Will the Oilers make the playoffs in 2012-13?

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  • DAG - 8 years ago

    A Bigger Power forward is needed who can play Top Six****
    Another Veteran Dman to help out in the backend****
    If they bring the DISASTER Khabby BOOOOOOOOOOO***lin back........
    Then don't Even think about the PLAYOFFS****
    He Won ONE game out of the last Eighteen******ONE*******
    This is a VERY KNOWLEDGEABLE Canadian Hockey City*****
    This isn't Kentucky where you bring a Bum in and play out his Over-PAID Contract
    ONE WIN Really .......and he would even dare come back******
    Its Gulag time.....Trade him or Eat the Contract......even as a back-up****
    What KIND of Message does that Send to the Rest of the TEAM ??????
    Do you want that Russian to tutor our NEW Russian Superstar ?????
    Bury HIM DEEP.....Somewhere*******
    We ALL know what Amazing Goaltending means ??? Look at LA*****
    and We ALL know what a BACK BREAKER Weak Weak Weak Goaltending is*******
    U Cant give away WINS in this league and talk PLAYOFFS !!!!!!!!
    Bye Bye BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lin X Wall !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • armand - 8 years ago

    they may be better than last year but many of the other teams have also improved more than the Oilers Minnesota and Dallas to name two.
    Package up some young talent and get a shut down defenceman. Hordichuk,Belanger and Smyth won't contribute much.

  • Robert Inkpen - 8 years ago

    They are better and i have a lot of respect for Krueger.The skilled forwards are still small and largely inexperienced however you can't have a weak defense and weak goaltending together and of course there will be injuries to contend with especially on defense.They need a stronger and deep defense core to contend with injuries while Dubnyk continues to mature and gets a proven backup. Belanger has to be much better too.

  • Bill - 8 years ago

    On paper yes, the Oilers look like they should make the playoffs, but realistically it's unlikely as Nueg, Taylor Hall and Ales Hemsky all have previous shoulder injuries from last season, maybe healed, maybe not. In any
    case, I doubt they will all stay
    healthy through the season.

  • Oilanderp - 8 years ago

    Will they make the playoffs?

    Get a grip on reality folks. Apparently over 50% of the people who took this poll are loaded drunk!

  • Harvey - 8 years ago

    I think they will, especially if it a shortened season because of the CBA. I'm a little tired of people ripping on the management for awhile now. Things are trending up and have a wait and see. Krueger is interesting and can't wait too see how the players respond to him. The vets also must respond!!

  • Dan - 8 years ago

    There is no 2012-2013 season so why are asking a despondent question such as this ?
    The C.B.A. is done. The owners and the NHLPA are dead-locked.
    And the union of Players have enough coin to subsidize the players income for the year @ 48% of league average. It looks like curling is in this year ! or maybe Basketball.

  • mike - 8 years ago

    They will need a total different coaching team and possibly they should start at the top Management , they will not make it with the likes of Kevin,Mac-T,Tambalienie..I really think that they are going to need coaches NOT baby sitters..... hope them luck I love the team ..We need is another Glen Sather!!!

  • Sandy - 8 years ago

    The team overall is to small and prone to injuries which causes their play to falter as the season continues.

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