Which Country Are You From?

  • Sapphire Sky Project - 8 years ago

    To fans who reside on the west coast of the United States and are attending KCON, please visit us! We will sharing booths with CODE EXO and Shineee.net! We give Shawols and Exotics many thanks for supporting our cause and helping up spread the word by providing space for us at the convention! Thank you for the support.

    As for everyone else, please feel free to continue voting, and we hope to update you soon with some very good news. Also, please leave more comments showing your support for Super Junior and the Sapphire Sky Project!

  • rainfairy - 8 years ago

    hi i just love suju im from iran.u guys dont know how many fans u have here .plz plz plz do something about it.siwon oppa i love you so much u r the best. i wish one day i see u in person. plz for the sake of all iranian elfs come to iran .we will support you till the end . i wish that one day all kpop band be able to perform here specially suju and big bang.gd and siwon are my all time biases .plz im waiting T_T

  • parastoo - 8 years ago

    hi ,my name is parastoo.i am 19 years old.I am from iran.It's my pleasure see you.I'd love to super junior.Best wishes for your.I'm looking forward to seeing you.I wish you many years of happiness.

  • dina - 8 years ago

    Hello.my name is Dina.I am from Iran.I love you super Joniur.You have a lot of fans in Iran.please come here .!!!please!!i love you(all you)very much!!
    i think ,
    you wont read my comment!and I am in my dream!!
    just I can give your music video from Website,i can see you in my campiuter,just,just ...
    its not good for me.!!
    but I found you!!
    life is better!with you!!with sound you...
    for me...
    for you...
    In the tight turns of the roads
    and the uneven and repetitive ascends
    and the sharp edges of wild rocks
    and the afternoon continuous despair
    and the wear and drain
    and the steps
    and the steps
    and the useless steps
    and the...
    and the big secrets of ordinary people`s small homes
    life has sought refuge
    if still had it stayed alive.

    just FOR YOU...

    All these thousand unsaid words,
    these thousand unrecited songs,
    all these thousand white dandelions
    -messengers of the thousand unsaid "I love you"-
    that from the eternal dispersion
    are only a blow away,
    bestowed upon thee that like humbleness of "non_existance"
    in each and every cell of my soul
    have nested...
    thank you..

  • elham sheiny - 8 years ago

    hi suju .... we love you very much!! please come here please / its our dream to see a kpop groups in iran but kpop groups dont like iran i know....

    WHY you have a consert and music bank in other countries but dont pay attantion for us???

    we love you you have lots of fan here pleas please h kill my self now good by....its war!!!!

  • parnian_iran_pleas - 8 years ago

    از ایران برای کره
    میخوام بدونید که در ایران طرفدارای زیادی دارید
    میخوام بدونید که ما شما رو دوس داریم
    میخوام بدونید که ما ادم های خوبی هستیم
    میخوام که شما هم مارو دوس داته باشین
    هر چند که میدونم شما ایرانیا رو اصلا دوس ندارین
    این یه واقعیته که خودتون هم اینو میدونین
    ولی بازم ما شما رو دوس داریم
    عضو مورد علاقه ی من لیتوک و شیوون
    ایران واقعا کشور زیباییه با مردمی خیلی خوب و دوس داشتنی
    ولی نمیدونم که چرا خیلی از کشور ها ایران رو دوس ندارن
    هر چند که میدونم شیوون به هیچ کس اهمیت نمیده ولی بازم من دوسش دارم
    به عنوان یک خواننده و بازیگر تو کارش تقریبا موفقه و من اینو دوس دارم
    ازتون میخوام که به ایران بیاید
    چون اینجا طرفدارای زیادی دارین که همشون صادقانه طرفدار شما هستند و شما رو دوس دارن
    لطفا امید ایرانی ها رو نا امید نکنید
    دوست دار شما
    پرنیان از ایرانrokhsareh313@yahoo.com

    iran to korea
    I know that you have many fans in Iran
    We want you to know that we love you.
    I know that we're the good guys
    Do you want us like Dath
    Why do not I like you even though the Iranian
    It's true that you yourself know it
    But we still love you and you're
    My favorite Lytvk member and not Shyvvn
    Although I know no one cares, but then I love my Shyvvn
    I still love my
    You work as a singer and actress, and I'm pretty much a success like it
    And I'll like it
    I want to come to Iran you.
    Many fans who have supported them all here because you are honest and you're like
    I love you and you are a fan of Darren
    Please Iranians hope I do not disappoint
    Iran is really nice
    The people are very nice and kind
    Love you
    parnian of iran

  • Lena - 8 years ago

    Hello! I'm from Ukraine!))
    I love Super Junior) Well, well, not just me and the fans of K-pop)
    I hope that they visited my country, I think everyone will be happy to try it)
    Let visit Ukraine) and they shall know that in Ukraine there are loyal fans of them)
    We may not be very many, as in other countries, for us it will be a great day)
    I hope that this time they will not let Ukraine and will include in your tour)

