How many tape measures do you have in your shop?


  • Chris yankoviak - 11 years ago

    Fastcap makes some really nice tapes for every situation. I've really come to depend on the factional markings and the reusable note pad right on the face. I can't tell you how many counting errors I made before switching to these tapes. Was that 5 or 3/16ths... Or maybe 32nds. I also just bought a fatty Dewalt tape for my wife that I am coveting, long standout with fractions. I haven't found tape nirvana yet.... Fractions, note pad, long standout, magneto compatible, and small size for fitting into my apron pocket.

  • Austin Phillips - 11 years ago

    You can never have too many tape measures. Plus there are so many different variations.

  • George Wilkinson - 11 years ago

    My favorite tape is a small 6' cabinet makers tape from Lee Valley. It lives in my apron pocket and gets used almost all of the time. Everyone needs one of these.

  • Steve in San Diego - 11 years ago

    Dewalt is my favorite because it has the fractions labeled down to 1/8". I agree, use only one tape measure from project start to finish.

  • Cueball - 11 years ago

    I look at tape measures much like need one more than you currently own.

  • Ronny McWilliams - 11 years ago

    I have 22 out there because I lay them down and can never find the one I just had! My Nephew and I had a trim business a while back installing wood trim, doors, paneling, etc. and noticed that tapes are definitely different. While I would measure a pice of molding and he would cut it--it always seemed to need tweaking. We stretched them out side-by-side and found a 3/8 difference in 10 feet. They were the same brand purchased from the same box in the store!
    We went back to the store and went through two boxes until we found two that passed the side=by-side test.
    Keep up the good work. We always love to share and learn!

  • Robert Ragland - 11 years ago

    I didn't know so I went out and counted them. I have 16 in the shop, one in the house and I always carry one in my pocket. (a small one).

  • Bobby Slack - 11 years ago

    Is this imperial, metric or both? lol

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