In light of the recent debate surrounding Douglas' hair, do you think that we as a society are in desperate need of a values check?


  • GT - 12 years ago

    When I think about all the different types of hair styles Black people wear and the crazy looking styles white women wear, a woman should take pride in her hair but, if Gabrielle does not know how to work with her hair and, it's not a priority for her, big deal. I believe Gabrielle’s hair should look nice but, in light of the crazy styles that females wear including the Stars and, no one's making a big deal out of their Hair then, I believe the public should just "GET OVER IT" and move on.

  • Dorothy - 12 years ago

    I congratulate Gabrielle for putting African Americans back in the Olympic gymnastic vineyard!

    Her hair didn't help her learn the different apparatus, it was her brain and God given
    gifts that God gave her. Why worry about her hair, it was no problem!

    It's a difficult sport, I know this because my daughter competed with Dominic and the
    injuries and stares that you get because you are African American is hard enough but if
    you have the will and the God given talent you don't worry about what others may say about you.

    We are very proud of Gabby! The first African American to win the Olympic Gold medal
    All-Around and being from my state of Virginia.

    Congratulations to Gabby's mother, for I know what the sacrifices she made for her daughter.
    You are truly a great mom!

    Keep up the good works and may the Lord continue to hold you and your family in his arms.

    Deaconess Dorothy

  • Drew (again) - 12 years ago

    P.S. Congrats, Gabby. Yo're only 16 years old and you've become a role- model for gymnasts everywhere, and also to any aspiring young athletes. And if you ever have qualms about your hair, well, imagine having to wear a wig 24/ 7. It helps me (who has wild red curls). And what you do is all that matters. And enjoying what you do.

  • Drew - 12 years ago

    Gabby Douglas is a hard working athlete. After sweating for hours, stressing out about the final preformance, preforming, watching your competitors, stressing some more,and then winning a Gold Medal, don't think anyone would be concerned what their hair looked like. Even if Gabby did have a bad hair day, so what, everyone has. And I betcha yours didn't come with a Gold Medal. I like Gabby's hair. It represents everything about her. She doesn't dye it, or primp it any more then most people. It means that she likes her hair, and that's all that should matter. And all you stinkers out there, worry about your own hair instead of someone elses.

  • B. Childs - 12 years ago

    Gabby, Thanks so much for your wonderful performances in the gymnastic arena. I am so proud of your accomplishments. You are a intelligent,well poised young lady and the sky is the limit for you... keep up the good work. God bless you.

  • Judy Carr - 12 years ago

    People, please explain to me, an ignorant white woman, what was wrong with her hair? Black people's hair is not white people's hair or asian hair. Why should it be? I don't understand why this hatred of the hair that protects the top of your head like every other human being's does is the object of such hatred or ridicule or whatever. Weaves and wigs and all the straightening and chemicals-it's not fooling anybody-you and everyone else knows that underneath it all is regular African hair God gave you. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH IT!!! No, it isn't the same as hair from India or Britain or China. It doesn't hang in your eyes or generally grow long enough to get gum stuck in it or flow in the breeze or whatever you think is so great about other people's hair. OTHER PEOPLE'S HAIR ISN'T THE SAME AS YOURS IS, EITHER! WHY DON'T YOU EVER SEE THINGS THAT WAY? Nobody has inferior/superior hair. Sheesh! It saddens me to realize that there apparently are way too many of you who really must walk around all day and think that by dint of your hair, you are somehow not as good or as pretty or whatever self hate is going on. There must not be another group of people on the face of the earth who would not have been beaming with pride and joy at that young lady's accomplishment (I know I was) and people are giving her the business about her hair? Please, STOP! What an adorable, talented, hard working young lady she is. Gabby worked so hard to get that gold-you can't put a fake wig or weave on that, can you? Those things don't fool anyone anyway-there isn't a soul who doesn't know that it's not your actual hair. I've seen black women fight, and the first thing they do is go to pull of the wig or pull out the weave, as if they are exposing the shame of the other woman's real hair secret or some such nonsense. Gabby is a real, talented, athlete who trained and sweated and worked so hard to get that Gold Medal. I pray that it is only jealousy at her accomplishments and not really her hair that drove those comments. Be proud of Gabby-she's represented herself and did all of her country proud. Don't ruin her moment of joy with such stupidity. don't ruin your lives thinking that other people are better than you because of their hair. Their hair! Insanity! God Bless ya, Gabby! Thank you for an amazing effort and result! Ignore the ignorant comments-you'll never make everyone happy in this stupid world even if you cured cancer, diabetes, world hunger, and obedity. There would still be idiots trying to take away your moment in the sun. You earned it-enjoy it, bask in it, revel in it-this is what you worked so hard for. Sorry for the morons-can't fix stupid.