  • Adriana Celeste - 8 years ago

    Hola.. por favor hagan todo lo posible hasta lo imposible para que SUJU venga a PERÚ.. en nuestro país somos muchísimas ELFs que los queremos ver y demostrarles lo mucho que los apreciamos y admiramos.. gracias por permitirnos votar por nuestro país para que ellos se den cuenta que aquí en PERÚ.. anhelamos y tenemos como un sueño verlos cantar y disfrutar con nosotras.. GRACIAS.. SUJU FIGHTING!!! SARANGHAE OPPAS!! :D .. PERU LOVE SUJU!!

  • sist sujo - 8 years ago

    we from Iran...
    me and my sister LOVE YOU so much... :-)
    we are E.L.F...:-)
    my sister love eunhyuk and I love all of YOU... :-)

  • Azul - 8 years ago

    Hola yo soy de México y bueno sería todo un sueño que Super Junior viniera, en México somos muchas las K-popers y las ELF's , como se vió con el concierto de JunSu somos muy unidas y no somos pocas, además de que los oppas tienen nuestro apoyo y cariño incondicional

    México quiere Super Junior! ♥México quiere Super Junior! ♥México quiere Super Junior! ♥México quiere Super Junior! ♥México quiere Super Junior! ♥México quiere Super Junior! ♥México quiere Super Junior! ♥México quiere Super Junior! ♥México quiere Super Junior! ♥México quiere Super Junior! ♥México quiere Super Junior! ♥México quiere Super Junior! ♥

  • Sevil & Sadaf - 8 years ago

    Hi, we are from Iran, we love U.
    Please come to Iran, or if it is impossible please come to Turkey or another neighbor country, because we can go to these countries and see you. It is our dream... please come...
    saranghae KyuHyun, saranghae siwon, saranghae...SUJU...
    خدا کنه بتونیم ببینیمشون... امیدوارم...

  • Brescia - 8 years ago

    Perú loves Korea....♥
    Perú loves Kpop ....♥
    Perú loves Super Junior ....♥
    I'm ELF and i want to Super Junior in Perú, please come to Perú!!
    Super Junior fighting, SuJu Saranghae

  • Zahra - 8 years ago

    To Sapphire Sky Project... ^^
    Hi~~ I'm Zahra and I'm from... Iran :) I know it's impossible for you guys to come to Iran but you should know there are a lot of fangirls :) so please don't make us chill!! :'( You know all of us can die for you (joke :P) so.. you can try it~~ All I want is just super junior come to Iran :D and please answer me!! ok?? :] and tell me who is answering this comment please?? I will be an ELF forever~ Super junior I will love you forever~ and.. Kyuhyun, You are the number one in my heart ^^ I LOVE KYUHYUN FOREVER :* :* :* ~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~♥~ ^-^'

  • esra çetin - 8 years ago

    merhaba ben esra lüftennn koreli gruplar türkiyede konser versinnn

  • fatma demirtaş - 8 years ago

    ben türkiyen yolluyorm bu yorumu ve lee min hoyu çok sewiyorum lütfen türkiyede koreli ünlüler konser versinn

  • DaiMin - 8 years ago

    Dear Sapphire Sky Project, I have a question. How I can learn, where exactly in our country if it will be selected, will pass a concert? Where I can get tickets? Please, if know, tell to me.
    In advance thank you!!!!

  • Tara - 8 years ago

    hi .....to my freinds in sm town.....Im tara..from Iran....I can say that many people in my country love to see koeriyan groups concert......but beacause of some reasons we cant.....
    Im one of the big fans of superjuniyor & SHINee group......I really like to see my favorite groups concert......so please come to our country.....I know it seems a little impossible.....if your answer is know then IM ASKING FROM SHINEE GROUP TO STAY MORE than 6 years like a group.
    Thank you very much Tara

  • Gainy E.L.F - 8 years ago

    Sapphire Sky Project and what about Kazakhstan??? Is it easy to gave a concert???

  • MAHSA - 8 years ago

    Hi,Now I See The Music Video From SUJU......It's Make Me Crying Cause I Really Love To See Them In My Own Country Just Like Others......It's Bother Me That We Can't See Them In IRAN!!!!

    I Have One Big Dream,Is That One Day I Can Come KOREA And See Korean's Groups Like My Soul SUJU....!

    Please Please Please....Chebal Try Harder To Come Here....Okay??????

    We Are Waithing For U Guys.....Sarang he yo *_*

    At Last I Should Say That Very Fans In IRAN Can't Come Here To Vote Or Maybe They Do Not Know Even About This Voting...!!!!So Please Attention To This Problem Too...!However We Have Very Good Action Until Now!!!

