Do you think Harper is doing a good job?

Posted 6 years.


  • Tom From Barrhaven, Ottawa - 6 years ago

    Congratulations to Prime Minister Harper,

    Get used to his title because he will be wearing it for quite a while longer. Take that you genetically corrupt Liberals and Ditzy NDP Separatist supporters!

    He is only a man and not perfect but so much better than the alternatives. Most of his opponents are merely left wingers and subsidy troughmeisters who think of government as a source of money to make up for their failings. Athey also dislike Harper because he and his government stand up for Israel, which upsets the Socialists because of their anti-Semite leanings.

  • arnie martin - 6 years ago

    Speaking of Embassies ..... Last week Harper closed the embassy in Libya and took a lot of NDP flak for it.

    Today's news is that terrorists stormed the USA embassy and killed three diplomats. Seems Harper was correct and way ahead of anyone else.

    Wonder how the NDP will explain their way out of that one.

    And why is it they hate Harper and love the terrorists in the first place. Something wrong with that.

  • Tim Trinier - 6 years ago

    Sorry you feel that way jimbo. You might as well get used to it. The Conservatives are going to be ruling the roost for some time to come.... If you were thinking of moving, may I suggest Iran. I hear they have some embassy's that are vacant.

  • arnie martin - 6 years ago

    It has been a long haul because of early minority parliament etc , but i am sure glad the way Harper is bringing our beloved Canada back to normal . The best comparison would be to ask ourselves what things would be like if Stephan Dionne and his green shift agenda would have won the election. The thought sends shivers down my spine. We would be broke and all our money would be going to the carbon credit scams.

  • Lauren - 6 years ago

    Here here Jimbo, couldn't have said it better myself!

  • Jimbo - 6 years ago

    Don't trust me or anyone else, everytime you see Harper slashing subsidies, and changing laws and the name of the government to "Harper's Government" from "The Government of Canada" ask yourselves ... why? And follow the money trail. Billions for new prisons and laws when crime is at it's lowest in 10 years (check the stats), and everyone knows that the real issue is that the repeat offenders just keep repeating - we need better systems not more jails and laws - the laws we have don't work because of the system, so let's make more laws that won't work? It is absurd if you do the research and educate yourself to reality instead of listening to his words. Actions define a man, words are nothing as he's proven he cannot keep his. (do some research). He clearly is not working for Canadian's interests but only big corporate and elite interests ... just do the research, check the stats, stop listening to the words and follow the money trails and you can see your own version of Harper with the flavour of reality. Don't take my word for it -- check the facts.

    For those who would say "well he's better than Satan ... " er ... that's not good enough for my beautiful country. As long as we are happy with "just better than crap", that is all that will ever be offered.

    I'd like to see real representation of real hardworking Canadians, not representation for Big Corporations and the so called "Elite". I don't care if the US doesn't like us because we don't do everything they want ... I'm a Canadian.

  • Stephen - 6 years ago

    Harper is a wonderful Prime Minister!

  • Stephen - 6 years ago

    Harper is a wonderful Prime Minister!

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