What is the Best Country for Adventure Travel?


  • Capt. Richard Barone - 10 years ago

    Truly a matter of perspective, however still interesting. I live in Costa Rica where you could say daily living is an adventure.

  • Brad - 11 years ago

    No Nepal? These are fairly mainstream 'adventure' destinations.

  • Judy - 11 years ago

    Great question! I love thinking about adventuring around the world! When I think of "best adventure travel" I think about remoteness and diverse environments. How far can I get from civilization and how many climates and types of terrain can I find in one country?

    Because of that, I chose Peru - desert, jungle, the Andes, magnificent lakes at great elevations and a spectacular coastline. Also, the diverse and gorgeous cultures, foods and people you meet along the way add to that adventure. But all are great choices. The only way to really know is to try each one out! : )

    Some other places that seem prime to me for adventure travel: Mongolia, India, Nepal and Tibet.

    Thanks so much for the fun post!

  • campfireshadows - 11 years ago

    I chose the USA not out of patriotism but because the USA has one uniqueness that can be explored for a lifetime, written about for generations and touched with your hands. The land of the Western Cowboy and the Lands they rode!

  • Laura - 11 years ago

    Hi ....great question! I was in Switzerland, USA, Costa Rica, South Africa...USA has so much to offer... but can I suggest to add Namibia at your list? That was really Adventure.

  • Raye Rieder - 11 years ago

    There are so many "walks", canals to boat, ruins, gardens, history to absorb....England/Scotland/Ireland would hold all for me...and does!

  • Transitionscoachingcayman - 11 years ago

    Come and scuba dive in the Cayman Islands...

  • colleen - 11 years ago

    I don't know the answer either. So I look forward to your poll.

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