    Also I Want To Thanks From Sapphire Sky Project To Makes This Situation That Iranian Fans Can Introduce Ourselves To Every One......Come some mida +_+

    We Are Here,We Are Looking U(SUJU)Every Day #_#

    Your Chingoo MAHSA

  • parisa dm - 8 years ago

    Hello Guys!!!!
    I`m ELF and l♥ve you and Always Support you in IRAN... I l♥ve all of Super Junior's member
    Just come to IRAN Please ..... ok ????????????
    We wait ...

  • Mary Mei - 8 years ago

    We are waiting for you in Kiev(Ukraine)
    Вecause the big concerts take place in Kiev..and there are more fans!

  • Mary Mei - 8 years ago

    I think most people in Ukraine would be able to attend the concert in Kiev, as the capital of Ukraine is Kiev and basically, great concerts in Kiev))
    We are waiting for you!

  • Gulnara from Kazakstan - 8 years ago

    Привет всем! Я фанатка k-pop! Особенно люблю корейские сериалы, видеоклипы. Они все очень-очень красивые, милые! Отлично поют, танцуют! Многие певцы снимаются в сериалах, в фильмах! Супер ДЖуниер я обажаю! После сериала Посейдон, я влюбилась в актера из Супер Джуниер! Конечно хочу,чтобы они приехали в Казахстан! Я в Казахстане часто вижу корейцев. Наверное им не сложно приехать в Казахстан!

  • farzaneh - 8 years ago

    I LOVE SuJu very much
    they are the best boy band
    please visite my country iran
    love U guys so much
    eun hyuk saranghe

  • emi - 8 years ago

    thank you very very much for answer my question.i hope it work to come here.thank you.this poll make iranian fans very happy.

  • sanaz - 8 years ago

    hi, i am sanaz from iran
    korean groups are popular in iran
    we hope that super junior comes to iran
    i hope wherever you are good luck
    hoping to meet the super junior
    we love super junior

  • romina - 8 years ago

    Hi all Iranians a baby.I am a lover of all Korean groups.One of my dreams is to see them.I know you live in a country where there is a possibility.But hope is not a fault of youth.Best wishes to you and for all the love you want from God.I hope one day to come and see how much of a fan you are.Wherever you are on this earth Health and good luck...

  • Sapphire Sky Project - 8 years ago

    @Emi We cannot guarantee that our tour will go to Iran, but we can guarantee that will will fight for it to go to Iran, and if it doesn't work, we will bring Super Junior to a country close to it. Our current thoughts on the middle east are to go to Dubai. We will run it over with you when we go into decision making. We want to know where the easiest places for you to travel to are, and we want to be able to visit a centralized location so that as many people from your area can come.

  • Wendy - 8 years ago

    Hola!!...soy de Sudamerica -Perú, porfavor queremos a Super Junior aqui!!
    somos muchas muchas fans que tienen la esperanza de ver a nuestros idolos y ejemplo de esfuerzo SUJU!!!.....seria una experiencia innolvidable .....please!!!! ^O^

  • emi - 8 years ago

    hi Sapphire Sky Project i'm from iran..
    i have a question please answer me..if iran win or be in top three just like now..are you sure that you can bring super junior here?please please answer me..i think elf's fans in my country all want to know about this.

  • Sapphire Sky Project - 8 years ago

    Hello Everyone.
    The data from this poll will be extracted this week. Please do your last minute voting if there are still people left who have not gotten around to it. Thank you for your participation and support. After this period, the poll will remain open for a second extraction. That date is to be announced.

  • atieh - 8 years ago

    hi my name is atieh from iran,i love super junior so much,please come to iran,its my dram...
    you have many fans in iran ,so please come to iran...
    saranghanda kyu hyun oppa,saranghe dong hee,saranghe lee teuk,saranghe he chul,saranghe si woon saranghee...saranghee...

  • Mahsa,Mahla,Mojdeh,Nafiseh,Parisa,Raheleh,...IRAN - 8 years ago

    Hi,Every One In Every Country Especially Iranian Fans Of Korean Groups!!!

    We Are So Happy And Proud Ourselves To See This Active Persons In IRAN!As Everyother Ones We LOVE Korea Very Much Too Especially Their Pop Groups Like SUJU...We Are 18 Years Old And We Really Like To See Korean Groups In Our Country And We Look Foward That Day!It's True That It's So Hurd For Them(SUJU)To Come Here But Of Course It's Not Impossible!

    All We Want To Say Is That We Are Here In IRAN.We Really LOVE U.We Really Want To See U...Thanks Everyone For This Fighting...!

    See U Guys In IRAN,Your Chingoo MAHSA

  • Elina - 8 years ago

    Hello! It's a pity that there is no Kyrgyzstan (Please flag in Kyrgyzstan.
    I assure you, too beautiful Kyrgyzstan * When do I'll be happy.

