Do you think Kristen wanted to get caught cheating?

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  • alexandra - 7 years ago

    Look its as simple as this. Everybody makes a mistake. Its only to be given a second chance. She wanted excitement and she got it. Obviously she has learnt her lessons. They should spend time apart to think about it. Ofcourse they still love each other. Love is what matters. Beyond all substances they should get back together and kristen better appreciate him more. Look kristen get over the fact that you think you dont deserve all your suucess, your unique and thats' what matters

  • Becca - 7 years ago

    Of course Kristen wanted to get caught cheating..she wanted excitement..well she got it!! I believe she thought she could get Rob back..AS IF he would take her back..she was totally OUT OF HER MIND!!! She was so caught up in herself..she didn't even think about ROBS FEELINGS & how he might feel..she just thought about her feelings & needs..she DEVASTATED ROB & HER FANS!!! Maybe NEXT TIME Kristen you should think of others..not just yourself..only NEXT won't be ROB..he is THREW WITH YOU!!! Thank goodness & good riddens KRISTEN!!!

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