Will there be an NHL lockout this year?

  • Manitoban - 9 years ago

    It would be so stupid to have a lockout. We Jets' fans just got a team. We lost the Winnipeg Jets a long time ago & as a result, they have lost a lot of hockey fans. I didn't watch hockey @ all. I used to watch hockey w/ my Dad. We didn't have a team so there was no pt in watching it anymore. A friend of mine said that he doesn't care for hockey anymore cuz the Jets were gone for too long. This is the 2nd yr that we have a team. The players & owners make waaaay too much $. I heard that players made the cash back in the 80's. How can no one survive off of $1 ?? It'd be kinda interesting to see all hockey players & owners really have to work. Also, I've met some Jets. Some of them don't even seem to be happy to take a pic or anything w/ a fan. It seems like an inconvenience for them. Little & Wheeler are cool guys tho ! :) I think that not buying any NHL merchandise is a good idea. Close the stores cuz NHL fans alike aren't shelling out any $. The Jets merchandise was/is selling pretty good cuz they've been gone for so long.

  • Aubrey - 9 years ago

    There is so much more to worry about than NHL hockey, such as the Euro financial crisis that has yet to be resolved. By the time the NHLers get around to playing again they may be facing a much different scenario with fan interest more permanently redirected.
    In the meantime true hockey fans have lots of good sporting options to follow, starting with Junior Hockey and local minor games.
    But more importantly, maybe some of the fans will turn off the TV, stop being a passive audience, and get out for 30 minutes of exercise each day. Wouldn't that create some attention if both waistlines and TV audiences dropped when the NHL choose to resume entertaining us?

  • Bob Reid - 9 years ago

    The money hungry players are getting paid way over their heads now.If the lowest paid player is getting a million dollars a year and can't live on it something is wrong some where.Us poor hard workers are lucky if we bring home $400.00 a week.Suck it up you guys and get the season going.

  • Brian Hicks - 9 years ago

    I read a story in yesterdays local Moncton paper and the jest of it was that Gary Bettman is trying to make a name for himself and make himself look good in the eyes of the owners so that he can get another big raise. Unbelieveable !!!! I'm not going to sit here and take sides because all this whining and bickering sickens me, but whatever happened to playing for the fun of the game and loyalty? Now Jr. hockey wants to form a union!!! I guess I'll have to go to university hockey to get my fix.

  • Clayton - 9 years ago

    If there is a Lockout for Two Months from Sept. 15, That would extend the Year by almost 2 months! Sweet!!! This Season 2012-2013 The Blues will be Playing till August when We Win The CUP!!! Either way We have our Season Tickets,and its worth the Wait No Matter What! Don't Ya KNOW!???

  • Craig from Nova Scotia - 9 years ago

    It should come as no surprise that another lockout is on its way, with the possibility of another lost season. To be honest this shouldn't even be happening right now. If these greedy owners and players had any sense of responsibility for the fans and/or history of the game, a contract extension would have been agreed upon long ago. But as us ordinary people continue to try and feed our families and keep the banks from foreclosing on our homes, these rich and selfish egomaniacs continue to squabble over hundreds of millions of dollars. Shame on you all. Don't get me wrong, I love hockey just as much as the next guy/girl. Some of my fondest memories are that of a young boy growing up in Montreal during the 70's as an ABC (anyone but Canadians) fan. I wasn't a fan but what a team. I then fell in love with the Ottawa Senators and instantly became an ABL (anyone but Leafs) fan. As much as we despise each others teams, what would we do without them? I believe that at the very least, this season will be interrupted. I implore each and every fan who ever spent a nickel on NHL tickets and/or merchandise etc..., please, please, if these self appointed, holier than though millionaires/billionaires can't get an agreement done before the season is suppose to begin...Boycott the game. Keep your money to take care of your families, help your local charities etc... If we don't band together and send a clear message now, I guarantee you; we'll be right back here again, five years from now.

  • steve - 9 years ago

    Strike...then i am done with nhl hockey.....jr hockey only.