  • leyla - 8 years ago

    Hi...aaah!!!i love you super junior and leeteuk please please please come to iran country and in shiraz city please...one of my wishes:i wish to see super junior and leeteuk.leeteuk is veeeery cute!!!Leeteuk I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

  • samin jewelfish - 8 years ago

    Im an Iranian ELF and love sj soooo much...please come to IRAN
    lee donghae and lee hyukjae please come here
    love u sooo much...and for ever be a jewelfish

  • tara_jungi - 8 years ago

    슈퍼 안녕하세요 모두들,하지만 난 또한 내 친구, 특히 이중 S. 공원 정민있어이 훨씬 더
    당신은 환상적인하고,하지만 당신이 대부분의 팬이 있다고 생각
    그러니 제발 때문에이 원하는 친구의 여기 와서 그들도 당신을 볼 가깝습니다
    내 친구

  • Kate - 8 years ago

    Please, SuJu, go to Belarus)
    We have not so many fans of k-pop like Russia, but we are very faithful fans and our country hopes, that you you'll come to Belarus!

  • sedigheh - 8 years ago

    سلام میکنم به همه ی کره ای ها من بااین که میدونم اصلا نمیشه هیچ درصدی رو داد تا این گروه به ایران بیاد ولی بازم میام اینجا تا کره ای ها بفهمن که توی ایران چفدر طرفدار دارن وما از همینجا همشون رو ساپورت میکنیم واز اینجا به همشون میگم که خیلی دوسشون داریم.

  • منصوره - 8 years ago

    سلام به همی طرف دارای کی پاپ در ایران بچه ها بیاین واقع بین باشین درست امکان امدن یک گروه کی پاپ به ایران عزیزمون کم ولی غیرممکن نیست چون قبل هم بازیگرهای زیادی ایران امدن همین چند وقت پیش انجلینا جولی با بردپیت امد ایران یا خانم یانکوم اسمشویادم رفت یاسونگ ایل کوک یا شون پن یا گروه تایگرز سال2010 ده فجر امدن ایران و خیلیهای دیگه ارزو بر جوانها عیب نیست من هم امیدوارم یک روز بیان ایران.

  • nary - 8 years ago

    hello every one i'm from iran and i hope that see suju from near but i can't i love u sj come to iran for the hugest welcom.i wish see you i'm from ilam.
    good luck for ever and remember that we support you till we die

  • bita - 8 years ago

    hi im bita from Iran,i love super junior & their songs all of them!!!!!! i dont wanna say come to Iran cause i know its not possible!!!!! but you have to promis to ELF to do your best & show your love to US!!!!!! i wish to see U!!!!! super junio0r fightiiiiiing!!!!!!!!!

  • samin3 - 8 years ago

    suju!suju!suju.이란으로 오세요?.하시기 바랍니다.테헤란으로 오세요.
    이란의 인기 경우.내 사촌이 규 현 사랑에.na nun sarang ryeowook.and................................
    if you not come to iran so stay group for 7 years a later.because i come to korea when i'm 22 years old.

  • monic - 8 years ago

    sorry, i just want to tell that the Indonesian flag upside down ...
    red should be on

  • NIKI - 8 years ago

    hi...i am from iran...i hope u can come to iran...hopefully!!!
    اونایی که این نظرسنجی رو ایجاد کردن مطمئنا از اتحاد کره و امریکا با خبرن...پس میتونستن ایران رو از نظرسنجی حذف کنن...اما حالا که ماهم تو نظرسنجی هستیم میتونیم امیدوار باشیم...پس امیدتونو ازدست ندین..fighting

  • reyhane - 8 years ago

    بچه ها ناامید نشین . همین طوری ادامه بدین
    چطوره همه بریم تو سایتایه پر بازدید سوجو و هر کدوم که این پیامو تو سایتشون نذاشتن بگیم بذارن اینجوری افراد بیشتری بیان.
    ولی حالا هم ما با این همه نظرامون نشون دادیم چقد تو ایران سوپرجونیور طرفدار داره.به امید روزی که درصد ایران 100 بشه.
    we love you superjunior

  • KATE - 8 years ago

    hola soy de colombia y amo a super junior deben traerlos porfa miles de fans en mi pais darian lo que fuera por poder verlos

  • lucero - 8 years ago

    bien, a mi me encanta suju y me gustaría que vengan a Perú me encantaria verlos en vivo para quitarme la emoción y asi poder vivir en paz los quiero¡¡ super junior!!!. Si vienen a Perú seria fantástico porque todo es muy bello aquí tienen muchas fans que los aman y apoyan en cada proyecto que realizan porfis vengan a Perú ya no se que escribir se me puso la mente en blanco.
    ¡¡¡¡¡¡ VIVA SUPER JUNIOR !!!!!

