Has NBC done a good job covering the Olympics?

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  • Sally smith - 9 years ago

    NBC sucks....their ratings were only high because we had NO CHOICE but to tune in and watch how the events unfolded. It's not like we could view them on other channels like ABC, CBS. Now that the Olympics are over, I and a lot of other people I know will never watch a show on NBC ever again!

  • Alan - 9 years ago

    The evening highlight show is fine. However, the events of major interest should also be shown live.

    The online versions quit regularly and I often missed parts or all of events in which I was interested.

  • mark - 9 years ago

    what is this russia? our television station tells us what to watch and when to watch? there is so much hype and contrived mellow drama by nbc. let the games happen and the stories naturally unfold.

  • Noah - 9 years ago

    Those who answered that this isn't a big deal either are not interested in the Olympics or have access to all the necessary equipment and have all the necessary subscriptions to watch the streams or the delayed prime time coverage or both. For those of us who can only afford less expensive internet services (as opposed to cable subscriptions) and who love the olympics, this is a big deal. We're stuck going to bars and watching horribly cheesy, frenetically commercialized coverage of sex-appeal sports (beach volleyball? c'mon) and main events, the results of which everyone knows already because they're announced everywhere, including on NBC's own website and nightly news program. I wish the folks who don't care or who think the coverage is good would understand that and join us in the #fail movement. It's not just a complaint, after all. It's a plea, too! NBC! MAKE YOUR STREAMS AVAILABLE TO EVERYONE FOR FREE! WE'LL APPRECIATE IT AND YOU WILL WIN VIEWERS. IT'S THE RIGHT THING TO DO! IT'S WHAT THE OLYMPIC MOVEMENT IS ALL ABOUT AND IT'S THE AMERICAN WAY!

  • Chris - 9 years ago

    This is arguably the biggest and most anticipated sporting event of the year. For us to not be able to watch it alive on our own digital cable TV networks...our hundreds and hundreds of digital cable channels that we are offered...it is ridiculous. I have been trying to watch it online on NBC's Olympic site, however there are constant issues with their site that many people have been having when the commercial break times come.
    There is absolutely no excuse why we should not be able to watch the athletes who are the pride of our country compete LIVE, and not have to worry about having the results spoiled.

  • Terry - 9 years ago

    The timing is one thing, but NBC's selection of what to show or mention is rather heavily biased towards our own athletes, except maybe for those who seem to be tripping us up for medals. Also, would it be possible to have less repeats of an already known item, for instance, Phelps's failings and have more of how athletes train? Even of how other countries train their athletes? After all, this is an international event.

  • Tina - 9 years ago

    It should be live. That's why the DVR was invented.

  • Ravi - 9 years ago

    A sporting event is always meant to be watched live. The excitement, thrill and anticipation can be only be felt and experienced when the event is live. Once the results are known there is absolutely no point in watching the entire event. A highlights package would be sufficient. In today's information age it is ridiculous to show Olympics with delayed coverage. Also, I want to watch the event. I don't need to know the personal life issues of each athlete. I am sure every athlete has undergone personal sacrifices to get to the Olympics. Just show us the event..LIVE. NBC coverage sucks.

  • Jeanette - 9 years ago

    Not only do I want to watch the events live. ... I don't want to listen to Costas and Seacrest when it is on TV. I want to watch the Olympics.

  • Ron Long - 9 years ago

    Too many performance enhancement drugs used by the athletes. Now, if they performed the Olympics like they did thousands of years ago, and that is..........Naked...., I just might take a gander.

  • Alex - 9 years ago

    Some of us work all day and don't have all the extra time to stop working and watch sports. Its a timezone issue and won't be as much of a problem in 2016 when the event is in Rio. A lot of it is live on TV, just not on NBC, it might be MSNBC or NBCSports or USA. Stream it from the internet and hook a laptop to your TV through HDMI. Boom! Live on TV.

  • Terry - 9 years ago

    What's up here. The NCAA basketball tournament is broadcast live from noon to midnight. The British Open is on live at 6 am. The Masters is on at 10 am in the morning. Why not the Olympics? It's all about the money and prime time.

  • angie - 9 years ago

    I look on my iGoogle page to find out who won what event before I watch it. Its great to know but I would rather be surprised when watching a LIVE event. Showing the Olympics on a delay is cheating your audience of the joy, excitement, or agony of defeat the athletes feels right at the moments they feel it. Why bother watching if you already know the results. It defeats the purpose of telecasting it.

  • M. Young - 9 years ago

    Americans have accepted this type of delayed coverage for ever. In Canada, we have perfected the correct way to watch the Olympics - as they happen - every day. Obviously, anyone watching online is doing so through Canadian coverage and that speaks for itself. It allows us to watch every Olympian try their best - not just Canadians and not just Americans - everyone. What a unique concept!

  • Silverstreak84 - 9 years ago

    I like being able to check out the results or event live online - and watching the tape delay at night/primetime allows me to see the best of both. Knowing the results ahead does not ruin it for me.

  • Diane - 9 years ago

    Would there really be anything wrong with showing things live as they happen and then doing a prime time "highlights" show? Because what's even worse than being spoiled and then watching things on tape delay, THEN they try to build tension by showing you half a competition and saving the rest until the end of the broadcast. ARGH!

  • Chris - 9 years ago

    Saw this on twitter:

    Dear NBC,
    People will watch live sporting events on a weekend afternoon.
    The NFL

  • Austin - 9 years ago

    I wish the coverage was actually live, instead of airing the next day. It takes the wind out of it for me.

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