  • Roxanne - 12 years ago

    For those of you who criticized Gabrielle Douglas' hair: You are pathetic! Her accomplishments as an individual--as an Olympian contender--now gold medalist completely out-weighs spending lots of time on her hair.

    Furthermore, Gabby looks completely presentable for any occasion. Again, you who criticized her are nothing more than stupid, and yes completely PATHETIC...So shut up moron/s!

  • Helen - 12 years ago

    First and foremost I congratulate this young lady for her focus, talent, committment, intellegence and for having such a positive attitude. For those making ignorant statements I hope you have done what you can to improve your life and that of others. Congratulations to her mom for knowing what to focus on.

  • Henrietta - 12 years ago

    I have no words to describe the anger at the comments made about the young girls' hair. You should all be ashamed of yourselves!! When she was concentrating on taking that medal to the US, her hair was the last thing on her mind. You should be proud of what she accomplished, not what she looked like, you shallow lot!! Gabby, nearly the whole world is proud of you......from a very upset Black South African in Cape Town, South Africa

  • G. Holmes a Court - 12 years ago

    It is sad that we as a people have lived in this country for over 400 years and we still have the slave mentality of someone from the year 1618. Wake up black people!!!

    When our people send insults at Gabby Douglas or anyone else that doesn't fit a white stereo type, we are insulting OURSELVES. It proves that we are still full of self hate, ignorance, anger, and we should be pitied.

  • D. B. - 12 years ago

    Let's be real about Question and/or comment these people tweeted regarding Gabby's Hair. Who make such comments about a young lady's Hair it would be a person who is clueless about the accomplishments she just made. Gabby Douglas who just became the 1st African American Woman to Win a Gold Medal in All Around Gymnastics is a hard-working 16 year old Athlete. And if you know the hours put into sports your not at that time worrying about your Hair People!!! Shame on the foolishness of Folk who don't have anything better to do my Talk bad about people. Be proud of her. She made me proud as a Woman. The Ladies are Rocking at the Olympics!!! If you have low self esteem then I perceive a person to make a inconsiderate comment about Hair v Being a Proud African American or anyone from the United States of America - Get it together people materialistic Folk Shame on You !!
    Gabby You are The Best and we in Texas Love You

  • julie - 12 years ago

    shame on all the narrow minded ppl. A young girl that deserves nothing but praises has to be subjected to such negative non-sensical criticsm!

  • G. Rouse - 12 years ago

    As an athelete in the past your hair is the last thing you think of in a sporting event. Your performance, attitude and achievements are priority. We have plenty of time after the game/event to fix ourselves up for the camera. I would rather perform well and win, than look like a queen and lose. I am sure Miss Gabby will have plenty time to display her beauty as well as her gold. What looked bad was when her fellow competitor displayed the very bad attitude towards her coach after she messed up in her performance. But I guess that was ok her hair was perfect!

  • Anai - 12 years ago

    It's a given fact that wen u go to work u don't care about ur hair. Unless u sit behind a desk all day putting on makeup. Wen ur going thru something that involves blood sweat and tears u put ur hair up and do the dam thing. She gave up a lot growing up and it showed thru her beautiful performance. She did the USA proud. So if that's all u all have to go off on this lady is her hair than I say go get a hobby. Cuz ur negativity is not welcome at all. Cuz as u c Gabby is the winner no matter how she looks. And u all talking makes u look dumb as hell. CONGRATULATE DON'T HATE.

  • Anai - 12 years ago

    It's a given fact that wen u go to work u don't care about ur hair. Unless u sit behind a desk all day putting on makeup. Wen ur going thru something that involves blood sweat and tears u put ur hair up and do the dam thing. She gave up a lot growing up and it showed thru her beautiful performance. She did the USA proud. So if that's all u all have to go off on this lady is her hair than I say go get a hobby. Cuz ur negativity is not welcome at all. Cuz as u c Gabby is the winner no matter how she looks. And u all talking makes u look dumb as hell. CONGRATULATE DON'T HATE.

