You're Steve Schmidt. John McCain asks for your advice about how he should handle George W. Bush from now on. You say:


  • Bill - 15 years ago

    Hillary can suck my sack

  • Obamacan - 15 years ago

    This meme is a big deal and McCain is better off stomping on it early, before it defines him. That 25% or so who still approve of Bush may not like it but they've already compromised their principles if they're supporting McCain now -- they will get over it rather than see Obama become President.

  • Clay - 15 years ago

    Obviously the American people are swayed more by empty patriotic rhetoric so simply repeat the terms, "Axis of Evil", "Terrorists", and "9/11" into any of your speeches (no less than 4 times per) and prepare yourself for eight years as commander-in-chief. I mean Toby Keith is already preparing your campaign song - hell, you can go ahead and call Homosexuals terrorists, you're as good as in! God Bless America.

  • James - 15 years ago

    finally....George Bush is soft-spoken? You really must like them butch. Have you met Andrew?

  • James - 15 years ago

    Marc, you've updated your blog about obama, changing 1954 to 1945. Given you were snide about his mistake, perhaps you could be honest about your own and point this out.

  • nytimer - 15 years ago

    McCain needs to move to the center before Obama does. He can't win without so-called moderates, independents, and conservative democrats.
    The right will never trust him in any case, so it's time to fish in other waters.

  • James - 15 years ago

    Since you're still putting your fingers in your ears and singing re comments - thought this might be worth pointing out re Obama comment

    in April of 1954, liberated Buchenwald.

    "On the other hand, it's certainly a reminder that, in talking about, or bragging about, how your family relates to certain historical events, precision matters"

    Should that not apply to blogging about them also?

  • Gabrielq - 15 years ago

    This is a major reason why McCain is screwed. He has to distance himself dramatically from the least popular president in the history of polling, or he loses independents. He also has to convince the base that he's a true conservative, or he'll get swamped by high Democratic turnout.

    He's boned.

  • goethean - 15 years ago

    "Sir, how do you feel about committing war crimes?"

  • Seattle - 15 years ago

    Sir, you should acknowledge the fact that the GOP has inexplicably marched in lockstep with The Worst President Ever for the past eight years.

    Just do whatever Bush has been doing; it's obviously what the GOP wants.

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