The New Nautilus: Good or Bad?

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Poll posted 7 years ago.


  • Kevin Cao - 6 years ago

    They shall at least give us 'split screen' back.

    Old way to get two folders opened side by side:
    1. Launch Nautilus (pops up fullscreen)
    2. Press F3

    New way using two windows (as advised by the almighty gnome devs)
    1. Launch Nautilus
    2. Press Ctrl+N
    3. oh no, the second window popped fullscreen too... let's move it.
    4. oh no, the windows title bar is gone too... let's use the Alt key to move the window (very intuitive innit)
    5. Press Alt (keep pressed)
    6. click Nautilus window 1
    7. move window to the right side of your screen so it gets half-maximized
    8. 9. and 10. repeat 5/6/7 for Nautilus window 2 on the left side of your screen.
    11. actually not completely done: now you have to pretend the second window's side panel in the middle of the screen serves a purpose, or hide it with F9 key.

    Not even speaking about how I miss typeahead, network bookmarks...
    Really this release is an amazingly brilliant progress in software design.

    Oh and, last joke... Try that one on a touchscreen : move Nautilus's window. Pretty cool eh?

  • Danny - 6 years ago

    Sorry for the previous comment. Please restore tree view. I am a programmer and this is really necessary

  • Danny - 6 years ago

    Por favor restaurar la vista arbol. Yo soy un programador y esto es realmente necario

  • Samuel - 7 years ago

    Why remove dual panel? It's like one of the most basic features of a good file manager.

  • peace - 7 years ago

    A few months ago after an update i thought "where the fk is the 'parent-folder'-Button?"
    Then google told me i could use "backspace". Alright, the developers wanted fewer gui-buttons and i can still use the functionality by keyboard - thats ok for me.

    And now they want to remove the backspace-functionality? WTF?

    They put years in developing a nice file manager and now they throw all functionality away? Its like removing windows, doors and power-lines step by step after building a nice house.

  • Redneck - 7 years ago

    Removing the status bar was a terrible idea

  • Michael Steenbeek - 7 years ago

    It's definitely heading in the wrong way. I use F3, the menu bar and the backspace button very often. No doubt anyone complaining about this at Gnome will be told that they don't understand Gnome's 'visionary' ideas. Or be told that 'Gnome 3 isn't designed for people who use F3/the menu bar/the backspace key.' Gnome seems to be rapidly turning into a system only designed for its developers, not ordinary people. Luckily, we have MATE (and Xfce, and KDE, and...).

  • neodirtchief - 7 years ago

    Way too many people are sleeping at the wheel with earplugs in. Unity, Gnome 3, and now Nautilus. Not all change is good. Say goodbye to the desktop :(
    Just think, we can tell the next generation that we remember when computers were fun.

  • Dom Laguna - 7 years ago

    I use F3 split-screen all the time, many times a day. Couldn't work without it. So, unless there's some way to add that feature back in, I'll have to drop Nautilus and move to some other file manager.

    Pity, 'cos it's a good, unobtrusive tool and generally gets the job done.

    But there's lots of choice out there, so I'm not too worried. I'll find some other FM that's okay.


  • gunwald - 7 years ago

    Rise and Fall of the Gome-Desktop! Unfortunately in nowadays we see the fall. A file browser without a tree-view is ridiculous. It's

  • Toti LaRemi - 7 years ago

    Hmm, actually, the article is really not clear about these changes. How to vote?
    I would have to jhbuild this to see myself, because article does not make clear.

    A commit without context? We can't understand anything this way. Some features are just moved.

    The real issue : if "bookmarks" are to be found on side panel only, and three view removed, that breaks the workflow for a lot of people.

  • brx - 7 years ago

    Where's the LET-PEOPLE-CHOOSE spirit? Completely gone! Don't remove feature, keep in disabled by default, maybe. Linux is not only for noobs but for Power users too. Power users need to fit the tools for their needs.

  • 14quartz - 7 years ago

    I love split screen & it should not be removed.

  • bioShark - 7 years ago

    Dual Pane is a MUST!

    I haven't even checked the other features to be removed.

  • Paul - 7 years ago

    Dual pane is a necessity

  • don korte - 7 years ago

    wrong way. touch-enabling is a good thing, but maybe better in a different product, focused on touchscreen devices. those of us who continue to use, and need, a useful file manager on a desktop still need the features that have served us well for so long

  • Sergey - 7 years ago

    split screen, typeahead, bookmarks... i use them every day, what do they think about? fight for simplicity? or just "i dont want to maintain this stuff"? its time to look for a new file manager i guess

  • jeroen - 7 years ago

    I want the 2 disk pane back and the batch rename and double file finder that geeky has.

  • Paul d'Aoust - 7 years ago

    I wanted to vote for both 'yea' and 'nay' -- I think it's headed in the right direction in some respects, but -- removing tree view?! Are they insane? What users are they testing this thing on? Time to start looking at the other contenders -- I wonder if Thunar has treeview.

  • C├ędric - 7 years ago

    Wrong wrong way
    Split screen dead, too bad for a recent feature and so usefull
    No bookmarks for network directories anymore
    Before I was happy with Nautilus, no I feel like using XFCE file manager will be more usefull

  • Chris Darko - 7 years ago

    Well, I would have dropped it for dolphin even if they only removed dual pane, but the removal of basic functionality like the compact view, which is even in the abomination that is finder, is absolutely ridiculous.
    I hope canonical change the default browser, either with their own, or a fork of dolphin without the heavy KDE dependencies.

  • JohnP - 7 years ago

    Honestly, I haven't used Nautilus in years.

    I want information, not pretty pictures.

    I want to connect to different machines automatically using NFS, sftp, CIFS, or ... cough ... FTP, in that order. The file view should be completely seemless to me regardless of connection type. Settings in ~/.ssh/config should be honored automatically ... ports, userids, servers. Others might have a preferred different order, so controlling that ourselves is important.

    I want to pin certain locations in the left pane - let me rename them in the pane (local alias) without changing the name on the file system, but renaming on the file system should be allowed too. I'd like to have a heirarchy there too. The non-folder views are confusing to me.

    I should be able to specify which servers are located/found to limit the list on large networks with hundreds of workstations. Regex matching on hostname would be nice with include and exclude patterns.

    I don't give a crap about pre-views of docs, small icons, large icons. Give me list and detailed views and let me easily control the font size.

    Easy access to setting file permissions, groups would be nice too. Not so much for 1 file at a time, but for a list of files AND/OR complete subdirectories. Controlling directorys and file permissions separately in the same way (chosen and/or recursive) would be nice.

  • Dex Frost - 7 years ago

    I think the gnome designers look too much towards Apple for design inspiration now. Where is their sense of originality?

  • c704710 - 7 years ago

    Wrong way; too many wrong features have been added.

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