What do you think of Miley's mop?

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  • ashley - 7 years ago

    EW im sorry i love her but EW.

  • Susy - 7 years ago

    I never understand why people freak out over somebody getting a haircut. It's her hair on her body and nobody's business but her own what she does with it. I think she looks great and coming from someone like her who I never expected such a move, I actually think she's cool now. Seeing her hair has made me decide to do something similar. Long hair is such a pain and since most of us don't have their own personal stylists around to do our hair, short hair is easier to deal with. Good for you Miley! Ignore the haters!

  • amelea - 7 years ago

    she is pretty eater way =)

  • Aria - 7 years ago

    I Mean It's Not The Best Look In The World, But In A Way It's Kind Of Cute.. :D

  • mary - 7 years ago

    She can wear her hair as she pleases. It is nobody's concern and no skin off anyone's back.

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