Do you watch music videos on my blog?

  • Alejandra - 9 years ago

    Thanks for asking and, by the way, I find your blog very interesting.
    Yesterday I answered "yes", because I subscribed when I was in France and I had no problem watching the videos. But now I'm in Spain and it looks I can't anymore. :-(
    Thanks, anyway.

  • ABwords - 9 years ago

    Thanks for asking, it shows you care about your readers' preferences.
    I personally do not listen to the songs you post, mostly because I read your blog posts in my email and not on your actual blog (no time...) - BTW, I admire the fact that although you seem to be very busy with work, you still have time to blog! And also because I'm more interested in what you write than your music choices (sorry if that sounds blunt, it's not the intention).

  • Valerij Tomarenko - 9 years ago

    Most YouTube videos are inaccessible from Germany due to some copyright issues ("unavailable in your country"). I would need to use a proxy or VPN or whatever to access them. I still appreciate your choice. And thanks for the poll idea - never realized there are sites like Polldaddy. Cheers, Valerij

  • Susan - 9 years ago

    My real answer is that I listen to any that I feel interested in, which I must say, is not too many, but I can't say that I never want to listen to the ones that you have on here. The last one I listened to was Alanis, which I will admit, was quite a long time ago.

  • malu - 9 years ago

    Several times I do.
    I don't always have time to check the page and I'm a more traditional rock'n'roller than you are. Thank you!

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