Do you find Limbaugh's "authentic" Black comment to be out of line?

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Posted 7 years.


  • edd-kooky - 7 years ago

    what rush means..if i'm not 'down 4 the struggle'[civil rts movement] i'm not black enuf..& i agree,any1 who calls all republicans,conservatives 'racist' is just as guilty..i luv his show, i luv his humour..u can have maher..he's despicabl

  • Phil Dimon - 7 years ago

    Rush and his ilk needs to just go away. He's not only out of touch. He's boring, stupid, obnoxious and repugnant. The only thing he is good for is as a symbol of hippocracy, self centeredness, slothfulness, slovenlyness, out of control dependencies and just plain evil. He reminds me of Jabba the Hut from the Star Wars Trilogy: The prime example of evil and self degradation.

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