  • Dale Mccarthy - 9 years ago

    If there is a lockout,I will stop watching NHL hockey period.It took some time to regain interest after the last one.Jr. hockey has the heart and soul in it.That is what the NHL used to be like.What the hell happened?Just play the damn game you guys.

  • joe blow - 9 years ago

    Millionaires fighting with billionaires,Greedy people, both sides.No one wins,But the fans sure lose.I quite being a fan 8 years ago to the day.I prefer to watch Jr A or any other good armature team over these over paid babys.With all the lay offs,workers being legislated back to work,job cuts.These players should consider themselves lucky to have a job,Let alone the money they bring down

  • Don - 9 years ago

    The time has come for this great sport to be given back to the middle and lower class citizens to be able to afford one of these games with their families. Therefore I am onside to get the players wages etc. and the owners profits down, down, down to a reasonable situation. Who would you prefer to make millions a sport figure or a doctor specialist who saves your life?

  • emile godin - 9 years ago

    I just about gave up in hockey last strike this will be it for me stupid spoiled BRATS get a real job like the rest of us. complete idiots. AND DON PLEASE RETIRE

  • Ken Ivison - 9 years ago

    I would not miss hockey if I never see another game. All they are is a bunch of head hunters. That's not hockey

  • Al Fournier - 9 years ago

    Iam a 66 year old hockey fan do the oweners and players realize where all this money comes from in one way or an other it comes from the fans and we all know its all about money now . The lose of a season or part of a season could mean the lose of alot of fans.Think about the fans and what they bring to the table and maybe your views would be changed.I would not stop watching hockey because I think its a great sport and I enjoy watching but having said that oweners and players alike dont seem to care about the fans they care about the MONEY!! Please consider the fans!!

  • scott smith - 9 years ago

    Garry Bettman is a complete asshole;he has no clue about hockey and to top it off is just a yes man for the owners.they have a right to how there money is spent but as do the players that bring in the fans.i don`t care to see the owners play the sport.if you want to bring down fan support again,then by all means Dumbo(Betttman),do it,you fucktard.

  • john - 9 years ago

    it is time that the cities which these teams recide in sue the leaques for lost revinue as it is the tax payers who put up the money so that these overpaid people have abuilding to play in. It is time for a fan revolt stop going to all pro sports then see what they thing.To many overpaid cry babies owners as well as players

  • rjl - 9 years ago

    Enough is enough. Time to get rid of Bettman. He needs some professional help. As much as i love our national sport, i will boycot the whole season if Bettman and his gang of thugs lock the players out.

  • steve joseph - 9 years ago

    Im glad to see a lockout,maybee I'll get to see our top junior players for an extra year and enjoy a more competetive and exciting season.
    The only losers in all this are the fans who end up paying when all is said and done.Paying to go to a junior game hard enough .

  • Lloyd Bye - 9 years ago

    Someone should stuff that little Bettman in a duffle bag. He gets everybody worked up. Bettman be quiet and work this out. Close your mouth, we don't want to hear you.

  • Jason MacDonald - 9 years ago

    Where is the "I don't care" option for the survey. As is the case in all of this the fans are the only ones hurt and forgotten before, during and after any lockout.

  • gary coakley - 9 years ago

    Time to settle this stuff in a better way.. Why should Bettman make as much as the highest paid players when he doesn't even break a sweat... Get rid of him and lets ..PLAY HOCKEY

  • Steve Smith - 9 years ago

    Ms. Watson: I just read your comment aloud to those in my company. It was very well-received.

  • What's wrong with you people, hockey is a great sport and takes a great effort and
    commitment to make the NHL and a lot of kids who wish they could make the NHL
    and can't because they aren't good enough or because of disabilities and the only thing they
    can do is watch and follow their favorite team on TV, unless someone or corporation
    pays for their ticket don't get to watch their favorite sport. This would be a crying
    shame. The hockey teams including players and owners also do a lot for charities also.
    The old folks have their curling. The young people are our future, so NO LOCKOUT.
    Because we all know whose fault it will be.

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