While reading this story, what went through your mind?


  • bob - 9 years ago

    I'm really in favor of #3, but he should have just accepted the bust. Running over the cars was stupid.

  • James - 10 years ago

    Absolutely he is a hero!

  • FSM_47 - 10 years ago

    While the Nixon begun 'War in Drugs' has been about successful as LBJ's Viet Nam war was, costing taxpayers a lot of money and going to jail for a harsher offense was extremely stupid.

  • Travis - 10 years ago

    There should be no drug laws of any kind, nor should there be civil asset forfeiture to reward government zealotry or government interventionism in farming. This poor guy was probably facing a triple whammy and had had enough. It's easy to say he shouldn't have acted out but the facts are that the initial aggression came from the state so I'm very sympathetic and can understand his rage. Note that he didn't take any lives whereas the state kills all the time...and with impunity.

    What do we do when the government doubles down on the Patriot Act and other unconstitutional laws? Are government laws to be obeyed just because Harry Reid and his ilk pass them...or our dictator/President signs an executive order or an overpaid bureaucrat writes a new regulation? I argue that we should not obey and this will undoubtedly mean direct confrontation with our overlords. The simple fact is that laws, regulations, and executive orders can be written far faster than they can be evaluated and debated, to say nothing of being reversed.

    It is reasonable that more civil disobedience is coming to America and I for one believe it is both overdue and desperately needed.

  • Simon - 10 years ago

    I am happy to see people actually defending freedom and fighting against stupid and injust laws.

  • Chiguy31 - 10 years ago

    Good for him.

    Sometimes cops and the judiciary need a little pushback to remind them that we are not sheep.

    Fellow is going to pay (big), but he made a choice. Wish more people had his courage.

    Part of the payback will be because he pushed back and worse, pushed back publicly. The establishment hates any challenge, but whether they admit it or not, the establishment has been reminded that there are consequences to any action.

  • Anonymous - 10 years ago

    Probably not the best reaction, I started supporting CATO and other libertian like organizations after I got busted. I have certainly had the feelings that the guy acted out, I am glad someone as actually does it once in a while.

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