Do You Like "My Story Continues" by Le'Andria Johnson?


  • christine - 12 years ago


  • Clarice Ligon-Johnson - 12 years ago

    Le'Andria...I'm a #1 fan 4lyfe! I have all of your cd's and they have blessed me tremendously. I have also bought them for others, and they were blessed. I'm looking forward to the new project! May God continue to Bless your Music Ministry!

  • Geneva - 12 years ago

    keep telling your story girl are helping a lot of people.god be with you and yours all ways your fan Geneva

  • Mrs. G. - 12 years ago

    I love this track.. TGBTG!! This woman shares her story with us every time she opens her mouth. I respect the fact that everyone has a right to their own opinion.. But please don't out someone down for keeping it real, and telling the truth about their struggles.. It may be tight but, it is right!! Please stop trying to hold folk up to your unattainable standards.. You can't even live up to them. SMH.. There will always be nay sayers.. But God!!! WTBS, CONGRATS TO MR. DAVID BLAKELY!! ONE OF THE BADDEST MINISTERS OF MUSIC GOD EVER ANNOINTED!!! Las Vegas should be very proud of you.. I sure am!! Your gift is a blessing to my ears and my heart.. I have been a fan of yours since I first heard you at St. Paul C.O.G.I.C. Keep up the good works sir!!!

  • Geneva - 12 years ago

    You are wonderful.i would buy all your songs if i every find a job god bless you keep singing for god one of your fans

  • J.Greenwood - 12 years ago

    I listened to the song and love it. She is very talented and I pray that she allows God to direct her path in all she does. As long as she keeps her mind on Christ, she can bypass many trials and tribulations she may face in life. I admire her strong will and how she continues to press on. I will always keep a person that tries to live for Christ in my prayers. We are none perfect and thank God for Jesus! We are able to fall on our face and repent and never hear it again! Congrats on the song!

  • She she - 12 years ago

    This song is simply her testimony. I love it. Keep doing to God's glory. When you do it His way, nothing shall separate you or stop you. Blessings my Sister

  • Rosco DaTruthBMI Denson - 12 years ago

    I love this song. People need to get out of the traditional church mindset. The gifts that God gives us are not for us to hold amongst ourselves as believers, but to be shared with the lost who identify with this message. Sure the traditional gospel songs of worship & praise are great but how do you expect a non-believer to relate with something that they dont know about. Thats why I believe this song & others like it are just what the world needs. We are to be Radical in our praise & our walk. Great production by my mentor & friend David Blakely. God bless!

  • Francis - 12 years ago

    I absolutely love this! Its not meant to sound TOO church-ish.. The message is what people (should) be listening to not the music. She is still very talented and a blessed woman of God.

  • Octavia - 12 years ago

    In my opinion, even though I ADORE Le'Andria Johnson, I would prefer her singing more "gospelly" songs like she did on Sunday Best. I have loved her since I first saw her audition for the show with her slippers on. LOL I have all of her CDs. God bless and keep you, gurl. I admire you a lot.

  • unknown - 12 years ago

    Im sorry, But i'm not a fan of this song at all, I believe that she should sing more of the songs that causes one to fall to there face in worship to God. Like the longs she song on sundays best!!!

  • Charlene Willis - 12 years ago

    Yes I love this song. I can identify with what you are ministering about. Your story continues. God is a good God and has so much for his sons and daughters more than we can even image. I thank God for you Le'Andria.

  • Nakeesha Long - 12 years ago


  • Elizabeth Smith - 12 years ago

    I loveeee Le'Andria and I loooooove this song!!!! I pray the she continues to bless this world with her amazing gift!

  • LeVar Hill - 12 years ago

    Glad to see Ms. Yolanda is sharing one of God's many angelic voices with her loyal listeners... #Look forward to hearing this album

  • Karen Mourning - 12 years ago

    I love anything leandria puts out gonna add this album to my collection

  • Comedian Nikita B - 12 years ago

    The bible says your gift will make room for you & have you before great men. This lady is a prime example of how great our God is! As my granny says, "That girl is bad."

  • Jacari Harris - 12 years ago

    YES!!!!! This song right here!! My My My.. You Got A story!!!!

  • Leeza - 12 years ago

    I love this song. Every time LeAndria sings it comes straight from the heart. The message is always positive for the hears not to give up that we can make it. The anointing on her life is a gift to the world from God. She is one of kind. I cannot wait to hear the entire project. I know that the best is yet to come.

  • Darrick Carter - 12 years ago

    I love it I love it I love it I love the way she deliver each song it always has a message and she just don't know how many people she is touching out here in this world god has really called this blessing on her and she is bringing more people to God than she can even imagine Absolutely awesome!!!!! My Story Continues

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