Is Rupert Sanders Still In Love With Kristen Stewart?
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  • Tammy Barrett - 9 years ago

    My heart goes out to both parties, but I have to stay for intellegent girl she sure handeled the hole situation in the worng manner. She should have privately sat down the patterson and told him everything in private. Not only did she humilated him she let the world know before he new. In a relationship i fell that married or not your personal issues shoud stay personal. Being a celeberty is hard enough to keep your relationship on track, you should always trust your partner and respect them enough to keep your relationship issue to yourself and when you come to an agreement on how to handle the situation on both sides, then and only then should feel you need to pubicize your problem it should be done together not the way kristen handle it at all. I know she has remorse but does she have remorse for getting caught or for the acutal act she committed. Wrong Way to Handle the whole situation.
    Wish both of you peace and haromony in your life, Long road ahead for both of you

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