  • farnoosh - 8 years ago

    hiii I from iran but i love you please come here and i love iranian e.l.f thanks farnoosh your fans

  • ♥ E.L.F from Kazakhstan ♥ - 8 years ago

    Hello!!!! My name is Albina and i`m from KAZAKHSTAN! At the beginning I only knew Lee Teuk oppa .. but as soon as I heard that they will come , I started to learn all the participants, and now I know all of them and really want to meet them! I LOVE SM and SuJu !!!
    with ♥ E.L.F.
    from Kazakhstan

  • hasti - 8 years ago

    Hi, my name is hasti and I'm from Iran and I love Super junior and Shin Dong and I hope will always be successful...faiting...

  • shamim - 8 years ago

    Dear sujuuuu hallo....i and all of the iranian people want u to know that u have many e.l.f s here.i know its hard for u to come here but pleaseeeeee try!!we support u as much as we can!
    i loooove suju,k pop and almost korea and im a hugeeee fan of u!!
    super junior forever....
    E.l.f s forever....(the sentence that u said it in super show2)^^__
    fighting super junior,im waiting for u....kissssss

  • نسیبه - 8 years ago

    سلام به قلب تپنده ی کی پاپ سوپر جونیور
    ما زمانی که فهمیدیم همچین نظرسنجی وجود داره خیلی خوشحال شدیم چون میدونستیم این یه فرصت خوب برای ما ای ال افای ایرانیه که عشق خودمونو به سوجو نشون بدیم.هرچند این برای همه ی ما واضحه که شما نمیتونید به ایران بیاید وباعث تاسف هم هست ولی هدف ما اینه که شما بدونید تو ایران چقدر ای ال اف زیاده.همه ی ما عاشقانه شما رو دوست داریم و با تمام وجود تا آخرش ازتون حمایت میکنیم.ممنونم که به ما این فرصتو دادید
    دوستان ابدی شماPERSIAN ELF

  • Broken Angel 72 - 8 years ago

    I LOVE YOU Super junior.....kheili doost daram be Iran biayid,man Zahram,19 sale az Ahwaz...asheghetoonam.....montazeretoonim....

  • masoomeh - 8 years ago

    hi,I'm an E.L.F from IRAN.Please come to IRAN and make E.L.Fs happy.
    with love:masoomeh

  • sara arya - 8 years ago

    hi . it would be great fun if SUJU could hold a concert in IRAN .. but i really doubt it if they know they have so many fans in here..
    but guys would it be better if we all(i mean us iranians) post our comment on ther personal twitter page so they could know abou us???!!

    any way SUPER JUNIOR fightingggg

  • Kanat - 8 years ago

    슈퍼 주니어 안녕하세요 저는 카자흐스탄에서입니다. 정말 슈퍼 주니어하려는 카자흐 스탄에 도착!

  • somian - 8 years ago

    hello everyone;)i am from iran guys,i love your band very much,,i hope that you have concert in iran, i love you very much,take care of your selves.have a good time.kiss kiss

  • pegah - 8 years ago

    hello super junior i,m saranghe lee teuk pegah from iran

  • Vanessa - 8 years ago

    Waaa!!!thanks you too much because of this fantastic proyect!!! i want to see Suju in my country and i wish that it could be real!!! thanks you again and i'm a peruvian ELF!!!

  • Sapphire Sky Project - 8 years ago

    There seems to be a little bit of confusion here, but SSP is only for Super Junior. We apologize to you other fans out there., but if your country is voted for, it will be SJ who comes. Please continue to post meaningful comments. We have been preparing something for everyone so please keep your eyes opened for our updates!

  • Анжеелика - 8 years ago

    Я очень хочу чтобы Super Junior приехали в Россию! Так же как и все эльфы из моей страны! Надеюсь что моя страна будет в списке лидирующих!

  • sarvenaz - 8 years ago

    hi. my name is sarvenaz and i'm from iran. i know that it's difficult to come to iran but please try. we all love u guys a lot . everyday many many iranian girls cry for meeting u guys just for a second :(( so plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come as soon as u can.

  • kimia - 8 years ago

    super junior ne irimun kimiaim nida.i am from iran.iranians people realy like see you.plese come to iran.you should know iranian people very love you.i'll see you 7 years a later.

    당신이 최고야.

