Should it be "the Island" or "Burger Island"?


  • Claire - 10 years ago

    Island breakfasts were the best!! Those were a long time ago though...

  • nick rogers - 10 years ago

    the change has slowly happened because burgers (or hot dogs) are all that has been cooked out there in the recent (15 years) history. I think we should bring back the made to order breakfasts on the round grill. Plate sized custom omlets, pancakes, french toast, bacon all done on the big grill and put directly on your plate. No burger about that. I also loved the burgers that were done on that grill as well but it was "the island" because you couldn't limit the amazing food served there to a single item.

  • Jennie - 10 years ago

    I believe there is an endearing song in which we lovingly referred to the aforementioned site as "Burger Island" The song will forever be stuck in my head when I think about dinners and Friday afternoons at Burger Island

  • Erin Warning - 10 years ago

    I've always heard it called burger island ever since I was a camper back in the 90s....I was unaware it had a different name.

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