  • Nicole greer - 12 years ago

    I am so sick of black people putting each other down. What this girl did is remarkable and all you can do is focus on her hair! You people are sick and you need a life. Stop passing judgement on her and how do you know she looks like that all the time the people who are saying mean things about her is probably some high school drop outs who is doing absolutely NOTHING with their life!!!!!!! Grow up people and stop hating

  • Marjorie - 12 years ago

    I think the criticism of Gaby's hair has nothing to do with not appreciating her amazing accomplishments. It stems from wanting to have her and those close to her realize that she does not need to chemically transform her God given hair into an unnatural mass of gel and extensions. All hair is beautiful when properly cared for. It is about time Black women stop doing damage to their hair and scalp; abandon chemical straightening, extensions etc. Take pride on their natural beauty and discard the slave mentality of emulating European and Asian hair. Gaby is a singular beauty and will be more so sporting her natural hair.

  • Man - 12 years ago

    The haters who hate Gabby's hair are probably the same one's who hate our First Lady's hair and their hair consists of a couple of weaves planted on the very tops of their pointy heads with too much face showing. If their weaves are real hair, they probably are made from some that was swept off a beauty salon's floor or off the floor of a barber shop.

  • Chynna - 12 years ago

    Congrads Gabby, we as AMERICANS are very proud of you.

    For the people who spoke badly of Gabby's Hair, my question to you is what are you doing with your life?! Are you making your country or anyone else in your live PROUD of you!!!!!!!

  • Preacher's Kid - 12 years ago

    Wow! This is a 16 yr old girl you are chastising. You are so ignorant you probably have no idea what chastising means. It means to criticize severely. Again she is a child. With this type of virtual bullying, I see why our children are committing suicide at alarming rates. Bullying of a CHILD in any form is disturbing. Grow up already! All I can do is shake my head. God cannot be pleased with this type of behavior. Social media has made it easy to be mean & unloving. Gabby please don't listen to the words of the few but listen to those that promote love. I'm glad you represented USA and not those haters. I'm proud of you. You are the epitome of a champion. I can't wait to watch your performance again on my DVR. God bless you & may he have mercy on those who don't understand his love.

  • Veronica - 12 years ago

    First and foremost to God be the glory & God bless you Gabby, congratulations sweetheart. Thank you for using your God given talent in the way He has blessed you to do so, you are awesome and a great inspiration for our youth today. We need more young & positive people like you to inspire our youth & to show them that there's more to life than material things & fast money. I'm proud of you & may the good Lord continue to show you favor in all you do. As for the need deliverance, Holy Ghost deliverance. Jealousy IS NOT cute.

  • Janice Ferebee - 12 years ago

    Congratulations to Gabrielle "Gabby" Douglas for her historic Olympic achievement! That's all that needs to be said. The internet/Social Media has given us license to be "globally disrepectful" and I'M SICK OF IT. If you don't have anything kind to say, don't say anything/keep it to yourself. SHAME ON ALL OF THE FOOLS WHO HAD TO EVEN PUT THEIR THOUGHTS OUT INTO THE UNIVERSE ABOUT MISS DOUGLAS' HAIR. As the first Models Editor of African descent for Seventeen Magazine and a empowerment expert for girls for over 30 years, this lack of sensitivity and disrespect for this young girl is unacceptable and so very hurtful. You need to comb your own head!!!!!!!

  • Nanette - 12 years ago

    Really, really- u try hurling and twisting your body up in the air like she did- Are u really serious! The hell with her hair- She did great!

  • Teresa - 12 years ago

    Every time God's people shine, satan shows up. Gabrielle is truly BLESS
    I tried to understand why those people was making fun, and joking about the child's hair, i wonder how old they are, and what type of great things are happening in their lives? because they sound like unhappy people, and can't be happy for other achievements. I am glad they have been put on front for foolishness.

  • BigBob - 12 years ago

    y'all worried about her hair, she's worried about being the best in the world at something. who is winning at life? not you superficial ass hats

  • Jennifer - 12 years ago

    This brilliant, athletic, gymnast representing the USA is putting in some work. She'll handle the "hair thing" when she's participating in photo ops...LEAVE HER ALONE!!!

  • Tomus - 12 years ago

    I agree with awax, I can't appreciate the flying squirrel description that the media has so readily embraced. I prefer Gabrielle Douglas extraordinary USA gymnastic Queen.

  • Fred - 12 years ago

    When you stEt taking fine to do your own hair instead of waking up like men with this weave shot that last a week at most then you can talk about an athletes that is competing how you keep going out hair when your practicing everyday to be the best at something not trying to look like someone else

  • Dee from Dallas - 12 years ago

    Know who God is. Look pass her physical, she has given God the Glory for her success and knows from which her blessing come.. So she is in a good place. Try to get in a good place and success can follow you in whatever you do. This may keep the pettiness out of your minds. We are proud of you Gabby. You are even more of an inspiration to every little girl of all races. Bless you and Bless God always..

