Was It Offensive For Olympic Runner Leo Manzano To Carry The American Flag And The Mexican Flag?

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Posted 7 years.


  • Bill Redd - 7 years ago

    I'm sorry but I feel that this man should be banned from any further support from the Olympic establishment and if he wants to compete he should return to his beloved homeland and have his fellow Mexicans support him and make them proud of one of their own since hardly anyone is proud of of this one in the USA

  • Eligence - 7 years ago

    this applies to mexican americans, italian americans,german americans, jewish americans,black/afro americans,cuban americans,asian americans,polish americans,middle east americans,south american americans and so on.....

    everybody wants to be in America to enjoy there freedom from those who shed there blood to be an American but no one wants to be an American hence racism in American !

    I am an AMERICAN of Mexican Decent not a Mexican American period....I love many cultures but my eligence is to America and proud of it! What say you America????

    As for Mr. Leo Manzano, i congradulate you for your achivement but i do not know for what country you did it for???? If you felt so strongly about displaying the Mexican Flag then why didnt you train and get the support you needed to be in the olympics from Mexico?

  • Miriam - 7 years ago

    I'm very proud of Leo Manzano for his decision to display both flags at the Olympics. If other athletes decided not to that's their choice. I would have done the same thing! You go Leo

  • KMB - 7 years ago

    Should take away his medal for that stunt. and bar him from competing for the USA in future competitions.

  • Charles - 7 years ago

    Shame on Leo Manzano. He competed for the United States and took advantage of everything our country has to offer, then in the moment when he could show respect for the country that accepted him and his parents; the country that his parents fled Mexico for, he chooses to hoist the Mexican flag (along with the American flag). I hope that no company offers him any endorsement deals. Let him go to his beloved Mexico and see what he can get there.

    Signed a very proud AMERICAN, who's family comes from Trinidad originally.

  • Pamela - 7 years ago

    I don't think Mr. leo Manzano should carried the American flag and Mexican flag . If he was planning to carried the Mexican flag, why didn't he joined the Mexican team instead of USA team???

    I was born at another country but I grew up in the USA. I love the country I was born & I also love the USA (I grew up and live here in the United State)
    If I was Mr. leo Manzano, I would only carried the USA flag. Because when I joined the USA team that mean I was there to represent America NOT my other country.

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