  • roya - 8 years ago

    رها واقعا برات احساس تاسف میکنم. چطور جرات میکنی بگی سوپرجونیور همچین مالی هم نیستن ؟! و تازه بگی که فحش بارونت نکنیم؟؟؟!!! اگه سوپر جونیور مال نیستن پس کی ماله؟؟!! از رفتارت خجالت بکش. در ضمن درسته که تو ایران آزادی نیست ولی هر کی عرضشو داره میره یه کشور دیگه خواننده میشه... تو خیلی علاقه مندی برو این کارو بکن. من نمیدونم چرا بعضی از ما ایرانیا نمیتونیم توانایی های قابل و موفقیت های بقیه رو ببینیم و فقط میگیم اگه ما هم امکانات داشتیم میتونستیم بهتر باشیم. هر کی به همون اندازه که تلاش میکنه بهره میگیره. استعداد، استعداده، کم و زیاد هم نداره. در ضمن فقط استعداد داشتن کافی نیست، هشتاد درصد کار به اینه که با تمام وجود برای رسیدن به هدفت تلاش کنی و نا امید نشی و آدم قوی باشی. غرور ادمو پیش همه تحقیر میکنه، پس حرف نزدن بهتر از اینه که همش حرف بزنی و خودتم قلبا به حرفات ایمان نداشته باشی...

  • maral - 8 years ago

    hi , my name is maral im a real ilf u dont no but if im see u in iran im going to die!!
    please come here u have a lot of fan here !i know when u see use foe ever u will come here for your trips!!
    i will sooooooooooooo want to see kim heechul and all of u here !
    lee soman shi please send them for yhire concert here IRAN!!!!please .
    we wanna see SUPER JUNIOR here!
    with all of love to suju (bester group in korea)
    send them here please(하시기 바랍니다 여기를 보내)
    안녕 좋은
    내가 쓰기 멈출 수없는 이유 나도 몰라
    난 당신에게 슈퍼 주니어를 사랑 해요.

  • please stop suju A few times 1 Country to walk just 1 time Let Iran please please please please I Want to see you suju Russia can always go .......
    Really russia concert what wants When free country......
    super junior We lOve you heechul oppa-kyuhyun oppa-donghae oppa-and.......
    suju....suju.....suju.....sj.....sj......SUPER JUNIOR.......... 슈퍼 주니어.......슈퍼 주니어....
    SM과 슈퍼 주니어 사랑.......
    우리는 슈퍼 주니어를 사랑
    난 슈퍼 주니어이란에 와서 희망

  • Roya - 8 years ago

    Hi, SM & my immortal loves Super Junior. I'm a 14 years old fangirl from Iran and my name is Roya. I pray that you'll come to our country. The persian fandom in Iran is really really great and we love and support you every single day. Always remember that we're Ever Lasting Friends and you are The Last Man Standing :-X You are the BEST for ever. We also missed Hangeng, Kibum and Heechul though Heenim will be back soon ^_^ Kangin oppa, thank you for coming back for 6 jib and making us feel very well. We're confident, even if you can't attend a concert in Iran, we love and support you for ever.
    Your lover, Roya E.L.F

  • anamika - 8 years ago

    سلام.خیلی جالبه که یه همچین رای گیری وجود داره.ولی گمون نکنم یه همچین اجازه ای رو واسه اجرا تو ایران به سوپرجونیور بدن.ولی ما ایرونیا مهمون نوازیم وسوپر جونیور روهم دوس داریم.پس منم امیدوارم به ایران بیاید.
    hi.come here.come to iran .we are waiting for you.dear sujo.i love you.fighting

  • ملیکا - 8 years ago

    Hi, I'm Melika from Iran. I hope Super Junior. Could come to Iran. It is a very beautiful country. Would certainly like you to talk like they do in Iran is quite different. There certainly are a kindly people welcome you. ***** Of Melika Jung

  • ا✾◕ ‿ ◕✾ apama - 8 years ago

    سلام به همه ی اعضای سوپر جونیور حالتون خوبه؟
    با این که میدونستم همش خیاله که شما را تو ایران ببینم ولی بازم دلم تاب نیاورد ونامه دادم
    خواهش میکنم برای 1 بار هم که شده به ایران بیایین قول میدم خوشمیگذره.
    باورش خیلی اسونه که بفهمین که چقدر مردم ایران دوستتون دارن برای این کار فقط کافیه اسم گره هاتون رو به ایرانی تو اینترنت
    سرچ کنین بعد میتونین ببینین که بیشتروب های ایران از گروه های کره ایی اپ میشن
    شاید من نتونم اونجا حضور پیدا کنم ولی همین که بشنوم که سوپر جونیور به ایران اومده ومردم کشورم خوشحال هستن بینهایت خوشحال میشم
    ولی بهتره اینو بدونین که شما هر کجای این زمین خاکی باشین ما عاشقانه دوستتون داریم وبراتون ارزوی سلامتی وعمری طولانی میکنیم
    ❤موفق باشین ❤

  • Gilda - 8 years ago

    Hi guys
    This is Gilda from Iran, an Iranian ELF
    Hope to see them in one of countries which is near to Iran,maybe Turkey or Dubai

  • Majedeh - 8 years ago

    Please come to Iran. I hope to see you in our beautiful Iran.we waiting for you. thank you for coming. * Majedeh from Iran*

  • shaghayegh - 8 years ago

    Hi i'm an ELF from Iran ... we all know that it is impossible for you to have a concert in here , but we just want to show you our support and love .
    Eun Hyuk oppa i love you sooo much .
    SuJu Fighting

  • negin - 8 years ago

    hello.super junior we love you so much.hope to see you guys here in iran soon.fighting!!