  • carmel street - 12 years ago

    Well, her mom was focussing on what was more important which was to hone her skill so that she can achieve. that is more important than her hair. obviously, Gabi is not interested in her hair. she just loves what she does. maybe she jus couldnt afford it to get all dolled up like some of us, who knows? now that she has achieved this honourable accomplishment, she can do her hair in any style with the money that she is going to make. people need to stop focussing on the way people dress or look. obviously she is not rich and snotty like the others who participate. all these grudgeful and badminded people who are just hating on this very charming girl need to get a life. and for once just be happy for her. Go Gabby I am so happy for you... so very happy on your accomplishment.

  • Marie - 12 years ago

    Congradulations Gabby, Keep being your beautiful natural self, it's taking you places Holla!!!!

  • cedrick dotson - 12 years ago

    So sorry I forgot to congratulate Miss Douglas on her GOLD so Congratulation on your victory .(hard work pays off).

  • cedrick dotson - 12 years ago

    If she had to worry about her hair all the time,do you think she would have time to concentrate on her perfect performance!!!!!!!!!! Hair don't make the woman,the woman makes the hair,and for what she has done believe me it was not the hair that got her there !!!!!!!! So stop with the hair talk

  • Lou - 12 years ago

    Wake up people!! Are your lives really that shallow? Gabby is a winner, no matter what you sick people come up with. Can you or your kids accomplish what she just did? " Life's short" ...Get one!

  • Mogul2000 - 12 years ago

    My African American daughter is in gymnastics and was trained at the Olympic camp outside of Houston this past May. Her hair is exactly the same way and style as Gabby. Its fitting for their sport. By being a parent of a gymnast, i understand fully the time requirements it takes to get Champion status, and hair is the last thing on your mind. However, has anyone noticed the commercial and interviews she has done? Her hair was absolutely stunning. You go Gabby. You are an inspiration to us all. Especially my 10 year old daughter who is in the tops/acc program in Ga. and is following in your footsteps. Continue to be great Gabby.

  • Lou - 12 years ago

    Wake up people!! Are your lives really that shallow? Gabby is a winner, no matter what you sick people come up with. Can you or your kids accomplish what she just did? " Life's short" ...Get one!

  • Shelia Felder - 12 years ago

    I thank God we live in america that means we have FREEDOM. To wear our hair the way we chose. This is that crabs in the barrel syndrum. Now if she would have come out with the classic weave down her back a hump in the top or some waves and glitter in her hair, u all would have somthing to say about that. She would damned if she did or damned if she didnt. so stop it. SWEEP AROUND YOUR OWN FRONT DOOR BEFORE U SWEEP AROUND HERS OR ANYONE ELSE'S. U REALLY SHOULD BE ASHAMED. KID'S TODAY HAVE IT HARD ENOUGH IN LIFE WITHOUT THIS KIND OF BULL. GET A LIFE MORE IMPORTANTLY. TELL THIS YOUG LADY THAT U ARE SORRY FOR BEING SO PETTY AND THEN SEEK GOD FOR FORGIVENESS.

  • Awax - 12 years ago

    I don't understand why all black people that excel physically are always referred to by some sort of animalic descriptive term!!!
    I don't see many white athletes being compared to loins, tigers, or bears...I have never heard Mr Phelps referenced to a sea ray or a great white because he is a really fast swimmer. The media seems to have a need to disprove the ability of the black man or woman. Wake up people, it needs to end.

  • Kasandra - 12 years ago

    Honestly, I've been too busy focusing on her PERFORMANCE to notice her hair!! Beautiful, talented, smart, history-maker, young, and did I mention beautiful, talented and black...these are all adjectives I can use to describe her, but nappy-headed isn't one since I hadn't cared to notice. Get your priorities together people!!

  • Darcelle Pointer - 12 years ago

    First and foremost Congrats to Gabby. At the end of the day her hair is a non issue. She is a very focused young woman. Her hair could be all over the place but that is not what her focus is on. She is making history and that is more than I can say for the haters. If she was bald she would still be brilliant. Get your petty lives in order and maybe you haters could become focused on more than hair. GET A LIFE.

  • Erick - 12 years ago

    Leave the young lady alone. I bet the ones that are taken shot at her don't have anything else to do but sit at home and wait on their boyfriend to bring them some money to go get their Hair and Nails done.,Then out to party every weekend. Gabby you are a pretty,nice, and respectful young lady, don't let what a few say get to you . Enjoy your victory you made us all proud here in The US ofA.

