Should The Phillies Let Cliff Lee Go?


  • Doug B - 12 years ago

    the people who think there would be some compensation for a player so seriously overpaid are kidding themselves. there will only be "face saving" compensation in a trade if the Phils agreed to eat tens of millions of dollars from this contract.

    I think the Phillies would not expect more than a bucket of baseballs in a straight up trade with Philly not paying any of the future money.

  • Mitch - 12 years ago

    I like boys and and Cliff Lee is my dream guy. He is so lovely the way he throws that football to that ump when the basketball player steps in the paint. I like his face

  • Jeff - 12 years ago

    It's a smart business move to let him go West but I'm not a businessman. I'm a loyal Phillies fan and I love Cliff Lee to death. The way he handled the Yankees with ease in the 2009 World Series made him a legend and then the fact that he took less money to sign with the Phils when he coulda went anywhere. But he didn't because he loves the city and loves the fans. All this getting rid of Cliff Lee talk is hard to stomach. I'm not a fan of trading away superstars just because they have big contracts. Phillies are still waiting on their return from the Mariners "prospects" they traded Lee for so just open up the wallets pay the stupid luxury tax and keep Citizens Bank Park sold out and the club will make it's money back!

  • Ernie - 12 years ago

    Two to one the public says, Let Him Go ! If he stays, Ownership is behind Ruben Amaro.
    If he goes Ruben will follow him out the door.

  • Ernie - 12 years ago

    Two to one the public says, Let Him Go ! If he stays, Ownership is behind Ruben Amaro.
    If he goes Ruben will follow him out the door.

  • Harry - 12 years ago

    They can receive several good prospects for him, which is an excellent way to begin the rebuilding phase of their franchise.

  • john - 12 years ago

    I would let him go to the Dodgers, save the money and put ryan howard on waivers also and hope someone claims him.

  • Abe Swartz - 12 years ago

    If the phillies want to get rid of high paid players who are not performing up to their standards tha the 1st to go should be Howard as he is in no way coming close to his contract, way to many strike outs since Yanks learned he can not hit a curve ball , Lee made some bad pitches this yr because he did not concentrate & hurried up his delivery but also how many games did Lee lose because of silent Bats ! also, when is Charlie going to learn when some one is not performing like Howard, Bastardo than why continue to use them & lose game after game, is the problem with the Phillies this yr a inner club problem ? are some players getting paid to much that they think they can sit around & give maybe 75% ? would a new manager help? I wish I had the right answear to the Phillies problems but dont ! I hope Lee stays !

  • Tony - 12 years ago

    Are the Dodgers on his no trade list? I believe if they are they cannot just waive him.

  • chris - 12 years ago

    gone are the days of re-working contracts and whatnot.

    i remember reading about players back in the day would re-work their contract because they weren't performing upto standards. Not saying Lee isn't, but other players who don't perform as they're paid to. (I.E. A-rod isn't worth 30 million, and yes, I am a yankee fan.)

  • Dodger - 12 years ago

    Let him walk to the dodgers, they have money to spend and you will save 100 million

  • Mark - 12 years ago

    No. Wait until winter when there is competition for Lee.

  • bish - 12 years ago

    That's a clown question bro.

  • Slim - 12 years ago

    Phillies are too dumb and won't let him go. They will stuck with 3 over paid arms and won't win anything without key pieces on offense.

  • bob - 12 years ago

    It would be a dumb move

  • Matt - 12 years ago

    To much money for a team with a lot of holes.

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