Did you ever believe in this Hilfiger conspiracy theory?


  • Dave Lindell - 2 years ago

    People will believe anything its pathetic. I never believed it. You have to have proof.

  • matt - 8 years ago

    wow you guys believe anything as long as it is about someone or something white. that is the definition of racism. I pity your ignorance

  • ron reyes - 9 years ago

    I saw that episode vividly. Can you imagine if I had taped it.....

  • truth - 9 years ago

    The biggest trick the devil ever pulled was making ppl believe. He never existed.

  • Squatch - 9 years ago

    If you automatically believe a rumor, you're completely stupid.

    Always assume rumors are false, rather then assuming they're true. A rumor is ALWAYS started by someone who is mad. So for you to automatically assume something, with absolutely no details from an actually Oprah episode or from any kind of documents is just plain biased. This is the perfect example of how this world is fucked. People will just assume something is true just because it sounds good enough. Which means you also believe in anything you're told. Have fun living a life completely controlled by other people. Now that's sad.

  • Treetop - 10 years ago

    I kept on buying Hilfiger back then, thinking why would a designer shut out the biggest consumers in the country by going on a show watched by the biggest consumers in the country and saying something so stupid??

    All money is good money when it comes to designers, whether racist or not....Ralph Lauren is probably the REAL racist.

  • Sy - 10 years ago

    Understood Steven. However, i believe the question was "Did you ever believe..
    yes i did. i certainly believe the testimonys provided. The conspirators responsible are envious malicious and hatefull

  • steven - 10 years ago

    i met tommy in college,went i went to school at elmira college for 2 years. we hung out alot,as i met him thru a great friend at school that was 2 years older than me. this was before anyone knew him,and he was just a local guy that had a retail store,peoples place in elmira that i worked in. he is the farthest thing from racist,and you all have no reason,and no basis to think otherwise.i am jewish, he had blacks and asians working for him too,and i saw him treat everyone with great respect. i knew him,very,very,well. even oprah said what she said,and many of you,for no reason,voted to say you think he's racist.very ignorant basis for an opinion. we've kept in contact,and there's alot more i can say about him,but this is enough. i'm out. steven

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