MEN: What kind of shorts do you generally wear?

  • abso - 10 years ago

    If you're still wearing plaid at this point, you might as well be wearing a suit of armor (or chastity belt) cause that shits played out. Jean shorts (jorts) are the worst though. At least hipsters can still get the ass in cut offs. Unless you trying to bone a chain smoking NASCAR fan, burn the jorts.

  • dsALDAY - 10 years ago

    go plaid... no cargo pockets unless you are stage crew (or some other kinda working mang)

  • StedyRuckus - 10 years ago

    No, please wear socks - they're called ankle socks, or no-shows - but I don't want to smell your feet when I'm conversing with you.

  • Randumb - 10 years ago

    YOu can wear any of the above, but for the love of God, no socks! Except for maybe basketball shorts. And possibly Dickies if you're gonna rock some Nike Cortez' with 'em. (:

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