Is the comparison between President Barack Obama and James Holmes Fair?

  • Morgan Lefay - 9 years ago

    1. No one said anything about race. Not in the article, not on the actual billboard. That makes you a racists, or a race-baiter.

    2. Many, MANY people compared president Bush with Hitler. Were those of you upset about this billboard upset about that comparison to the most murderous person in human history? I doubt it. In fact, I would bet my life's savings you weren't.

  • Rosel Ettress - 9 years ago

    What kind of people live here in America were you would think it is ok to compare the President Of The United States to a killer and for you not to think about all the people that this person killed and hurt this is a very sad place were we live that is just to wrong to any say I just hope that one day we all will be able to live together with out all things ending up about the color of someones skin

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