Which candidate do you favor to face Tim Walz for Minnesota's 1st District Congressional seat?


  • Not a Parry Supporter - 10 years ago

    Neither of these two clowns are fit to represent Minnesota.

  • John - 10 years ago

    Allen Quist is going all the way to Washington! He possess the leadership qualities and intellect to get the job done right.

  • Dave - 10 years ago

    Chad, your wife is excited to cast a vote for a man who believes women are naturally predisposed to men genetically? Ha, Good One! I'm voting for Parry because he can beat Tim Walz by putting a veteran against a veteran ask Demmer how that worked for him.

  • Andy - 10 years ago

    Loved the story of Quist going undercover at the adult bookstore. Let's hope he got to the 'bottom' of the problem!

  • Lars E. - 10 years ago

    Quist's views on women and gays are pretty goofy. I'm voting for Parry because I think he can beat Walz.

  • Jake O. - 10 years ago

    Allen Quist the only candidate that has a plan for the financial disaster our country is headed towards.

  • Chad - 10 years ago

    My wife and I are excited to cast our votes for Allen Quist in the primary!

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