  • Mojhan from Iran - 8 years ago

    Hi ^^
    my name is Mojhan from Iran
    I,m Elf
    I love you Super junior and pleas come to Iran
    pleas pleas
    suju fighting^______________^

  • Parisa - 8 years ago

    واي بچه ها،چه كرديد!چقدر كامنت!اوه!شك دارم اصلا بدونن ايران كجا هست ولي بعد از اين فكر كنم بفهمن،خسته نباشيد بچه ها،اميدوارم يه روزي همه مون به آرزومون برسيم.
    Hi suju,I'm from iran,I really like all of you.I wish health and happiness for all of you and my countryman.

  • sania - 8 years ago

    an-yeon haseyo supper junior
    i'm a girl from iran i'm just 12 but I love your songs
    good job

  • iranian girl - 8 years ago

    iranian ELF is the best ELF in the world
    suju must come iran and watch that they have very vey kindly fans in iran
    بچه های ایرانی دمتون گــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــرم

  • Maedeh - 8 years ago

    Please come here...U have a lot of fans here in IRAN...Hope to C U here with all of my heart...

  • loosi from iran - 8 years ago

    hello super jonior band :X
    im from iran and i love every kpop band
    please come to iran and see you;r fan :(
    we want to see you
    we can't wanna to south korea
    but you can come here
    for you'r fan
    dont broken we hear :((
    im verry sad :(
    from iran
    kiss kiss my super jonior
    and say to taemin this:
    i love he for ever
    ghazaleh from iran!!:D

  • koD - 8 years ago

    HI I`M iranian

    u and all koean bands have lots of fans here

    but I dot think it is possible 4 u 2 come here

  • mary - 8 years ago

    خودتون و ایرانی ها رو احمق جلوه ندین...
    یا این سایت واقعا برا همین داره رای گیری میکنه...یا اینکه این رای ها رو بعدا برای یه نظر سنجی دیگه نمایش میده...
    مطمئن باشین حتی اگه اولین احتمال درست باشه و آمار رای های ایرانی ها اول باشه سوپر جونیور یا هیچ گروه دیگه ای عمرا ایران بیا نیستن...چون کره جنوبی با آمریکا متحده و آمریکا مخالف ایرانه...اگه پاشون رو ایران بذارن نمیتونن برن آمریکا...
    اینقدر ساده لوح و رویا پرداز نباشین لطفا!!!
    واقعیت ها رو هم ببینین...

  • dinara from Kazakhstan - 8 years ago

    Всем салам из Казахстана) Я и мои друзья большие фанатки к-попа) Мне нравится их песни, клипы, танцы и все члены супер джуниор обладают своиственными им талантами и это мне в них нравится, я верю в них и люблю их несмотря ни на что) Я очень надеюсь и прошу чтобы они приехали в Казахстан) Я очень очень очень хочу увидеть с близи на своей родине и надеюсь мы фанаты казахстана встретим их достойно) Sarangheyo. many bogoshipsimnida

  • mona - 8 years ago

    Hi there.Im mona from IRAN.we all love you and we ask you to perform ur nice concert here in iran..you got plenty of fans here & we all do love to see you closely.
    سلام ب همه.بچه ها ممنون بابت نظرا..امیدوارم همین طوری همه ادامه بدن.اما داشتم کامنتا رو میخوندم ی نظری فوق العاده دلمو شکست!!اونم نظر نگین عزیز بود...گلم ما همگی آرزوی اینو داریم ک گروه محبوبمونو ببینینم اما این اصلا دلیل قانع کننده ای برای توهین کردن ب مقدسات ی کشور نیست.من خودم مسلمونم و عاشق مذهبم هستم چون از همه دینا کاملتره.تو نباید ب خاطر ی کنسرت همچین توهین بزرگی ب کشورت بکنی.مطمئنم اون موقع ناراحت بودی و از عمد اینو نگفتی و منظوری هم نداشتی..اما عزیزم اگه ما کخودمون مسلمونیم ب دینمون احترام نذاریم باید توقع داشته باشیم ی کشیش مسیحی ب دینمون احترام بذاره و قرآن خدا رو ب جای آتیش زدن ببوسه؟؟؟دلم خیلی خیلی خیلی از حرفت گرفت و الان واقعا بغض کردم.

