Chick-Fil-A restaurants are at the center of controversy over the company's opposition to gay marriage. What's your view?

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  • john - 7 years ago

  • Howard Lee - 7 years ago

    Just more examples of the leftist hypocrisy. Leftiost Democrats and their media propaganda servants belive in diversity as long as it's agrreable to them. Bi-partisanship is always when conservatives work with the leftist traitors.

  • Sem - 7 years ago

    I ate there today to celebrate American Free Enterprise - I am heterosexual and I prefer marriage to women so much that I have done it 4 times.

    I could care less who you marry.

  • Jeff - 7 years ago

    On 11/6/12, Eat More Chicken!

  • Larry - 7 years ago

    The Christian persident of CFA does not discrimminate against customers. The dick breaths do discrimminate against him. The masses oppose the totalitarian perverts.

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