  • Danette - 12 years ago

    REALLY??? People are so shallow that they are worried about somebody's hair??? This goes to show that people PRIORITIES are off!!! That girl was out there working her tail and believe I wouldn't be worried about my hair either (that chick did something they WOULD NEVER DO!!)People need to GROW UP and focus on things that more important....and hair is not it!!!!

  • E.A. Rowe - 12 years ago

    I wonder how many of the hair haters can even do a cartwheel? Sounds like some miserable people to me. Social network isn't working.

  • Wulf - 12 years ago

    Of all the stupid crap in this world that should be focused on. Some young girls hair is not one of them especially if she just won a gold medal for this country. For all the morons out there who are worried about her hair, take pride in the fact that you will NEVER be as good as her. While you cry yourselves to sleep she will be rolling around in piles of cash and gold.

  • Charles McHenry - 12 years ago

    Instead of focusing on having hair in order, folks should be focused on having their lives in order as this young is doing.

  • Sheila - 12 years ago

    This young lady is beautiful and an example to us all. Hair is not an issue of her performance. If you were to do one of the performance and a strand came out of place, you'd probably stop right there. And to think some women don't excerise or break a sweat for fear of a hair strand getting out of place.

    Gabby performed her butt off. I'm quite sure hair was not an issue to her. If she concentrated on looking good, she would not of gotten to the Olympics and won all those medals.

    Gabby I very proud of you too. Hope more African-American athelets get as far and further than you have in any sports.

  • Kev - 12 years ago

    Effin haters!! Goo Gabby.. Do ur thing girl! That's ok, u bout to be well off financially! While u Doin ur back flips n cartwheels strate to the bank ur haters can hate on that too.. I'm proud of you boo.. You made history! TEAM USA!!

  • Tiwana Pierce - 12 years ago

    I just want to simply say GABBY you go sweetheart!!!! From the words of my Wonderful Esteemed Pastor LET YOUR HATERS BE YOUR MOTIVATORS!!!!! YOU ARE ONE OF MANY REASONS WHY BLACK GIRLS ROCK!!!!! XOXOXOXOX YOU ARE FABULOUS>>>> #TEAMGABBYALLDAYEVERYDAY#

  • dave singer - 12 years ago

    i haven't heard any complaints about the woman hurdler that is not only a virgin, but does not shave her under arms . Hey people,it is called personal preference. Get a life and stop being critical of others that are different yet the same. None of your business to start with.

  • Aunti Helen - 12 years ago

    There's nothing wrong with Gabby's hair, most gymnasts' hair is slicked back with lots of clips, so why pick on her. She'd probably look very cute with a little afro, too. Hope to see lots more of her amazing gymnastics skills and talent in the future (regardless of her hair choices)!

  • P Dixon - 12 years ago

    You folks who are talking about her hair are to me very jealous of what he has accomplish in her short years, you wish you were out there getting that attention but ll you can do is put someone else down to make up for your shortcomings and lack of ambition. As black people ( from your comments I can tell your black) we don't stick together and praise our own we put them down . Grow up and stop hating !!!! Gabby you keep on doing what you do best I'm behind you and I know there are more like me that are there also. GO GIRL !!!!!!!!

  • Isis taylor - 12 years ago

    I pray that people will learn to LOVE people....God loves all his children, GoGabby and shake all ur "own" hair!!!!

  • B. Wright - 12 years ago

    Well, well, well, I can't believe people are so stupid and unappreciative for Gabby's accomplishments and contribution to the US winning the gold. The girl is awsome, to say the least! Do you crazies also think she needs to lighten her skin color, or wear braces on her teeth? Just because she is a thoroughbred black girl, and not bi-racial with long black straight hair streaming down her back, you have the notion that her hair is not cool. Listen folks, it is what it is, and besides, God made her the way he wanted her to be and... what a blessing...Those of you who are talking need to stay out of the wig shops making Chinese people rich, because they think you are idiots. Might I suggest you use the money that you spend there for a brain overhaul, because the one you were born with has rusted and isn't working properly. (Go fly a kite, that is if you know how to get it off the ground)...H*E*L*L*O*!!!

  • annette daniel - 12 years ago

    Please do not listen to the stupid rhetoric about your hair, those who commented on it have low nIO's and can't appreciate your accomplishments. Always remenber, you will never please everyone and thos eyou can't doesn't matter.
    Enjoy your success,

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