How long do you hold onto your Android smartphone?

  • Tony - 6 years ago

    over a 1 and a half year period i have had 3 smartphones, However i will only replace them when they break as it is not used very often
    First i had a iphone 3gs [second hand got it for christmas, 3.5 years old] this lasted about 6 months before it died
    Next i had a samsung galaxy s2 it was brand new [$350] but was not the current model, i kept this for 9 months until it broke but i got a refund since it was under warranty
    Next i had a htc desire 300 [$162 brand new rrp $300] witch was paid for by my last one and i am still using it, i plan to keep it for over 2 years hoping for closer to 4 years but i know it was cheap so i am not getting my hopes up and i know by then i will have it rooted on a custom rom to run the latest version of android

  • Eliyahu Kleehammer - 8 years ago

    I have 4 lines on my family plan, and I use all the lines for upgrades. I switch phones about every 6 months if I can help it. Nothing wrong with the phones, just looking for a refresh.

  • Derrick - 8 years ago

    Have had three phones in as many years. All Samsung. GS, GS2 and now GS3. Am likely to have this one for two years as that's the length of my contact (took out a new contract to run alongside my other one purely so that I could get the GS3 but don't think I'll do that again.

  • win - 8 years ago

    I got the ogdroid when it came out. Kept it forever with rooting, roms and overclocking it was awsome. Samething with my next phone Galaxy s overclocked to 1.6ghz. I am going to get an an s3 though.

  • Will - 8 years ago

    I pre-ordered the G1 in 2008. I've since had a Moto Cliq, HTC MyTouch 3G, and now the Droid RAZR. The RAZR is the first phone I've wanted to hang onto. It has OS updates, storage space, and processing power to make it a keeper.

  • David Kinlay - 8 years ago

    If you're looking for the latest version of android os, sooner rather than later. Not into rooting phones because of warranty issues

  • maria moya - 8 years ago

    I love changing my fones as soon as I see one that catches my eye.. I've started with my sidekick then g1 then palm pre then pixi then moment then evo then evo 3d then epic 4g then blackberry then galaxy 2 Now I have galaxy 3..All this in

  • Andres - 8 years ago

    It takes a while to find out everything that your smartphone can do.

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