years ago

    I don't believe HIV/AIDS was created to destroy blacks, but it has been allowed to run rampant for a number of reasons, of which racism is of course one.
    However, part of the problem is that (statistically) fewer black men than white ones use condoms, which are the first line of protection against HIV/AIDS and other STDs.
    Whether this is an economic or psychological issue may be open to debate, but it does account for the high percentage of heterosexual non-drug-using black women infected with the virus.
    Also statistically, minority populations get less and less comprehensive medical care than
    middle-class whites. This is partly because more doctors practice where they can be well paid, but also because the black community has, for reasons like the Tuskegee experiment, good reasons not to trust the medical establishment, which leads to later diagnosis and treatment at the very least. And the cost of treatment is also a factor -- while it can be covered under various programs, the paperwork is often a major roadblock.
    I don't think I've covered anything like all the issues here, but these are a few with which I'm familiar and which I know have a significant impact.

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