Who is more dominant: Michael Phelphs or Usain Bolt?

  • Jasmine - 10 years ago

    Phelps is clearly dominant. Not only does he have a remarkable 22 medals (18 of them gold!), he's more versatile. Many might argue that because there are many more events in swimming, it's easier for Phelps--and yet that is what makes Phelps' achievements even more amazing. While Bolt merely needs to concentrate on his sprinting skills, Phelps has mastered all four strokes, as well as swimming both long and short distances. In order for Bolt to even compare, he too would have to dominate in long distance running, which he does not even compete in. Additionally, while Bolt has two Olympics on his track record (no pun intended), Phelps has had three, all very successful, Olympics. Four years is a long time, and unless Bolt also does incredibly well in Rio it cannot be attested that he is more dominant.

  • beek - 10 years ago

    I find both of those comments ludicrous. Bolt not as dominant?? What planet are you from? Of course Phelps is gonna get more medals just by the sheer number of events and gold that is available but Bolt has set a record almost every final he participated in. Probably if there was a 50 metre race and you could go side way and back way we wouldnt be having this convo. Dont get me wrong but Phelps performances are great but Bolt is LEGENDARY!!!!!!

  • zuma - 10 years ago

    USAIN BOLT of course is wayyyy better than PHELPS.... 6.1 Billion people run on this planet and he is the fastest of all... even faster that Phelps....... Swimming is not a big sport, only required breathing technique. On the other hand, track require more than a breathing technique.....

  • Drk Nyt - 10 years ago

    Michael Phelps has created a legacy in the Olympics. Bolt is an incredible running however has not displayed full dominance. Phelps has multi-discipline swimming medals which require different techniques (Strokes); you cannot make an honest comparison. I would definitely say Michael is the more dominant of the two by shear medal count and event skills.

  • Henry - 10 years ago

    Michael Phelps is the most dominant overall. No because he has more medals, but he came in to the 2004 Olympics and won 7 golds, then to return 4 years later and get one more. Yes he came in this year flat, but he put people in their places by still showing his dominance. Phelps would have at least one more gold but that relay was lost by Ryan. Bolt dominates his events but Phelps is the most dominant olympian out of the two of them, because he did so many events compared to Bolt and still kept winning. Since they do two different skill sets, you can't compare them completely.

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