What do you think of Dave Mustaine's comments?

Posted 6 years.


  • James - 6 years ago

    OK folks, do a little homework before you write Mustaine off. Do some research on the LIBOR scandal. The father of the Aurora shooter is a man named Robert Holmes, and was set to give testimony against the global banking community, What a strange coincidence that just before he was to testify, his son goes on a shooting rampage. So, Mustaine isn't just going off on a crazy Charlie Sheen tirade.... this story has credibility. Look into it folks, but I know it's much easier to call him crazy.

  • Andy - 6 years ago

    ...no...he was fired.....big time....

  • Jeremy C - 6 years ago

    Such a shame. He was doing so well for quite a while as a model of sobriety, and how to conduct oneself professionally as a working musician.

  • Johnny John John - 6 years ago

    Also just in from Dave Mustaine: the Earth is flat.

  • Ray - 6 years ago

    Dave Mustaine doesn't know the "LAW" in Singapore for drug use and possession. Just another nuts case that open his mouth before his brain realized what happen. That should take him a couple days to see the light.

  • Mike L - 6 years ago

    Dave was not fired from Metallica... Metallica was fired from Dave Mustaine.

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