What was the most amazing part of the men's 4x100M race?

Total Votes: 9,312

  • Zenith - 10 years ago

    I don't agree with Shaggy and 1forAll and the ignorant majority vote for this poll. The goal of the race is to win the race, which is exactly what the Jamaican Team did who also set the world record and being the first to be sub-37 seconds. That's never been done before, ever. Athletes don't work all their lives just so they would get respect from having to apologize for coming up short.

    The both of you are simply making excuses who would rather take the easy road while you try to justify your ignorance by attacking Bolt's character (who has absolutely nothing to do with Connaughton's situation). Connaughton is no doubt, a class act. He deserves all our respect. But to go as far as diminishing Bolt's character and his team's accomplishments really speaks volumes on the level of your envy.

    You have to realize that Bolt is a showman at heart. Everyone has different personalities and not everyone can have a doorknob of a personality - sports would be boring if everyone kept to themselves and conducted themselves with "civility" and "class". Also the 100 meter race breeds a mindset of hyper-confidence which many who participate in it believe is a requirement. The same goes for boxing and other hyper-competitive sports. It's part of their schtick.

    The problem is you people trying to look too deep into the matter by attempting to dissect their characters with your limited scope of moral standards. Who are you to think you are a better person than they are when only you can speak for yourself. Get off your high horses, and stop being so ignorant. Better yet, know that you're ignorant and stop trying to justify it.

  • shaggy - 10 years ago

    I agree with 1forAll. What Bolt did was incredible but he takes all the credit for his team winning the gold medal by self-proclaiming is Legend status. He is there for his country, not for himself, and by carrying on the way he did with his self-praise leaves much to be desired. He did not seem to give the other three guys on his team any credit for the win, and sorry to say, but without them, there would not be a gold in this particular race. Personally, I agree with the fact that the man is amazing when it comes to running. but he could use a little class when it comes to being interviewed by the media.

  • 1forAll - 10 years ago

    Connaughton's actions surpassed Jamaica's Gold because Bolt is a clown. Bolton is a self proclaimed "legend" who came to win for HIMSELF. Most athletes are there to represent their country. The fact that Jared apologized to his teammates and to his nation for the unfortunate disqualification shows more class than Bolt ever thought about having, and people are drawn to THAT, no matter what race you are! Don't hate, appreciate.

  • Eris460074 - 10 years ago

    Jamaica breaking the world record should have gotten the most votes in this poll. Question is, if Jared was Black instead of White, would he still get this many votes? It's probably naive to think that race would have no influence on these votes.

  • ajourneythroughtheages - 10 years ago

    LMAO at Jared's classy acceptance of responsibility in post-race interview being top voted as the most amazing thing about the whole race.....despite Jamaica Mens setting a WORLD RECORD and being the first team ever to go under the 37 second barrier mark in all of mankind's recorded history.

    But I guess all it takes to instantly downplay this incredible gold medal accomplishment of human evolutionary potential, dedication, and concentrated talent is to have 1 white guy apologize post-race because of a mistake he made. And somehow in the eyes of a very ignorant portion of the public, that simple apology is enough to completely surpass the ultimate purpose and goal of the race itself (to WIN THE GOLD MEDAL).

    Anyone can publicly apologize for his or her mistakes. That in on itself (though worthy of commendation) requires zero training and zero ability. Not everyone can win any Olympic gold medal in record breaking fashion however.

  • Melissa_Chang - 10 years ago

    I get this growing intuitive feeling that most of the voters of this poll are white. I wonder if there is a correlation between the voting patterns of this poll and the nearly ubiquitous absence of internet comments on Yahoo, etc. regarding this sports story.

    It's beyond me how any honest-minded person who isn't supposedly influenced by racial preference would consistently not choose the Jamaican Team's record breaking gold medal performance as the most amazing part of this race.

    For this reason alone, I am lead to suspect that something - possibly malicious on a subconscious level - is at play behind the majority of these votes.

  • Lauriate Roly - 10 years ago

    Jared Connaughton’s classy acceptance of responsibility is not an honorable gesture on his part as far as I am concerned. He failed while his team mates succeeded. He comes across as a very self-centered, arrogant and not-too-bright guy. I have noticed his weak points ever since he was first featured on programs concerned with informing us about the athletes who would represent us in the games.
    There is something that does not ring true about this guy. He’s a fake; and how he ever got on that team is going to remain a well kept secret. Someone besides himself convinced the selecting judges that he was the right choice. What he and his team mates trained for during a long period in preparation for the contests apparently did not sink in. What happened that caused the disqualification was not an accident - it was bland outright stupidity. In training your body, it is also an essential requirement that you also train yourself to know the pre-set rules of the game. That’s a given and a must. All the competitors from all the nations in the race knew exactly what they could and could not do in the race.
    He should return home by himself and not be in company any longer with the other members of his team. They know by this time that this guy was not up to scratch. He failed them. I am almost certain they knew he was the wrong man to be their devoted and competent partner right from the beginning. He is an absolute disgrace. I’m mad as hell and don’t want to say any more about it.

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