Do YOU agree Gabby's hair should be left alone?
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  • j - 8 years ago

    Once again, if it is really true that this controversy began by Black viewers, Black Women in particular, then it only supports what those who have been working so hard for over 200 years, " let them destroy themselves, they can do a much better job than we can"! Who, with any semblance of intelligence would have voiced any criticizism publically? When we as Black people are losing ground in every aspect of life, entertainment, politics, education, etc., why would some ignorant person who has nothing better to do than to hurt a remarkable 16 year old young lady, who has accomplished her dreams in yes, 16 years! How many of us, Black or White can say that! Shame ON YOU and I can't wait until we get so see what you look like, because I am sure, someone is tracking that twitter address as we speak! Hope you've been to the hair dresser, gym, shopping, paid your bills on time, have a beautiful clean home, and your children are all excelling in all they do, because you have just set yourself up for "THE BIG PAY BACK".

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