Which Salvatore brother should Elena be with in season four?

  • Stefan

  • Damon

  • neither

  • both


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  • gina - 7 years ago

    I agree w a the people Who is say Stefan and Elena
    they are so much c.Uter 2gether just lWth Damon b a fling so there's game twist but let Elena go back to Stefan
    I Wld stop watching vampire diaries also If the writers dnt have them 2 get back 2gether!!

  • Ana - 7 years ago


  • Kim - 7 years ago

    Stefan is dependable, reliable but oh so boring! Elena herself said she wants a love that CONSUMES her and she said Damon consumes her. Damon is awesome and you can clearly see the real life chemistry between Elena and Damon in every seen!! Bye Stefan. Hook him up with his wife and let Damon and Elena unite!

  • brittany - 7 years ago

    I love Damon and Elena it would make me so happy see them together final.

    Sidenote- I really want to see Ian play Christian Grey!!!!

  • Louisa - 7 years ago

    Stefan and Elena should be together. If there not gonna be together me and my friends are going to be soo freaking pissed. I'll seriously stop watching the show if they don't end up together

  • Alex - 7 years ago

    Stefan and Elena should be together.

  • Lauren - 7 years ago

    Elena should choose Stefan again.That's the way it should be!Damon is like a breeze that blew through your window.And yet,Elena must follow her desired heart not brain.She did meet Damon first but she didn't fall in love with him.She fell in love with Stefan instantly when she saw him for the first time!Stefan's love is pure and he would die for her anytime,not selfish!
    The writer should bring Stefan and Elena back 100% and Damon and Katherine are so much alike.Well,let Damon and Kat be together!If the writer doesn't bring Stefan and Elena back together,many viewers and fans will go away from the series including me!
    Please,be stefan and elena together!

  • sandara - 7 years ago

    I believe Stefan and Elene should be together. for the right reasons Elena still ends up with Stefan. If Elena was totaslly over Stefan she would have never went back to Stefan on season 3 epsiode 22 the departed. when it comes down to it and you give elene a choice she said "i love stefan, he came in the right time when i needing love and save me from the car accident" then for damon she said," im on my way to mystic falls, i love stefan but i care about you, its the same reason i have to let you go." elene went after stefan when stefan was with klaus when damon was the storage unit fighting clark, did she even try to go where damon was? no. I believe the writer should bring stefan and elena back together for good but make it where damon is still trying to fight for elena or better yet kathrina and damon should reunite. i will be pretty pissed if the writer brakes elena and stefan up i think it will turn many viewers away.

  • eliphaz dmv - 8 years ago

    for life (no homo)

  • eliphaz dmv - 8 years ago

    i think stefan besides he's the reason she's breathing remember wickery bridge both times he saved her ,simply showing he cared for her in da first place way before she knew him
    and so my favourite charecters body is gone for good ??(hope not )

  • eliphaz dmv - 8 years ago

    anyone except for damon ,the damon in season 1ne reminds me of myself ,and lets face it we all loved the "fuck wat you think "damon ,(pardon the expression .)

  • sasha - 8 years ago

    stephan cause everyone says that elena met demon first but no elena fall in love with stephan first iam with stelena team!!!!!

  • charlieeeeeee! - 8 years ago

    sefan doesnt deserve elena anymore, fair enough they are perfect for each other but damon has actually done everything for elena while stefan has sat back and enjoyed himselves.. The series is based on the book and elena is always with stefan in the book so it will blatently be stefan she stays with.. she does have a little thing for damon too though ;) i actually love vampire diares so much! tbh I used to hate damon and just want him to leave but now he should be with elena, the series are portrayed so differently than the books.. speaking of the books i must carry on with reading mine! does anyone know what series 4 is on in the uk.. let me know if you dooo! thankyou :D

  • olivia - 8 years ago

    Damon and Elena make a great couple to me. Damon is always risking his life for her anyway, he never really gets anything back in return. Yes of course she loves both of them but from the begining I didn't think that Stefan and Elena were a good couple, then Damon came into the picture and I thought that they were perfect for each other.

  • steven - 8 years ago

    stefan, because no one can fill his abscence for elena and they are made for eachother

  • delores - 8 years ago

    elena shd b wit damon because damon have always bin by her side al the way frm season 1,even wen he wasnt datin her,he was der 4her and besides,damon makes her strong,he doesnt pet her ,he makes her see things the way they are,unlike stefan who pampers her,also damon is real,he may not be perfect but he is real and deep inside him,he has a very kind haert,as a matter of fact he mite even be weaker dan stefan,so i vote for delena

  • Yola89 - 8 years ago

    I thought at the beginning, that Damon is the one for her. I was so wrong, Stefan must defnitley be the one. Yes she met Damon first, but he compeled her to forget... If you care about someone and tell them you love them, then you don't do something like that. Stefan was always there for her, he truely loves Elena by heart. It should be Stelena 100%, they colmplete each other. Damon only confuse Elena, make her dought in what she really feels.

    She s going to remember that she met Damon first, but she must follow her heart, not her mind.
    I have to wait till next year, before I can watch this season, because I'am from South Africa.

  • Ashley.k - 8 years ago

    Stefan!because they fell in love first

  • Ashley - 8 years ago

    Damon, of course.

  • Daiuane - 8 years ago

    Stefan has to be because it is perfect even when it's in your dark side.

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