  • flora - 8 years ago

    سلام به گروه محبوب سوپر جونیور....
    من فلورا هستم از ایران.خواهش میکنم به ایران بیایید....اگر نیاید واقعا ناراحتمان میکنید.....خواهش...خواهش...خواهش
    طرفدار های ایرانی...
    از شما خواهش میکنم که به هر کسی که میشناسید این خبر را بگویید....
    من مطمئنم که ایران موفق میشود
    Hello popular group Super Junior....
    I'm Flora of Iran.please come to Iran .... If u don't I really sad ..... please ... please ... please
    인기 그룹 슈퍼 주니어 안녕하세요....
    내 이름은 플로라입니다., 나는이란에서 왔어요., ... ... ...이란에 와서 제발, 제발 제발, 제발요., 당신은 인도에 많은 팬을 가지고...

  • Kirino - 8 years ago

    Please, come to Russia!!!
    I very much look forward.
    We love k-pop.

  • Majedeh - 8 years ago

    Hello dear super junior. please come to Iran. we love you wery much. I hope to see you in Iran. please you come to and performance in Iran. komao and good bye. Majedeh from Iran.

  • sam - 8 years ago

    suju please come to tehran of iran..iranian peoples love u very much.na nun ki daryo.chebel.doosetoon darim i mean urun sarangheo.

  • Majedeh - 8 years ago

    Hello dear super junior. please come to Iran. we love you very much.

  • raha - 8 years ago

    سلام هم وطن ها اخه چرا بیخودی وقتتونو حروم این چیزهای غیرممکن میکنید ولشون کنیداونقدرهام مالی نیستن ان شاالله خودمون یه روزی پوز کره ای هارو میزنیم میدونم الان فحشم میدین اماگه توایران راهشون دادن من اسممو عوض میکنم

  • saeedeh - 8 years ago

    Hi.......I'm From Iran. My Name is(SAEEDEH) I'm 15......I love Korea very much.....I Really Love Donghe From Super Junior.........I believe that one day I can see you......It's my Wish~and I believe it.
    I Wanna say that : Donghe you are my love~ also you are my Best Star..........Please don't forget it.......
    I love you for ever~ Good bye.

  • ghazaliii from iran - 8 years ago

    kyung tae:
    yes.it's ok
    super jonior and kpop other band has many many many many many
    fans from iran
    like : shinee.ss501.suju.mblaq.cnblue and....
    but korean idols dont no it
    and it's can sad we

  • sonia - 8 years ago

    Hi my name is sonia from Iran
    Super Junior please come to iran because you have many fans and we support you . I'm Iranian E.L.F and i hope see super junior in Iran .
    We will happy if you come to Iran .

  • sara - 8 years ago

    هنگامه جون من اینهمه خودموکشتم توی سایت های مختلف تنها چیزی هم که شنیدم این بوده:اونا که نمیان!خب راستم میگن دیگه
    but......we lo0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0ove you superjunior............

  • Tina - 8 years ago

    وااااي خدا حتي اگه ايران بيشترين راي رو هم بياره مگه ميتونن بيان؟
    ولي بيشتر خوش حال مي شدم اگه اين نظر سنجي واسه دابل اس بود
    ولي حالا كه هر كدوم مشغول يه كارين تا بر گردن بايد صبر كنم ولي حالا من به سوپر جونيور هم راضي ام چون اونام خيلي خوبن اميد وارم كه همه ي گروه ها از دابل اس و سوپر جونيور تا بقيه بفهمن كه ما ايراني ها چه قدر اونا رو دوست داريم
    دوستانه ايراني من نا اميد نشين

  • ARAM - 8 years ago

    Iranians are known for hospitality.You come to Iran to enjoy this hospitality . WE ARE WAITING FOR YOU

  • iran - 8 years ago

    من عاشق کره هستم . با اینکه میدونم ایران اگه رای هم بیاره نمیان ولی تمام تلاشم رو کردم و تو وبلاگ های زیادی این نظرسنجی رو گزاشتم شما هم این کارو بکنین من نمیدونم روسیه چه نیازی به کنسرت داره وقتی که یه کشور ازاده

  • نسیم - 8 years ago

    سلام به همه
    من به نمایندگی از همه ی فن های ایرانی از کشورهایی که نسبت به فن هاش توهین شده معذرت خواهیی میکنم
    به خدا ما ادم های خیلی مهربانی هستیم
    و بقیه را هم دوست داریم
    از سوپرجونیور عزیزم هم میخوام به ایران بیان
    دوستتون داریم خیلی زیاد

  • sarah_*IRAN* - 8 years ago

    Hi Guys!
    I believe that U come here 1day.I heard that lately"If U believe it U do it"
    & I really believe Secret,do U know that?it said"everything that U think will happen"
    So we believe that U will come to*IRAN*
    Super Junior 4ever.....kekeke...Fighting O0OpPa
    Sara from:*IRAN*

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