Is Bullfighting...

  • ELLEN - 4 years ago

    Horrible and inhumane way to treat these poor animals I cant believe this is still going on and has not been banned. Poor innocent bulls are tortured and killed for no reason at all and people make out that they are are the bad guys but with Vaseline shoved in there eyes and being stabbed every second as being teased with red cloths the bull is the victim with no chance to survive due to the fact of them being stabbed to death if they survive. People pay to watch a bull stabbed and tortured with there spine and horns being ripped out of the bull for a ridiculous trophy . I think this is appalling

  • ValĂ©rie Fagundes - 7 years ago

    Bullfighting is barbaric, cruel and unacceptable!! I just don't understant why is this not concidered as a crime against animals!!!!

  • Vasco Reis - 7 years ago

    Bullfighting tortures bulls and horses, disgusts civilized compassionate people, damages education and peace in the society, bring shame to the country, ...

  • ella vesting - 8 years ago

    Bullfighting shows humanity in it most selfish, horrible way. Tradition is no excuse for the extreme torture of animals.

  • Abbie - 8 years ago

    Bullfighting is horribly cruel and must be stopped! Many bulls are tortured and treated in very inhumane ways, even to the point of death!

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