Which superhero is greater? (Poll Closed)

  • Superman

  • Thor


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  • .com - 7 years ago

    magic is not sup's weakness ,where did this come from? superman will simply destroy thor because it was writen that way , and thor is not immortal because his father is dead so he will definatly die , superman is likely to be an immortal than thor , theoretically, so long as he has access to a constant source of yellow solar radiation, he will not age or die , SM moves 10x faster than light , he can lift 200m tons .....so a fight against super and thor would be like this (1) while thor is shouting "for midgad" , super would be returning from the sun of coz he would not reach the sun coz the thunderer would have evaporated just after they pass mecury (2) super will simply take mymir from thundy and hit him with it the result of coz would be instant death and don't think super can't lift mymir up its heavy but SM can do it without breaking a sweat ... mymir is heavy no doubt his made from a dwaf star , now those are heavy even thor can't lift it his not strong enough so he uses magic to do it , but for stronger beings like the hulk , man hunter , wonder and earth's real gaurdian SUPERMAN , can lift mymir ...there is no competion between KAEL the last son and thor in any way , superman is simply SUPER

  • Brandon York - 7 years ago

    Thor might be one of the most underrated superheroes of all time. I'd stack the Walt Simonson era Thor up with anything Alan Moore or Frank Miller has done. What a terrible draw for Thor, though, as the nostalgia crowd will flock to the old school DC figureheads of Batman and Supes, while the fanboys will jump on the Wolverine anti-hero bandwagon.

    That said, Thor is a true Marvel classic, originally created by Marvel's greatest of all time combo of Kirby and Lee, but for whatever reason has flown under the radar for most of his existence.

  • JDMB - 7 years ago

    Besides, this isn't about a head-to-head combat, it's about who's a superior superhero, not most powerful but with the most impact on our culture. I'm dreading the eventual showdown between Superman and The Batman...

  • mbdsta - 7 years ago

    neil - 2 hours ago - "Obviously people do not understand or know how weak to magic Superman is!"

    1) this poll isn't about who would win in a fight. It's about who's the greatest superhero. That's part of it, but a small part of it.

    2) Superman is not "super" vulnerable to magic. He just doesn't have any special resistance to magic so he's just as vulnerable to magic as any other superhero that doesn't have magic resistance. People seem to think he's super-weak to magic like he is to Kryptonite. He's not. Thor of course has magic and that would be a problem for Superman, but the super speed would be a problem for Thor.

  • neil - 7 years ago

    Obviously people do not understand or know how weak to magic Superman is!

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